10 Aug 2018

Lady escapes being killed by stray bullet inside her room in Port Harcourt

A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to reveal how she was almost killed by a stray bullet inside her room in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.
The lady identified as Era-d Sonia said she was fast asleep when the stray bullet hit a few inches from her head.

The bullet had penetrated her room from the roof, as a robbery was taking place in her house. See what she wrote below:
“A stray bullet literally just came into my room right through the roof…. a few inches from my head. 😨
I have nothing to say.😩
Truly, Safety is of the Lord. 🙌
I had no idea they were robbing outside my house by then. I was really asleep but I realized what had happened by 1am”
See a photo of the bullet below:

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