19 May 2016


Dami Marshall, young daughter to legendary fuji singer, K1 De Ultimate, since being called to the bar some months ago, has not stopped in using her position to lecture people both entertainers and fans on what they need to know about the law.
Dami sometime ago revealed that she will soon be coming for some entertainers in the industry who steal other people’s intellectual properties as she was about going for further studies.


Popular light skinned actress, Adunni Ade, a single mother of two boys has taken to her Instagram page to fight for the right of other single mothers as well as baby mamas.
The fair skinned TV star also warned that no one has the right to judge her lifestyle or relationship status.
Read what she wrote : "I take it personal when a person feels like they've got the right to speak on a

Exclusive: Sexy celeb speaks on pressures of being single, pains of stardom at her age

Lepacious Bose  before and now
Popular stand-up comedian Lepacious Bose has been through a lot before she decided to shed 100kg off her weight.

Checkout the amount of money sprayed at this traditional wedding

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Wow! ‘it’s raining money’ could be one of the expressions that comes to mind when you see the kind of money that ‘rained down’ at a traditional wedding recently .
The traditional wedding which reportedly held somewhere in the bride’s village in Isioziakah, Njaba local government area of Imo State, saw the couple’s family and friends spraying money like it was a competition.

Charly Boy had 7 kids from away matches? Find out more in interview with his wife, Diane Oputa

Social media titan Babalola Osogbiye dug out the dead bones in an interview with wife of the latest Marriage counselor “Charly Boy”. An enlightening interview that reveals the ups and the downs of the marriage life of the couple and how they have been able to pull through 38 years without being a subject of media. Words are not enough to give details of the interview, read more after the cut...

She is married to one of Nigerians most controversial iconic personalities. The "weird" one Charly Boy has fought for the rights of the average Nigerian. He has on several occasions been tortured by the Nigerian police and the military for standing up to bad leadership or unfair treatment of the impoverished masses. His television series, The Charly Boy Show was one of the most watched programmes for a very long time. He’s an accomplished singer/songwriter, television presenter, publisher, producer and talent judge.

The American trained mass communication masters degree holder, who decided in his own words, to punish his parents by creating the larger than life image. A punk, a boy, an AreaFada, and lately a Jesus lover. He has been married three times before, his present marriage is the 4th and maybe the last, kissed Denrele Edun, has a pet python was photographed naked. That pretty much sums it up, from a shallow point of view. One person who knows this enigma would be his wife of 38yrs the best person to give intimate account. Lady Diane Oputa.


I have been able to manage very well because of the man I got married to. Charles is a strong family man, a decent gentleman who puts his family first before anything else. He has been a wonderful husband, a good father and a wonderful son to his parents. Charles is the husband every woman dreams about. He is sensitive, he listens, the first to apologize if he is wrong. I love his never say die spirit. I think we were ordained by God to marry each other because we both want the same thing, we are both committed to our marriage. Like they say, it takes two to tango. However our marriage has not been a bed of roses, we have our issues and challenges, but because we are best of friends, because we are loyal to our commitment we always resolve whatever issue that comes up, to move forward. We don't have a perfect marriage, no such thing in this world, but we have a friendship that has endured through time.  It has been a long journey and we have had ups and downs within the 38years that we have been together. But we are happy together. A lot of couples haven't got that far-we are really privileged. I thank God.


In the beginning it was the women, my gosh! Women everywhere. Charles is a charmer. He had 7kids from his away matches and the women he married that didn't work out, before we got married. His stubbornness was sometimes obnoxious. During his hay days as a performer, his acts were sometimes so overboard that I will refuse doing his background vocals and we always argued/quarreled about that. But as the years rolled by I found ways of calming him down, and curing my high blood pressure. I later found out that the women were more for his hypes and pons, like the charly’s virgins. One thing I knew from the beginning was that my husband always wanted to be a family man, after all he grew up seeing both parents together for sixty something years before papa passed on. Much later the women thing totally fizzled out. In the beginning I wasn't too sure how to deal with all his children from deferent women, but trust charles he knows how to put his family together. That's how I overnight became a mother of 9 children plus my last three. The only thing that he still does that pisses me off till tomorrow is his silence, when he is angry about something. He will lock himself in his room and may not talk to me for days. I can't deal with that because we talk all the time our communication is on point. He always says he doesn't want to say the wrong things when he is angry. Otherwise, Charles is the best thing to happen to me and I thank God for that.


Celebs marriages are not different from any other marriage, however, the bottom-line is that both parties have to know what they want from the start. For most young people it's about the packaging and never the content. Marriage is about two people who want to stay married no matter the weather, if one person wants it more than the other it won't work. The ingredients for a fairly decent marriage, will be mutual respect, good communication between the couples and good friendship. Thank God that today what we have most, is old fashion friendship. My husband is not your typical Nigerian person, above all he listens and he is very sensitive to how I am feeling as my friend and it's all mutual.


Yes, in the beginning the first maybe 8yrs, too many drama that I was dealing with. It wasn't easy at all but I also matured along the way. I began to see things for what they really are not for what it looked like. Experience has thought me how to separate the boy Charly from my man Charles. Charly is an incorrigible botton pusher and that will never stop, but my man Charles is also an incorrigible introvert and that's who I married. A few times he has reported himself to me and he is not good at lying. BEING FULFILLED IN MARRIAGE IS GUARANTEED WHEN YOUR SPOUSE IS SUPPORTIVE, UNDERSTANDING AND SENSITIVE TO YOUR FEELINGS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHEN HE IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR CREATIVE WAYS TO KEEP THE FIRE BURNING.


Yea, that's Charlyboy for you, who else would give their personal number on air. Do you know how many calls he receives per minute? He however has been doing all of that for a very long time, it's only recently he went ballistic with that. I guess for him, he wants to always feel useful, always wanting to teach, to share, to give hope to the hopeless, that's charlyboys story, aside the fact that he likes to confuse people with his antics. Am I surprised? no. I won't be surprised if tomorrow he opens a church. Charles has always been spiritual ever since I met him, very deep. That's why for people who meet him one on one, they are so charmed because he is nothing like charlyboy puts out. And it takes intelligence and discipline to know the boundaries. He has counselled and inspired millions of nigerian youths, to be themselves, be focused and never to let anyone kill their dream. I love him for the many lives he has touched and still touching, for all who worked with him, they too can testify he added value to their lives. That's who he is. 


Hummm!!!! Charly can be un unrepentant romantic when he wants to be. Though he hasn't pulled any stunt to sweep me off my feet recently, but he can be full of surprises. The last time, he asked me to escort him to the airport to receive a certain business partner from the carribean. Before I knew what was happening, I was on my way to the Bahamas, sweden and Dubai, with nothing but my purse. He knows I love romance and from time to time he figures ways to sweep me off my feet. That's why we try to keep it as youthful and as fresh as we can. We really work at it. It's not easy but we are determined. Charles woos me with his outlandish and elaborate stunts, and I like it. I always look forward to my birthdays. We are like two buddies.


Charles has always been spiritual, has always given himself to service. He has always been an inspiration to millions of frustrated nigerian youths. His life style has made thousands chase their own dreams and never gave up on theirselves. Yes, people where not too sure what to make of him, because he kept confusing people who couldn't see the humour or the sense in how he was putting out. He has always been about how he can add value to his environment and the people he meets. He may not have been a regular church goer but was a Christian by his actions. I guess the difference now is that the press seems to be reporting more of his works and the value he promotes than all the stunts he pulls to keep the people guessing. But yes he is more calmer now, more at peace now and more spiritual. Like they say, there is a time and season for everything. He is been there done that and seen that, what else can be new for him so I guess is Jesus time from here on and that's all the better for him. He is doing what God wants him to do.

A ‘Pastor’ nabbed in Ondo for hawking meat and requesting people to eat for free (photos)

A ‘pastor’ with a Pentecostal church was yesterday arrested at the Ijomu area of Akure while hawking a fried meat and requesting people to join him in eating the fried meat for free.

So sad: Popular fuji musician is dead (Photo)

Olumide Awise
Fuji artist, Olumide Awise
Fast rising fuji musician Olumide Awise is dead. Awise was confirmed dead in the early hours of Wednesday, May 18, 2016.
The Agege based fuji artist died in his Agbado home after a brief illness. He has since been buried according to Islamic injunction.

7 Struggles of A Man In Love With a Serial Cheating Baby

Love is a beautiful thing like Nigerian singer D’banj rightly said in one of his songs but it could also be a lot of work and some people could make the experience really hard for others. Anyone in love knows breaking up is not an option because you can’t imagine life without that person and its just the same as being in love with a cheating partner.

Wife Battered by Her Husband for Refusing Him Sex (Photos)

The wife's sister shared the pics, she's contemplating advising her to end the marriage. See more pics...

Why Dasuki won’t be released now – FG

Why Dasuki won't be released  now - FG
The Federal Government on Thursday explained why a former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, was still being held by the Department of State Services (DSS).
It said Dasuki was being held on the ground of national security, his involvement in the over $2billion arms procurement scam and for his safety.

5 Reasons Men Need To Stay Off Married Women

Here are six ways men’s lives get ruined when they fall for married woman:
1.) You constantly live in guilt:
There’s always this feeling that you are doing something wrong every time you spend time together. “What if her husband is spying on us?” “What will I say, if we are caught?”

Buhari receives rescued Chibok schoolgirl in Abuja

Rescued Chibok schoolgirl, Amina Ali-Nkeki, on Thursday arrived at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, for audience with President Muhammadu Buhari. The girl, her baby, her mother and her brother, were led to the villa by Borno

Customer abducts trader’s one-year-old daughter in Lagos

A woman, identified only as Mama Oyin, has allegedly abducted a one-year-old girl, Fehintola Lawal, in the Abule Egba area of Lagos State.

Ronke Shonde died from respiratory seizure – Autopsy report

INFORMATION reaching The PUNCH as of 11.23pm on Wednesday says the late Ronke Shonde, who was  allegedly killed by her husband, Lekan, died from respiratory seizure.
The final autopsy report, which just got to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, revealed that the victim did not die from domestic violence.

NSCDC official opens fire on truck, kills one

An operative of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has killed a 26-year-old man, Mr. Chukwudi John, after he opened fire on a truck in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.
It was gathered that the incident occurred on Wednesday when John, an employee of Dompec Global Resources Limited, was returning from Abak Local Government Area in the state, where he and his colleagues had gone to supply goods.

EgyptAir flight crashes in Mediterranean with 66 on board

An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo crashed into the Mediterranean on Thursday with 66 people on board, prompting an investigation into whether it was mechanical failure or a bomb.
There were no immediate reports of the discovery of any debris in the area of sea between the Greek islands and the Egyptian coast where the plane vanished from radar screens.

Fayose overbearing, has no respect for PDP – Ex-Chair

The Pioneer Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti State, Clement Awoyelu, has accused Governor Ayodele Fayose of being overbearing and lacking respect for the party’s constitution.
He also said the governor lacked respect for party leaders in the state, hence, the need to reclaim the party from him.

Metuh hospitalised after vomitting, case adjourned

The Spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olisa Metuh, has been admitted at the National Hospital after throwing up.
Metuh had been scheduled to appear before Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court in Abuja for the continuation of his trial for money laundering.

Lagos seals Alade Market

The main gate to Alade market in Allen Avenue, Ikeja, sealed by Lagos state waste management authority. Photo: Emmanuel OsodiThe Lagos state government has sealed the popular Alade Market in the Ikeja area of Lagos state. The closure was carried out on Thursday, May 19 by the Lagos state waste management authority (LAWMA) as a result of poor environmental sanitation exercise. There have been reports of impending closure of the market and a relocation of the traders although it is not known if the closure is connected to this.


Strange things are truly happening, is this sign of end time? Yesterday, a landlord revealed a situation that happened in his compound.
According to the source, MR Osaz, a tenant who claims to be a pastor, buried a charm in his apartment, claiming he uses it work for God.

Forgery Allegations: Innosson Motors Releases Statement

Following the report earlier today that the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation has taken over the prosecution of Innoson boss, Innocent Chukwuma, his company has released a statement:

Boyfriend Saga: Lekan Shonde's Late Wife, Ronke's Call Logs & Text Now Under Scrutiny

Following the autopsy and the likelihood that Ronke Shonde may not have been beaten to death as some media outlets had erroneously reported online, OluFamous.Com gathered that the investigation into her controversial death has now taken a more critical turn.

These days with technology, even the calls you made several months back can be obtained and all the LIVE transcript of everything both of you said will be printed out, accurately. No wayo!

As you read this, police are now analysing call logs of Ronke Shonde, whose husband said was having an affair with the manager of a printing company and mocked him with the adulterous act.

Detectives from Lagos police command were as of Sunday evening still in possession Lekan Shonde's late wife's phone.

According to Tribune, a source at the Lagos police command, said: “Yes the phone is still with us and we have not released it to the family, because we are still using it for investigation.”

He also cautioned the public, saying that “the mere fact that we have her husband with us does not mean that we have concluded that he was responsible for the death.”

The police source added that, “we are looking beyond just the man [Lekan Shonde]. We are still waiting for the report of the autopsy, before we decide on the next line of action...”

Police are studying and analysing the phone calls and text messages on the deceased wife's mobile phone.

The wife's alleged lover, Kayode, is expected to report to Police this week, and they will confront him with all they have gathered, especially from phone calls and text messages between him and Ronke.

Election Bribe: 'Wike Ordered Me to Collect N700m from Bank' – PDP Scribe Confesses

The detained Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Samuel Johnson Okpoko has told the EFCC that he collected N700m cash from Fidelity Bank on the instruction of Governor Nyesom Wike.

While Okpoko will soon be charged to court, the anti-graft agency might put the invitation of the governor on hold because of constitutional immunity.

The immunity however does not prevent the EFCC from investigating the allegation against the governor and keeping vital information for his trial after his tenure.

According to a source in EFCC, Okpoko admitted that he collected the cash in two tranches at Trans Amadi branch of Fidelity Bank Plc in Port Harcourt.

The source said: “Operatives of the EFCC, have grilled the Rivers State Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mr. Samuel Johnson Okpoko , for collecting N700million from the controversial $115milloon lodged with Fidelity Bank Plc, by the immediate past Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Allison- Madueke

“Okpoko, who was the Rivers state’s PDP campaign coordinator in the 2015 Presidential Election collected the sum of N700 million in two tranches of N600 million and N100 million respectively at the Trans Amadi branch of Fidelity Bank Plc, Port- Harcourt. Investigations by the EFCC revealed that Okpoko cashed N600 million on March 27 and N100 million on March 31,2015.

“Explaining how he became involved, Okpoko said he was instructed by the then PDP governorship candidate, Nyesom Wike to go to the branch of Fidelity Bank to cash some money there.

The source quoted Okpoko as saying: “I was with my governor in his house sometime 27th day of March 2015, when he got a call and Chief Barrister Nyesom Wike after the phone call told me that the call was from Fidelity Bank and they have some money for him”.

But Special Assistant to Governor Wike on electronic media Mr Simeon Nwakaudu said: “We are not aware of what you talked about in your test message.”

Source: Kennedy Friday

WARNING! Killer Tomato Paste Imported Into Nigeria?

The House of Reps has alerted Nigerians on the alleged existence of cancer-causing tomato pastes imported into Nigeria by unscrupulous people, with a promised to unmask those behind the dastardly act.

The House has therefore mandated its Committee on Health Services, Drug and Narcotics to investigate the alleged importation of the said fake, substandard and cancerous products into the country with a view to identifying them, their importers as well as promoters and distributors.
It is alleged that they've circulated the nation's market with the products at cheap prices.

The resolution followed the adoption of a motion under matters of urgent public importance moved on the floor of the House on Wednesday by Hon Ossai Nicholas Ossai.

Hon Osai while referring to a publication in a national newspaper of May 9, 2016, alleged that there was a cabal who had boasted that nothing could stop them from importing the fake tomato paste.

According to him, "this ugly development of importation of cancer infested tomato paste is killing a lot of Nigerians and it is reported that this mafia group is collaborating with few indigenous manufacturers in Nigeria who are being used as a cover up to distribute the killer products."

The motion was unanimously passed with the committees given three weeks to report back.