3 May 2016

Anisulowo regains freedom

Anisulowo regains freedomThe police on Tuesday rescued the abducted former Minister of State for Education, Senator Iyabo Anisulowo.
Anisulowo was abducted last Wednesday while returning from her farm in Sawonjo, Yewa South local government area of Ogun State.
The Ogun State police command on Monday offered a N5 million reward to anybody with useful information on the abduction of the ex-minister.
Details later…

Buhari is now my grandfather – Fayose

Buhari is my grandfather – Fayose ‘I didn’t abuse President’
Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, on Tuesday described President Muhammadu Buhari as “my grandfather, “saying it is improper for him to abuse the President as widely claimed.

Ever Wondered how Adire is made? Demi O Shows us the Process of Making the Print Fabric

demi o making adire bellanaija april2016_Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 19.47.57
For all my DIY lovers and fashionistas out there, this one is for you. This video shows the process of using candle wax to make prints, vlogger and furniture maker Demi O shows us the process behind the batik tie dye technique.

“All I need now is God and the Holy spirit” On her Marriage in New Interview-Toyin Aimakhu spills all

In light of all the buzz on Nollywood Actress Toyin Aimakhu‘s love life and past relationships, she has come out to grant an exclusive interview with Fashion Buzz TV on how much she has moved on and new projects.


Mavin Boss, Don Jazzy has found his feet again on the social media after days of trying to cool off after the saga of Tiwa Savage, one of his artists. He has been accused of sleeping with her but he has not responded to that since Tiwa has denied it on air.


There are things you don't tell fans if you are a celebrity. For Yomi Casual, the younger brother of comedian AY, he doesn't know this. He has brought coals of fire on his head for making some comments that put celebrity as demi-gods above their fans.


Iyawo mi crooner, Timi Dakolo has spoken his mind about his view on marriage generally.
The singer who is known to always use his wife in his video instead of a vixen, explained that due to the lyrics he uses In his song, he can’t say those words to just anyone but his wife.


Derele Edun is well known for his weird outlooks and behaviors, aside that he is said to be a nice person.
The OAP is one of the most misunderstood people in Nigeria; his weirdness has earned him a lot of controversies.


One of Nigeria’s most respected comedian Gbenga Adeyinka, has been able to carve a niche for himself with comedy and being a graduate in English Language, comedy seems to have open lots of doors for him thereby taking him to all the 36 states of the country.


Nigeria has faced a lot of difficulties as a country, especially been ruled by bad leaders who do not have the interest of the masses at heart.
Everything seems to be going down the drain, all the masses have left, is little ray of hope that all would be well very soon.


There is nothing we will not hear in this Tee Billz and Tiwa Savage’s scandal. Imagine that a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) wants to sue Tiwa on behalf of Tee, for character assassination and he is going to demand a huge sum of money in punitive damages. It was OAP Freeze that this man had called to make his threat known.


In this part of the country we live in, there are some set of men, who do not care if you are married, as far as they like you, they wouldn’t let you be.
The same also applies with some ladies who prefer to date married men, due to reasons best known to them.


The issue of Tiwa and Teebilz marriage saga is getting complicated by the day, as new issues keeps springing up.
A lady recently shared her ordeal over Tiwa savage’s marriage saga, which earned her the beating of her life.
It was said that an argument engulfed between this lady and her fiance, after she took sides with Tiwa savage and her fiance took side with Teebilz.


An upcoming actress, probably seeking for publicity decided to pull a fast one to trend quickly like some of her counterparts.
The whole feud began, when Nollywood actress Chizzy Alichi, uploaded a photo of flavour and herself from a scene of flavour’s musical video.


Pretty Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry, has become vocal these days especially with marital issues surrounding some her colleagues and she has been very careful when speaking out.
Base on the ongoing crisis in the home of singer, Tiwa savage and her hubby, Mercy rather than criticize their public outburst, decided that the best way people can help out is by praying for the couple.

Woman arrested with cocaine at Lagos airport

Nigerians are getting more creative in the crime department 

 According to reports, 24-year-old Igbainoba Uche Rose, has been arrested for possession of hard drugs. Rose had been on her way back from Dubai when she was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos.

Congolese minister caught on camera masturbating

Enock Ruberangaba Sebineza
A video of 54-year-old Congolese cabinet minister, Enock Ruberangaba Sebineza, masturbating in his office has hit the internet. 

Photos of Enugu locals after herdsmen attack will make you sad

A physical impaired Catechist shares how he had to take his family away from the community when the attack started.
The bloodbath in Ukpabi Nimbo community, Uzo-Uwani council of Enugu state on Monday, April 25, has left many villagers living in pain and despair. 

President Buhari meets Cameroon's President Biya

President Muhammdu Buhari, President Paul Biya of Cameroon and first ladiesPresident Buhari had received Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon at the presidential cilla on Tuesday, May 3.

10 Funny Ways Ladies Behave When Guys Accidentally See Them Naked

On several occasions, I have accidentally bumped into ladies rooms when they were dressing up and below are the hilarious ways they act when you see them unclad. 

Note: Don't think it was a deliberate act, it was just accidental 

*Clears throat*

Nigerian women reveal their reasons for not enjoyoing Love Making with men with big Manhood

Men love to brag about the size of their Pen. Is. It is believed that the bigger the Pen. Is, the more fun the woman will have. But is this always the case?
things you should know about religious ladies in the society
See me see trouble o
Six women reveal the reasons why they are not big fans of well endowed men.
‘Bad idea for first timers.’ – Rukayat, 24

Check Out The ‘Hot’ Lady Who Was On Stage With Seyi Law Last Night In London

Yesterday was the first ever Arin’s Angels May Day Afrobeats concert in London and Seyi Law hosted the show.
He was however on stage with another hot Nigerian lady which he really couldn’t take his eyes off.

Nigerian musician Ketchup in coma after a terrible jetski accident during birthday vacation in Dubai (Photos)

Show me you rozzay’ crooner, Ketchup is allegedly suffered  a terrible fall from jetski accident and is in coma.

Charly Boy Says Being Married To The Same Person For Almost 38 Years Is No Moi-Moi… Here’s Why!

Article written by Charly Boy : 

Saddened by the rate of marriage breakups nowadays, Charly boy has offered to counsel couples who are having challenges in their marriages. He shared a photo with his wife of 38 years, Diana along with his personal contact number, adding that the calls will be strictly confidential. 

Top Nigerian Celebrities Who Own A Luxurious House In The U.S (Photos)

 Nigerian celebrities are catching up with their peers and counterparts in the Western world by earning millions of dollars annually and what way to spend this money than buy luxurious homes in Nigeria. 

Nigeria: 2018 - I Will Defeat APC With Minimal Efforts, Fayose Boasts

Contrary to insinuations by the All Progressives Congress (APC) that Governor Ayodele Fayose's popularity has plummeted and that the opposition will capture Ekiti State in 2018, the governor has again boasted that he will defeat his traducers with minimal efforts.
Fayose said he does not need to engage in propaganda about his performance in office to convince the people that he has done well, but that his work will surely speak for him.
The governor was quoted from an exclusive interview he granted a Yoruba newspaper, 'Gudugudu Meje' in Ado-Ekiti over the last Friday project, and was quoted as saying, "the people of the state were keeping records of every leader that has come to govern them and would never fall for cheap propaganda and blackmail from any quarter."
According to a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi , the governor noted that because of the political sophistication of the Ekiti people, any elected public office holder not living up to the expectation of the people is always rejected at the poll.
He advised his political antagonists to look at the history of elections in the state and they would see that Ekiti people always rejected political pretenders once their antics have been discovered.
"Our fathers have a saying that you know a lazy man's farm by the way he keeps it. Nobody can hoodwink Ekiti people. They know what they want and who they want. I will never jump into the wagon of those whose stock in trade is propaganda. When they came into office through the back door, we all saw how they messed up the whole place.
"The person they took over from didn't borrow a kobo, even when he wanted to take a bond of N5 billion from the capital market, they frustrated it. They came into office, enjoyed a period of huge statutory allocation and even excess crude money being shared. And for instance, in the month of June 2014, they got N4.4 billion as monthly allocation.
"In spite of all these, they still borrowed N25 billion from the capital market and billions of naira in commercial loans. They also diverted over N800 million UBEC fund and yet there was nothing to show for all the funds. Not done yet, they thought the back door through which they came to office was still open and they attempted another back door entry, but unfortunately for them, the door has been securely locked.
"People are aware of their tricks and Ekiti people are now telling them that once beaten twice shy. Let them go and enter the internet, sleep inside radio and television stations, their propaganda has failed woefully.
"I appreciate the workers and the good people of Ekiti State who know we have brought transparency to governance and who also appreciate our efforts at making life better for us all. They know how much comes to the purse of the government and they know that it is with prudent management of resources that we are doing all the projects we are doing.
"Apart from Ado-Ekiti where we have done roads, built a women development centre and where we are building a flyover and a modern market, we have not forgotten other places. Road projects are being executed in Ikere, ise, Ikole, Awo-Epe-Ijero, Iworoko-Iluomoba and many others. We have dualised the road in Afao, resuscitated water supply to Aramoko and many more.
"I will advise my opponents to wait till the election in 2018 and see what will happen. They were trounced 16-0 the other time, come 2018, they will even fail more woefully," he said.
Fayose then enjoined the people of the state to continue to support his government, saying he would also not let them down.

Man Slumps After Drinking Excessively To Celebrate Leicester Title Win (Photos)

This is the bad effect of excessive alcohol intake. According to online reports, this man who had too much to drink following the historic feat achieved by Premier League “underdogs” now turned Champions, Leicester City -slumped into a deep “sleep” close to a gutter by a roadside in Bonaberi area in Cameroon.
While the Leicester players went back to training this morning, this drunken fan was still spotted fast asleep on the road -as residents seized the moment to take pictures.
See More Photos below

10 fashion disasters Nigerian women should never ever try (see photos)

You are standing in front of your open wardrobe and wondering, what am I going to wear today? Of all the dresses in wardrobe, you decide to settle for that awesomely terrible one.
For a woman, pulling off a put together look every single time you have to go out is not an easy task. Sometimes in a bid to look sexy, some people overdo the fashion thing and end up looking like clowns.
What you wear provides a first impression and also gives clues about your personality. You can’t dress up like a mad person and expect people to take you seriously.
There are some dresses you’d wear that would bring all your efforts to slay tumbling down.
Here are some fashion mistakes Nigerian women should avoid. We are talking about wearing an outfit that could land you on a worst-dressed list, if people were judging.
1. When you decide to slay but end up in the worst dressed list.
2. She shouldn’t have bothered with the dress, it wasn’t worth it as we can see everything underneath.
3. When it’s hard to spot the different between you and a mad person.
4. She’s got mad love for the Spar and decided to show how much.
5. When you buy a perfect jean from the store but decide to tear it.
6. When grandma forgets some of her clothes at home.
7. She must feel so fashionable wearing this trash.
8. When you decide to make a fashion statement but make a fashion blunder.
9. Those boobs might be popping out anytime soon.
10. Everybody’s wearing ripped jeans so I have to join the trend.

HILARIOUS! The excuse an NYSC member gave for redeployment will make you roll on the floor (photo)

NYSC members have been known to come up with some of the most ridiculous excuses to either be exempted from participation in official camp duties or for redeployment
A corp member identified as Jamilu Mohammed Ibrahim, who is reportedly carrying out his NYSC activities in Ekiti state, wanted a reason to be redeployed to his home state Kaduna.
In typical ‘sharp guy’ fashion, he devised a means he thought would be the most believable.
Ibrahim got his ‘father’ to write a ‘to whom it may concern’ letter to NYSC, stating that his son has ‘spiritual attacks’ from time to time, and as such would need close monitoring to ensure he stays alive.
Did you ever have to write a redeployment letter? What were the excuses you gave in yours?

EFCC Traces Diezani’s $115m Election Bribery Cash To Stolen Oil

EFCC traces Diezani’s $115m bribe to stolen oilWhat is the source of the $115 million bribe for election officials to alter the results of the 2015 presidential election? The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) believes the money came from proceeds of stolen crude oil. “Our operatives have discovered that the $115 million came from stolen crude oil. They got it from former Petroleum Resources Minister Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke,” a top EFCC official said yesterday. The official pleaded not to be named because of what he described as the “sensitivity of the matter.”

He added: “We will uncover how they came about the stolen crude oil and those used to siphon the oil in order to deny the nation of revenue.”
The EFCC has frozen all the accounts of top officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and oil chiefs implicated in the $115m (N23.29b) bribery.
This, said another source, is in preparation for the arraignment of some suspects, including Fidelity Bank Managing Director Nnamdi Okonkwo.
Charges might also be preferred against Mrs. Alison-Madueke, who investigators believe is central to the coordination of the huge bribe given to poll officials to alter the 2015 presidential election results.
Besides, the EFCC plans to arrest owners of oil companies believed to have contributed the cash because they have failed to report for interrogation.
“Our operatives are on the trail of members of the cartel behind the theft of crude.
“We have blocked all the accounts of all the INEC officials, bank officials and oil chiefs connected with the poll bribery scandal,” the source said.
Also yesterday, The Nation learnt that the embattled Resident Electoral Commissioner of INEC in Cross River State, Mrs. Gesil Khan, was granted administrative bail on Sunday.
She is expected to report at the EFCC office today as part of the conditions for the bail.
Others have also been granted bail, pending their trial.
Mrs. Khan is to be reporting to the EFCC’s office on scheduled dates agreed with her.
On the owners of the oil firms allegedly involved in the scandal, the top EFCC source added: “We have quizzed  Leno Adesanya but it is apparent that we have to arrest others this week because they have refused to show up for interrogation.
“Certainly, we are closing in on more suspects whom we will pick up before the week runs out.”
As at last night, the EFCC was finalizing plans to arraign some suspects on the bribery.
Those pencilled for trial are Diezani (in absentia), Okonkwo and Fidelity Bank’s Head of Operations, Martin Izuogbe, Mrs Khan (for collecting  N185, 842,000 out of a N681million bribe); Fidelia Omoile( Electoral Officer in Isoko-South Local Government Area of Delta State)—N112,480,000 ; Uluochi Obi Brown( INEC’s Administrative Secretary in Delta State)—N111,500,000; a former Deputy Director  of INEC in Cross River State, Edem Okon Effanga—N241,127,000 and the Head of Voter Education in INEC in Akwa Ibom, Immaculata Asuquo—N214,127,000.
The source added: “Very soon, we will arraign them in court. Some of them have admitted that they shared out of the bribe sum. Having recovered more than  N408.7million from some of the beneficiaries of the slush funds, we are set for trial.
“As for the bank, it even refunded N49.7m profit made from the deal. With this, the culpability of the bank is not doubtful at all.
“Since we have blocked  or frozen some accounts, we can recover these ill-gotten cash through court process.”

EXCLUSIVE: SaharaReporters Publishes Direct Phone Lines To Nigerian Governors

SaharaReporters on Monday published the phone numbers of Nigeria’s State governors on Facebook and Twitter as part of its efforts to enhance governmental transparency and accountability in the country. By arming Nigerians with those contact numbers, SaharaReporters hopes to foster greater interaction and communication between voters and their State chief executives.
haraReporters on Monday published the phone numbers of Nigeria’s State governors on Facebook and Twitter as part of its efforts to enhance governmental transparency and accountability in the country.
By arming Nigerians with those contact numbers, SaharaReporters hopes to foster greater interaction and communication between voters and their State chief executives.
Governors in Nigeria enjoy some of the highest salaries in the country while their constituents and civil servants often struggle to make ends meet. It was recently revealed, for example, that 26 States owe workers’ salaries, despite bailout funds received from the federal government just a few months ago.
Nigeria governorship aspirants have often campaigned on promises to improve infrastructure, education, and livelihoods of their constituents, but rarely deliver on those promises once they are in office.
In April, SaharaReporters published the direct lines of members of Nigeria's National Assembly.

Over N4trn stolen in arms deal under Jonathan, says Osinbajo

Nigeria's Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo
Around $15 billion (about N4.8 trillion) which is equal to about half the country’s foreign currency reserves was stolen from Nigeria’s public purse under the previous government through fraudulent arms procurement deals, the vice president said on Monday.
Africa’s top oil exporter is going through its worst economic crisis in decades due to the drop in global crude prices and ministers say these problems have been exacerbated by the impact of fraud under previous administrations.
President Muhammadu Buhari, who last year won election fought on his vow to crackdown on corruption, has said the theft of “mind boggling” sums of oil money meant state coffers were virtually empty in Africa’s biggest economy when he took office last May.
Corruption charges have been levelled against former military chiefs and companies accused of involvement in an alleged arms procurement fraud during the tenure of Buhari’s predecessor Goodluck Jonathan. They have pleaded not guilty.
Goodluck Jonathan, former President of NigeriaGoodluck Jonathan, former President of Nigeria
The total sum lost to corruption related to the provision of security equipment to the military and amounted to around 15 billion US dollars, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said.
Endemic corruption over decades has enriched a small elite but left many Nigerians mired in poverty despite the country’s oil wealth. Osinbajo’s claims are the latest in a string of allegations by members of Buhari’s administration.
In January, the information minister said 55 people who were government ministers, state governors, public officials, bankers and businessmen stole 1.34 trillion naira ($6.8 billion) over a seven-year period.
The fall in crude prices has eroded Nigeria’s foreign reserves, since oil sales make up around 70 percent of national income, with the central bank adopting fixed exchange rate to protect further depletion of its reserves which stood at $27 billion in April.
Osinbajo, who was speaking at a university in the southwestern city of Ibadan, said the $15 billion figure which he alleged had been stolen “is more than half of the current foreign reserves of the country”.
“It is important to send a message that no public officer can steal the resources of this country and expect to escape,” he said.
Buhari’s presidency ended a period from the end of military rule in 1999 until 2015 when the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was in power. The PDP, now in opposition, has accused the president of mounting a witch-hunt against its members.

Breaking: Synagogue engineers get N10m bail each

Scene of the Synagogue building collapseJustice Lateef Lawal-Akapo of the Lagos High Court, Ikeja today granted two engineers involved in the construction of the collapsed 12 September 2014 Synagogue church building N10 million bail each.
Engineer Faterigun Akinbela and Ogundeji along with their respective companies HardRock Construction Company Ltd and Jayden Trust services and Trustees of the Synagogue Church of all Nation, SCOAN are standing trial for manslaughter and criminal negligence.
Ruling on the bail application filed by the two engineers, Justice Lawal-Akapo held that there was credible facts before him on why the defendants should not be granted bail.
He subsequently set bail for the engineers at N10 million each with two sureties one of whom must be a civil servant at grade level 14.
The judge also insists that one of the sureties must have a property at GRA Lagos.
He also ordered that the defendants must deposit their international passport with the court until the end of their trial.

Genevieve Nnaji Celebrating Her Birthday Today, She's 37

The popular actress was born on May 3, 1979. We wish her a happy birthday and many happy returns...