13 Jun 2018

Justin Bieber's leaked nude photos exposing his private parts spike Spotify Australia streams of his music by 600%

Justin Bieber

Leaked nude photos of Justin Beiber exposing his manhood during his Bora Bora vacation in 2015, spiked Spotify Australia streams of his music by 600%
According to Spotify Australia, streaming of the 'Love Yourself' hitmaker's discography
soared in the weeks that followed his full-frontal exposure.

In celebration of its sixth anniversary in Australia, Spotify Australia released numerous fun facts about streaming on the platform. 
One of the facts reads: 'To say Aussies had Bieber fever was an understatement, with streams spiking 600 percent.'
They added they saw 'a seven-time increase on average listening compared to the previous week'.
But one state, in particular, couldn't stop listening to the What Do You Mean? crooner: 'Victorians had the biggest streaming increase at 776 percent.' 
At that time, Beiber stripped completely naked for a dip at his stunning ocean-front villa while enjoying a getaway with a rumored love interest, British model Jayde Pierce.
The nude photos sent Australian music fans into a complete frenzy.

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