14 May 2016

Stars who have landed big jobs for their great curves

Someone once said that beautiful people tend to have more beautiful and easier lives than others. What the person didn’t mention is that females with tantalising curves in all the right places on their bodies tend to often get their desires met faster than others. If you don’t believe in the above analogies, the examples listed in this piece ought to convince, and not confuse you.

Oshoala’s Arsenal beat Aluko’s Chelsea to claim women’s FA Cup

Oshoala ChelseaArsenal Ladies beat London rivals Chelsea Ladies 1-0 in the final of the Women’s FA Cup in front of a competition record crowd of 32,912 at Wembley on Saturday. Danielle Carter scored the only goal of the game with an

Scientists Discovered The Perfect Manhood Size Women Prefer

A study recently conducted by academic researchers probably revealed the perfect penis size women all around the world prefer.
The scientists used 3D-printed 100 plastic erect penis models and asked 75 female participants to choose two penises – one they would prefer for lasting relationships and another for one night stands. And the results were rather surprising!

On average, participants considered 16cm long with a 12,2cm circumference to be the perfect size for a longterm partner. A one night stand, on the other hand, was considered ideal at 16,3cm long, with a 12,7cm circumference.

AliBaba Mocks Fayose: Buhari Is Trying To Christianise Nigeria. Fans React (Photos)

Yesterday, the photos of President Buhari meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, surfaced on social media. This came after the revered clergyman’s statement on the integrity of the Nigerian president.

See what this goat was spotted doing to a dog (Photo)

Yesterday was a very strange day in my life because i witnessed first hand what i have never imagined in my entire life. At first, I couldn’t comprehend. I thought my eyes were developing a sight problem. I stop and watched in total amazement as the he goat continue to sniff the genital organ of the dog.

The humiliation of dating a much younger man

COPING with the death of a beloved spouse, especially after years of  marriage could be a nightmare. When Lola’s husband of over 25 years died suddenly, she was almost suicidal. He had a

How to forgive a husband who had an affair with your best friend

If someone was caught having an affair, would they make a full confession? Would they know if they wanted to stay in that relationship or leave? Would they be able to explain why they are

Ooni Ogunwusi’s bold moves, the Alaafin, the Awujale and the Modakekes

For a fact, the centrality of the traditional institutions, with the Obaship at the apex, is of profound importance in Yorubaland, not just in Ife. The Yorubas revere the institutions and the mixture of tradition as well as democratic checks and balances.

Subsidy Removal: Shun Senator Melaye, Others’ Protest, They’re Self-serving — Right Group

A civil society organization, Stand Up Nigeria, SUN, has called on Nigerians to shun the threat by Senator Dino Melaye, to mobilize Nigerians to protest the pump price hike by the federal government.

Dramatic moment groom's 'mistress' crashes his WEDDING-Video

Screengrabs from footage taken of a mistress gatecrashes a wedding.
THIS is the shocking moment that a groom's alleged mistress crashes a groom's wedding - leaving his guests stunned into silence.

This is what a woman needs to reach orgasm

Up to 15% of all women do not experience orgasms. I am a gynecologist and I’ve had a fair share of patients with the same complaint. Every one of them would ask me what was wrong with them. The first question I would ask was “Does your partner know about the issue?” And almost every time the answer was “No”.
Not so long ago I managed to figure out why there were so many obstacles popping up on a woman’s way to satisfaction. I learned the hard way.

10 Pinoy celebs and their Hollywood twins

In a world with 7 billion people, there’s bound to be someone who looks uncannily like you. In fact, statistics show that each person has at least 7 look-alikes around the world. While we may never know for sure, there are quite a lot of celebrities who look eerily similar and share prominent facial features with Hollywood stars.
Let’s look at these 10 Pinoy celebs and their Hollywood doppelgangers. See if you can tell who’s who!
                   1.   Walter Demesa and Joseph Gordon Levitt
10 Pinoy celebs and their Hollywood twins
(Photo credit: tarishzamora.com & fanpop.com)

I dress sexily for people to talk about me –Funke Etti

Nollywood actress, Funke Etti, tells Ademola Olonilua about her style and career
How did you come up with the concept for your talk show?
I would say being an actress gives you the laxity to do certain things that pertain to your job. For instance, you can be a musician, director, make-up artist, fashion designer, anything. As for me, I love music but I do not have a good voice, so I decided to do something different, something that people would appreciate when they see it; that is why I decided to have a talk show. There was a time we went for an event and the people I met there told me I could be a MC or talk show host because I could be funny at times, those comments geared me towards being a talk show host. I did not want to do what my other colleagues were venturing into. It took me about two years to make my dreams of becoming a talk show host a reality.
Are you planning to quit acting and become a full time talk show host?
It depends on the will of God.
How did you become an actress?
My journey to stardom began about 14 years ago and I was put on this path by one of my aunties that worked at the Censors Board. Before I became a professional actress, I had acted in some plays in school and church but it was just for the fun of it. When I eventually told my aunt that I wanted to become an actress, she said she knew about three marketers who could show me the ropes. She promised to take me to the best one; that was how she introduced me to Kolawole Latunde, and the rest is history.
How was your aunt able to convince your parents?
She did not have to convince them because both my parents were dead by that time. It made it a bit easier for me. I was staying with my father’s elder sister, Alhaja, and when I told her that I loved acting and wanted to make it a career, she said she would place a curse on me if I tried it.
When I started, I did not tell her because I knew that she would not be happy about it. As fate would have it, there was a day they were watching a film in which I starred in at home. I appeared in only one scene but she saw me. She told us to rewind the film to be sure but I denied it. I said the girl was my lookalike but she did not believe, so I had to confess. I give God the glory because she later gave me her blessing. Now she calls me to tell me that whenever she goes to a public gathering, people honour her because of my career.
How did you lose your parents?
I lost my mother in 1988 and my father in 1996. After their death, life was very tough and that is why I always pity people who tell me that they are orphans. I stopped crying about the death of my parents about two years ago. Before then, I would lock myself inside my room and cry my eyes out to the extent that people would call my aunt to report and she would just tell them to leave me that the tears were therapeutic.
Once I cry for about 30 minutes, I would feel relieved. I really miss them especially when I remember some fun times that we had together. When my parents died, I had some family friends and relatives that promised to take care of me, especially my education, but whenever I went to meet them, they would tell me that they had not paid their children’s school fees. It was a really tough period in my life but I thank God.
How have you been able to keep fit after two children?
I would say it has been the grace of God. I am not fashion crazy but once in a while, I like dressing in a crazy manner so that people would just talk. When I step out to an event and I dress the way I do, it  is  because I just want people to talk about me. They could see me follow a trend and they say I have joined the bandwagon but it is only because I just want people to talk.
What do you do to maintain your physique?
I think it is wrong to be fat or obese. There is this crazy mentality among some women who believe that they should be fat so that people could respect them the more. They believe that people would think they are older than they are because of their physique but that is wrong.  I don’t believe in being fat. If I notice that I am adding some extra weight, I begin to work on it by exercising and watching what I eat.
It is very easy for me to reduce my weight; I could get slimmer within two weeks if I want to; same thing with if I want to add weight. I learnt that from Bukky Wright and Fathia Balogun, they are professionals when it comes to that.
What exactly did you learn from them?
You know most celebrities eat late because you spend most of the day shooting a movie. But once you decide that after 7pm you would not eat anything, it helps. It is not by drinking herbal tea or taking drugs. I just work on myself and I exercise.
Were you born a fair skinned person or you bleached your skin?
I keep saying it that there is no big deal if a woman decides to tone her skin once in a while but she should not bleach. There are some creams that you will use and they would make your skin glow but they would not bleach it. I don’t bleach but sometimes, I use some creams to tone my skin.
Do you have any tattoo?
Yes, I have one but you cannot see it where it is. I had the tattoos mainly because I was copying some people. When I saw it on people, I loved it a lot and it looked very nice, so I decided to try it. When I got to the tattoo shop, I told them that I wanted them to draw a big flower on my hand but at the end of the day, I settled for a very little inscription because I could not withstand the pain. I did not know the pain was that severe. I cannot have another tattoo again. I cannot even stand injections or anything that has to do with piercing my skin.
Why do you like wearing sexy dresses?
I love it; I love wearing mini-skirt but not every time. You cannot catch me wearing something that would reveal my bum but I love something that would show my cleavage a little.
What would you describe as your unique selling point?
I always thank God for the way he created me. I see every part of my body as an asset.
What is your favourite hairstyle?

Homosexuality in police cells:Victims share agonising tales of sexual assaults by fellow male inmates

He had barely settled down in the police cell that night when four sweaty men pounced on him, stripped off his shorts and forced him to lie down on his back.
Like ravening wolves, two of the men clutched his hands to the ground, the other two held on to his throat, and in turn, they forced their manhoods into his private parts.

Marriage of death: Joined by love, separated by fist

Seven years into their marriage, 35-year-old Ogechi could no longer recognise her husband. His fiery temper which would always lead to him pummelling her at the slightest provocation or lack of one, had turned him into a monster Ogechi no longer knew. He had ceased to be the loving man she met in her postgraduate class at the faculty of Business Administration, University of Lagos.

Buhari not sound in economy, foreign affairs —Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says President Muhammadu Buhari may not do well in economy and foreign affairs, except in military matters.
“Buhari is not a very hot person on the economy and foreign affairs,” Obasanjo said.


Whoa, Dabota Lawson is all about attention, and it’s the multi-coloured dress and nose ring that she was see with that has everyone talking. The ex-queen just gave every fashion savvy lady a run for their creativity.
Not forgetting her cute makeup. Do you like her outfit?

Britain ‘Fantastically More’ Corrupt Than Nigeria & Afghanistan Joined Together

I write to express my profound displeasure over the comment made recently by the Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. David Cameron that Nigeria is a ‘fantastically corrupt’ country. This type of negative comment should be totally rejected by all Nigerians irrespective of place of residence.

10 sets of students you would have met at the university in Nigeria

If you have ever been a student at a university in Nigeria, then you would understand that there are different groups of students.

Body of missing Nigerian medical student, Ambrose Monye found in Lake Michigan (Photos)

A body pulled out of Lake Michigan near Promontory Point Park on Sunday, May 8, has been identified as a medical student who had been missing for more than two weeks

See How Buhari Welcomed France’s President Amid Nigeria’s Crisis (Photos)

President Buhari welcoming President Francois Hollande of France to Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital, for the security summit.
President Buhari welcoming President Francois Hollande of France to Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital, for the security summit.
President Muhammadu Buhari has on Saturday, May 14, received his French counterpart, Francois Hollande for a security summit in Nigeria.

He doesn’t love you enough if he does these 9 things, no 8 is very important (Must Read)

Does he love me enough? Women always keep wondering if their partner loves them. Even when he keeps assuring her of his undying love, she still has doubts.
Love is a beautiful thing and it’s more beautiful when the person you love, loves you in return.

EXPOSED: See More telephone numbers of Buhari’s ministers

Direct telephone numbers of ministers of the federal republic of Nigeria has been made public
– In April the direct lines of members of Nigeria’s National Assembly and of all the State governors were made public also
Direct telephone numbers of ministers of the federal republic of Nigeria has b een made public by citizen journalism website, Sahara Reporters.

This Is Why We Removed Subsidy- Vice President Osinbajo (Read His Statement)

You thought the sharp increase in fuel prices was due to ‘fuel subsidy removal’.
Well, someone made a different case just this evening.

Revealed: Top 10 most important facts about corruption (pictured)

Just recently, Nigeria was called a fantastically corrupt nation, the statement was made by the Bristish Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Traffickers escape death after ingesting 137 wraps of cocaine

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said two traffickers, nearly died when they fell critically ill upon their arrival at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.
Spokesperson for the agency, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, said luckily for the suspects, when they were rushed to the hospital, 137 wraps of cocaine were successfully evacuated from their stomachs.

Oyo police arrest rapist at LAUTECH

The Oyo State Police Command said its Special Anti-robbery Squad has arrested a notorious armed robber and rapist, Habib Ajadi, 30, who specialised in attacking and robbing students of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.

Panic as Lagos banker goes missing on way home

An employee of the Ecobank branch at Bourdillon, Ikoyi, Lagos, 33-year-old Bukola Olowookere, has been missing since May 5, 2016, sending her family into panic because no clue has yet to emerge as to her whereabouts.

LOBATAN: Ronke’s autopsy report’ll shock everyone – Source

As everyone awaits the result of the autopsy on the late Ronke Shonde, Saturday PUNCH has learnt that the report could be a shocker.
A source told our correspondent that the report, which will be out next week, might not go the way of public opinion.

I became Miss Nigeria by accident -Ex-Miss Nigeria Rosemary Okeke

I became Miss Nigeria by accident -Ex-Miss Nigeria Rosemary Okeke
After her stint as Miss Nigeria between 1984 and 1985, Rosemary  Nkemdilim Okeke ventured into the fashion industry. She has also functioned as Senior Special Assistant to the Imo State governor in charge of the Abuja Liaison office of the state. She spoke with OKORIE UGURU about her tenure as a beauty queen and how it has affected her life generally, among other issues.

OMG: Fresh deadly disease breaks out in Nigeria

The Federal Government on Friday alerted Nigerians to the outbreak of a killer disease known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome in the country.
The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, who announced the outbreak of the disease at a news conference in Abuja, said the disease had killed one person.

Why Rashidi Yekini's mother smiles

Yekini – After NAIJ.com’s several reports on the poor lifestyle of Late Rashidi Yekini’s mother, some meaningful Nigerians pitied the woman and raise funds for her

Boko Haram terrorists attack Nigerian troops in Sambisa, read what they did to soldiers

Sambisa forestThe ongoing Operation CRACKDOWN on Boko Haram by the Nigerian Troops in Sambisa Forest is yielding significant success according to the military.
It’s latest operation in the area has led to the arrest of one of the wanted terrorists leader, Suleiman Umaru.

I have yet to relax after two imprisonments – Serial phone robber

In an account that details a new method employed by robbers who target online phone traders in Lagos, a 35-year-old suspect, Bright Funsho, has revealed how he made a huge sum of money by simply placing an order for expensive phones and robbing traders who deliver his orders.

N13m loan: Ministry probes Lai Mohammed’s memo leakage

The Ministry of Information and Culture has launched an inquest into how a memo from the ministry requesting for a loan to fund the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed’s trip to China was leaked.

Fayose causing confusion in our party – PDP

The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party has accused Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State of causing confusion in the party.
It said the governor was behind the plan to hold the South-West zonal congress in Akure on Saturday despite the court order which asked the party to suspend the exercise.

The many lies they said about Abacha- Al-Mustapha

Major Hamza Al-Mustapha My 200 questions about Boko Haram •What freedom means to me after 14 years in prison By Ben Agande Major Hamza Al-Mustapha came to national limelight as Chief Security Officer to the Head of State in the General Sanni Abacha military

We know those bombing pipelines, Buhari should go after them — Ayiri Emami

MILITANTS-buhariNIGER – DELTA activist and Itsekiri leader, Chief Ayiri Emami, said on Friday that those bombing pipelines in Delta State were not ghosts, but known human beings living in the state and urged

I am dating Senator Ganiyu Solomon and Olamide!!! — Sobola Sotayo

Sobola SotayoLike a gust of fresh summer wind, sultry actress, Sobola Sotayo, a graduate of sociology from Olabisi Onabanjo University Ogun State, is slowly and steadily winning the day as the next biggest thing in the Yoruba movie industry.

We pray for Buhari, Nigeria; says Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday at the Lambeth Palace in LondonThe Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has said that there is no day he does not pray for Nigeria and for President Muhammadu Buhari. This came just as President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday paid him a visit at the

Man who wears only agbada in Europe: Israel made me drop the Bible

•Jacob Imade Iyamu
Engr. Jacob Imade Iyamu has been living in Germany since the early 80s although he left the shores of Nigeria in the late 70s.  But unlike many people living in Europe and Americas, he could count the number of times he has won suits just as he has never won jeans in his life no matter how cold it is in winter or how warm in summer. •Jacob Imade Iyamu The Edo state Nigeria born brewing engineer is the Brew Master at Binding, one of Germany’s largest breweries based in Frankfurt where he has worked for many years. In this chat, the President of Edo state Union in state of Hessen,   Germany speaks about his odyssey to Europe and his challenges and achievements so far plus his unflinching love for Nigeria Coming to Europe I left Nigeria a long time ago..in 1979 to be precise. I first went to Israel in 1979 before setting foot in Germany in 1981. I studied Brewery Technology at Munich, Germany as well as Micro electronics and Information Tech. Before then I had taught at a secondary school after leaving secondary school in 1975. I then went to work with Barclays Bank, Benin where I encountered several expatriates from Ireland, Germany and other countries who were working with the Guinness Breweries in Benin at that time. They often came to the bank to remit their salaries back to their countries. Some of these people were fond of me inviting me to social gatherings in their clubs after work. I won’t forget Mr. Zimmermann who worked with Guinness who often warned me not to die in the banking hall. He told me to go to school and improve on my life. Then in 1977, graduate bankers were earning N204 monthly while we took home N256. In every society, bankers are well paid so I was apparently enjoying the work until Mr Zimmermann started his inspiration. I won’t also forget one Mrs. Akpata, one of our customers then. She also told me that she would even contribute to my education if I got admission. Mrs. Akpata went further to give me the address of a school in Cyprus. I applied to study at the Cyprus College of Technology and was given admission two months after. Off to Cyprus I had bought a return air ticket for N606 for the trip. Several of my friends gave me support to travel. The Esama of Benin, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion also bought me the travel box with which I traveled. One was permitted to travel with N1000 BTA. I went to the Italian Embassy to get a Visa. Even Turkey also granted me visa so I traveled with Zambian Airlines to Cyprus. At Cyprus, I discovered that it was not the kind of place I wanted to be so I started to think of changing base. Turkey and Israel came to my mind until I made up my mind on Israel. Adventures in Israel My brother, it was in Israel that I dropped my Bible. I use to be a member of the Scripture Union in those days but my stay in Israel was all that changed my views. I had left Cyprus with two Nigerians I had met, Moses and Benjamin. It was a twelve hour sail from Cyprus to Haifa where we landed early in the morning. We then journeyed to Jerusalem. My aged mum would tease us as kids by saying ‘If you ran from Jerusalem to Jericho, I will find you’ so I wished to see those places that my mother would always yell about. We stayed for a while in Jerusalem, then visited Jericho, Sea of Galilee and Bethlehem, My account was fast depleting as my two friends were basically under my care. We headed to Tel Aviv where I met face to face with Jews who showed the biggest discrimination I have ever seen in my life time. You are either born a Jew or not. We heard of the Kibut while exploring Golan and Tel Kasia and volunteered to join. It was a group that helped students with info and jobs and other forms of assistance. We were shocked that at a Christmas party they did not invite us even when we were members of same grouping. We were the only blacks . It was another movement to Tel Aviv where I met one Bini man like me, Whyte Eguakum who was then working in a restaurant in Tel Aviv. We decided to trail further into the Red Sea regions of Elat where the sea enters Egypt. We got a job at Neptune Hotels then moved to Red Rock. After about a month, or two, I started with the Jewish language because communication is key. Yet it was too difficult to work and school in Israel. My two other friends returned to Cyprus and Turkey but I slugged it out in Israel for the next two years before returning to Nigeria to replenish my account by my parents to move again. I got $1000. About this time, I had given my world wide ticket to one Igbinovia and he flew with it to the US. During that return to Nigeria, I started having other views. I had agreed with my friends Godwin and Fred that we would travel to Germany so I returned to Israel. I went to the German Embassy to seek advice and they linked me up with the Goethe Institute. Landing in Germany I felt a different aura in Germany as compared with all the other countries I had visited. I landed in Munich and asked myself what I had been doing perambulating in Israel, Turkey and Cyprus. It was on April 1981 that I landed but by May,   1, I had started language course which took a period of six months. I was also seeking answers about my career but saw no one to ask my questions. I knew I was a science student. Then someone advised I attend a brewery school so I did enter Munich Akademy Grefenfing, a teaching and research institute where I did six months of practical work while also doing theories. I completed the studies in 1984. Change of mind After the course, I started feeling a bit indifferent about brewing and making beer. Again, I didn’t want to return to Nigeria yet or marry a German wife so I enrolled again to do Micro electronics after which I went to work in IT for Siemens at Karlsurhe. From Siemens, I moved on to Osborne Computers which then promised heaven on earth but later closed down. It was then I dusted up my brew tech certificates and went to work for Sparten Breweries, then to Hassia und Luisen, the water and soft drinks manufacturer. They bottle Pepsi and many other brands of juices. Me and my work It was in February, 1992 that I wrote an application and posted that I wanted to work for the Radebager Group with two breweries in Frankfurt. They replied and called me for an interview which was done in the evening on the day. And since the last 24 years since 1992, I have never been late to work except only once neither have I reported sick. As Brewmeister at Binding Breweries, my work is general quality control to taste, bottling and all for the brewery that bottles over 31 products with seven machines each corking 80,000 bottles in one hour. Nigerian to the bone I feel sad when I hear bad stories about my country Nigeria. I love my country Nigeria to the bone. It is my beloved country. Despite all I have seen worldwide, I have not seen a country like Naija. I have never felt like changing my identity and my nationality. I don’t carry a German passport even though several people like me do.   I see myself as a good Nigerian living in Germany. I sing Sonny Okosuns all the time; Nigeria…. My Papa’s land. It is this deep sense of patriotism that compelled me whenever I was on leave while working for Hassia, to spend it in Nigeria. I would go to Bendel Breweries to seek to work for free but they won’t allow me in. They were producing Crystal and Henningar then. It was disappointing though. I still spend my leave in Nigeria every year. We must get something good out of our country no matter what. I have been wearing agbada and other forms of traditional wears since I left Nigeria in 1979 whether it is summer or winter. It gives me the identity of whom I am and where I am coming from. Few times I have won suits. I could make a count of the times I have won suits and it was mainly those days at the bank when it was a requirement for work. I have never won jeans in my life.  

Subsidy removal: SGF urges Nigerians to refrain from inflammatory comments

Mr Babachir Lawal, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) has called on commentators on the current subsidy removal to refrain from comments that can deliberately incite the public. The SGF in a statement issued on Friday in Abuja urged commentators to be dispassionate as they advance their positions. He urged them to endeavor to address the fundamentals as it related to the cost elements in the downstream oil sector. Lawal said the decision to remove subsidy was made in good faith and called for understanding among all stakeholders. The SGF said the major problem that had since the return of democracy in 1999 confronted the country had been the availability and cost of petroleum products. According to him, the issues advanced for the problem in the nation’s oil sector has been the inability of the country to produce locally the products it consumes. “Our situation over the years became compounded because of the total neglect of our refineries and rather than addressing the issue of local refining, we resorted to massive importation. “Regrettably, the monumental corruption that crept into the unreasonable business of products importation stayed with us until the departure of the last administration. “At this time, the nation’s foreign exchange reserve was completely depleted and the consequences of our past actions are that the nation today cannot afford subsidy payments,” he said. He said the lingered fuel scarcity in the country that had in the past few months subjected Nigerians to hardship was because government had been the sole importer of petroleum products. According to him, private importers have refused to do business at this time because they truly cannot sell at the prevailing government controlled price and make profit. He said the problem was also compounded by the inability of government to sell foreign exchange to the importers at the official rate. “In the circumstance, government is left with no option but to partially deregulate the sector and assume the role of a regulator. “For government imported products, the price is lower and we also have assurances that prices of products will come down as the production from our refineries become more regular and stable. “We also believe that the price will come down as a result of the competitiveness and efficiencies that this deregulation policy will enthrone,” he added. The SGF assured that government would continue to dialogue with labour unions to address their grievances.

Petrol price hike: Labour plans nationwide total strike

NLC during one of its struggles against deregulation
NUPENG, PENGASSAN support subsidy withdrawal, call for dialogue on new fuel price By Victor Ahiuma-Young, Johnbosco Agbakwuru, Ike Uchechukwu FOLLOWING last Wednesday’s partial deregulation of the downstream sector of Petroleum industry by the Federal Government with an increase in pump price of petrol from N86.50 to N145, the organised labour and their civil society allies have resolved to lead Nigerian workers on strike after  Wednesday, May 18. Saturday Vanguard gathered that labour leaders will send a letter to government latest tomorrow demanding a total reversal to the N86.50 pump price of petrol before 12 am on Wednesday, failing which all installations will be shut down thereafter. NLC during one of its struggles against deregulation The industrial unions have said between Monday and Tuesday, they will mobilize members for a nationwide total strike, and therefore urged Nigerians to prepare for the industrial action by stockpiling food items and other essential things they may need during the duration of the strike. Information available to Saturday Vanguard had it that while leaders of Ayuba Wabba faction of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, will meet with their Trade Union Congress of Nigeria ,TUC, counterparts today in Abuja alongside some civil society groups to harmonize positions on how to go about the planned action, the Joe Ajaero led NLC will also meet today in Lagos with some civil society groups to take position. Saturday Vanguard gathered that though the National Executive Council, NEC, meetings of Ayuba Wabba faction of NLC was very stormy as labour leaders from the north were foot-dragging over the planned strike, labour leaders from the South west, South-South and South-East, insisted on fighting the government to a stand still over the hike. After much pressure, it was gathered that labour leaders from the north agreed to give the planned strike their total support. It was then resolved that a letter be sent to government between today and tomorrow on the resolve of labour and their civil society allies and that industrial unions should mobilize their members between Monday and Tuesday for a total strike that could commence on  or after Wednesday. Meanwhile, TUC on its part, at its NEC meeting gave government till Wednesday to invite labour leaders to find a way forward to avoid a total shut down of the country. However it is expected that at today’s meeting between TUC and Wabba faction of NLC, both positions would be harmonized for the action to begin on Wednesday. Addressing journalists after its NEC meeting, yesterday in Lagos, TUC President, Mr. Bobboi Kaigama, said the body was giving the Federal Government till May 18, to invite labour leaders to discuss the way forward to avoid nationwide strike. “‘The NEC in session has given the government till Wednesday 18, to invite the leadership of labour for discussion aimed at determining the appropriate way forward,’’Kaigama said, According to him, the leadership of TUC would interface with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Civil Society Allies to work out plans that would be put in place to protest the increase in  fuel price if the government fails to meet the Wednesday deadline. Similarly, the Ajaero led faction of NLC which had earlier given indication that members would join forces with other bodies and Nigerians to fight the hike, would meet today and also take a position. Ajaero told Saturday Vanguard that as pro-people group, it would always stand by the people to find out how to lessen their pains. NUPENG, PENGASSAN back subsidy removal, call for further dialogue on new fuel price Meanwhile, the Joint National Executive Council(NEC) of The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association (PENGASSAN) Friday threw its weight behind the subsidy removal but warned that steps must  immediately be  taken   to review the minimum wage and  for proceeds  from the sector to be used effectively and judiciously  for development. The President of NUPENG, Comrade Igwe Achese who stated this Friday  while briefing newsmen in Calabar  during the joint NEC meeting of  NUPENG/PENGASAN  said  government must immediately put in place mechanisms to review the minimum wage adding that there must be  palliative measures  to cushion the effects of subsidy removal and deregulation of the oil sector. According  to Achese,  they had expected government to deregulate the sector for more than eight years now but government had always dragged their feet. In his words:”The deregulation of the oil sector and opening of the market is a welcome development, we must deregulate the oil and gas sector. There must be transparency.  We must stop paying subsidy into the hands of few Nigerians who are mortgaging this country and that must stop, when the issue was raised in 2012 it was politicized, we  must not mortgage the nations economy “he stated. On the current price he stated that “The issue of pricing is a secondary issue but the most important thing is that government has come up with a firm plan to stop the payment of funds to the hands of a few” “we must open up the system and see how we can now talk about regulation, the key issues of price modulation is regulation as well as putting in place the necessary checks and balances that can control  the price environment” he said. “We are (NUPENG and PENGASSAN) a centre, we have also requested  that if the price is too high we are going to react, we are going to ask for a platform where we will sit down and talk about the possible best price that can take this nation forward, but for now our’s is that it is  welcome by both union that the sector is deregulated and that subsidy is being removed”. On his part the Preident of PENGASSAN ,Comrade  Olabode Johnson said they were not in support of import driven petroleum subsidy. In his words:”we are against import driven subsidy of petroleum products,our refineries must work, the most important thing that will make Nigerians key into what government is doing is to have  affordability and availability.