11 Dec 2017


May ur gentle soul rest in peace ma🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.. Now this is an open letter to Naomi Oduntan Byas. Naomi, i am sorry abt d death of ur sister sister Maria and i pray that her soul is now at peace with d Lord🙏🏼. Naomi, last week has been a difficult week for u and the entire Oyeyipos family. The death of a loved one is somthing that can never be explained . Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
Ur family will be comforted insha Allahu🙏🏼. Naomi, i sat and observed LIFE last week and dis week. It is obvious that u r hurting and will feel d absence of ur sister, and it is also obvious that u r not at peace with Esabod . As a deep thinker i will say dis to u Naomi!! After this mourning episode pls face and focus on ur blog, charity , ur sisters kids and ur kids! While u were in a deep mourning episode , ur so called friends that u come out daily for to rain curses on esabod and esabods cohorts were busy partying, merrying and having fun! I expected them especially ur CEO Tolulope Garba Abike Jagaban to give anty Maria some respect by keeping a low profile untill the burial and mourning period is over!! but noo they were having fun and i am sure they didnt offer any prayer for u yesterday!! God forbid if any member of Ewenation should pass away i am 100 percent sure iyaewe will either attend or send delegates just to show support and compassion... Naomi, bcos of these people u ave been blogged, abused, cursed, disrespected and they dont even have an iota of respect or sympathy for u or ur family.. True mr Niyi oyewole, mr Kolade Animashaun and i think yeye kudi visited u on behalf of their CEO but visiting is nothing if they wont even be sober on a sad day for u!! This shows that ppl will hail and praise u when d going is good and will turn back when it gets sour. Naomi i pray evil will never visit ur family ever again and u will not bury any loved one! A word is enough for d wise! Focus on things dat matter and ppl dat matters to u!! The sad part was Naomi took lots of bullets for these morons!! A word is enough for a wise one! If she likes she should continue to do her shows , shouting, cursing and insulting iyaewe and if she likes she should focus on her own LIFE!! If it was naomithebossblogspot.ie that died ( God Forbid) that is exactly how they will behave! Abike was having the time of her life all thru these mourning days! she cares for no one except herself !!! Ayinke Ade was bullied, abused, blogged daily and called a wombless bitch bcos of Abike and bcos of a little dissagreement she turned her back on dat lady! According to d leaked audio, this Ayinke Ade spent more than 300 pounds for Abikes isonus bday!! And she couldnt think of just one day dat dis lady has stood by her and took bullets for her! she was quick to blast her and quick to authorise Dorcas Adeyinka to bully and rain curses on her and iyalayawon!!! If Naomi should continue all d shit she was doing b4 her sisters untimely death, then i will know something is not right somewhere!! Not once did i c Abike share gofund me for anty Marias kids!! pause and ponder that is not even liked by Naomi did a show to support her! p and p is always sharing the gofund me on behalf of Marias kids!! Naomi should understand that these ppl r just supporting and raining praises on her bcos they have Esabod as a common Enemy! Naomi pls Pause and then ponder!! Observe, look around! Focus on wat matters and wat will beneficial to u and ur family and leave all these drama and uncalledfor shows in 2017!! Martin Luther King said in one of his speeches!! He said ( IN D END, WE WILL SHALL NOT REMEMBER THE WORDS OF OUR ENEMIES BUT THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS) Eni awifunnn Oba je ko gbo!!! Ire oo 
FROM: Olu Skoin😊

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