9 Aug 2016

Na wa o! Nigerian man with 217 ATM cards at Muscat International Airport, Oman... photos

A Nigerian man has been detained at Muscat International Airport, Oman after he allegedly tried to smuggle 217 bank cards. 

Royal Oman Police arrested the Nigerian national today, August 9, while attempting to smuggle the cards at the airport. Oman is an Arab country in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula...

Baby found dumped in the trash confirmed dead...photos

A baby girl was found dumped in the trash today, Tuesday August 9 at about 7.am by members of Buddhist Association of yia in Sriracha, Thailand. The baby was pronounced dead after paramedics arrived the scene...

Nigerian Police killed this man's brotther... photos

A young man identified as Iyke Ogbonnaya,27, was allegedly murdered by Nigerian police on Sunday, August 7 at about 10.am. According to his brother Kalu Ogbonnaya, who shared the photos on Facebook, his brother was killed following a fight that broke out in their area. He wrote;
"My fellow Nigeria, you people should see what the Nigeria police has don 2 my beloved brother Iyke ogbonnaya, I thought dey said the police is our friend but dey are not dat's for sure, see how dey brutally killed my brother over two fighting oh! @ mini okoro police station, 27yrs on sunday 7 August 2016"

Amazing! Meet these couple who are married for 63yrs and died minutes apart... photos

An elderly couple who were married for over 60 years died less than half an hour apart in the same room, and held hands with each other through their final minutes.

On 31 July Henry and Jeanette De Lange both died at a nursing home in Platte, South Dakota, after sharing 63 years of marriage and raising five children together.

Mrs De Lange, 87, died first after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for over five years, having moved into the home in 2011.

Meanwhile Mr De Lange, 86, a veteran of the Korean war, had developed prostate cancer and requested to be moved into the same home to be near his wife.

The couple died 20 minutes apart, with Mr De Lange continuing to hold onto his wife’s hand until the end and briefly opening his eyes to look at his partner of over six decades.

The couple’s son Lee De Lange said the family saw the event as “a beautiful act of God’s providential love and mercy”, according to broadcaster KSFY.

“You don’t pray for it because it seems mean but you couldn’t ask for anything more beautiful,” he continued. “Dad visited mom once a day, twice, or maybe three times a day. It was very sweet.”

Terrible Act! Face of the man who raped his own mother... photo

This is the face of 43-year-old Humphrey Omoregieva who beat up his parents and r*ped his mum. It was reported last week. 

Herbalist kills 13yrs old boy while testing anti-bullets charm...

26-year-old herbalist, Ekene Oluka, allegedly shot and killed a 13-year-old, identified as Obumuneme Oluka, while testing his anti-bullet charm on the young boy.

Shocking confession of a woman who sleeps with her son to maintain his riches... photos

When you see people are "rich" and you can't see see the work they've done over the years to achieve such, just be careful. Many engage in dirty acts to get what you are seeing.

This Zambian woman from Ndola (pictured above) has come in the open and confessed that she is the main pillar of her son’s success for she offers her nak*dness to him once a week, every Wednesday, as instructed by the witch doctor he got his riches from.

52yrs old Madam Yvonne Banda has been sleeping with her son Abel since 2002 when he started his transportation business which has grown tremendously and he now owns a fleet of trucks, buses and other small cars.

The crime for this success is for Abel to sleep with his Mother every Wednesday and they do it at her house where the charm was buried. Behind most overnight success, there is a secret.

Strangely, of late, the mother has been very worried of her son because she feels like she is growing weaker each day and she fears she might not keep up for the next coming few year.

But the price is that, once she stops sleeping with him, all their "hard earned" wealth will vanish in thin air and the son will die a very painful death.

Mrs Yvonne Banda had confessed this in church and the pastor of Great Kingdom church prayed for her. But she could not bear to see her son suffer and die that she went back to being the keeper of his riches by sleeping with him every week.

Actress Nadia Buari shares cute photos of her twins girls...

Actress Nadia Buari who gave birth to twin girls for her lover months back is gradually sharing photos of her babies online, but she's still hiding their faces for now.

Shocking! Thief's hand chopped off by vigilante store owner in Rio... photo/video

Prior to the Olympics in Rio, concerns were high about the city's reputation for violence and crime and it is fast living up to that reputation.
Disturbing video posted online shows a man writhing in pain in the pool of his blood after his hand was chopped off. Details of how the man met such a predicament is unclear but reports suggest he is thief attacked with a machete by a vigilante shop owner.

Other reports suggested the man had been attacked by a rival criminal for operating on his 'patch'.
Rio Police have launched an investigation into the incident. Reports have it the man tried to steal from a shop in Porto Alegre but was caught in the act by the owner who chopped off his hand with a machete.
Local media claim the man has a criminal record.

He is said to have been taken to hospital and is understood to be in a stable condition.

Watch below...

See how this woman is beaten on the street...photos/video

Shocking footage captured in China shows the moment a young woman is accosted and beaten by a group of women.

Woman ends world's longest hunger strike today after 16 years of not voluntarily eating...photos

Human rights activist Irom Sharmila, also known as the "Iron lady of Manipur,"

Fraudsters!!! Footballer Onazi Ogenyi's Mastercard used for transactions in Shanghai by scammers while he is in Hungary...

He vent out his anger on Twitter, shame on this people...

Disgusting Act! 14 year old girl left in coma after footballer slipped ecstasy tablet into her mouth as they kissed...photo

An angry mum is pushing for a footballer to be jailed after he slipped a strong ecstasy tablet into her 14-year-old daughter’s mouth while kissing her.
The accused, Stefan MacRitchie, 20, who recently signed for Strathspey Thistle FC, has pleaded guilty to supplying the class A “Nintendo” drug which left the victim fighting for her life.

The teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons,  had a “50-50 chance of survival” and was put into a coma after swallowing the drug. Her mum said the 'Nintendo' drug left her daughter 'crawling on the floor' “throwing herself off the bed, banging her head off it” during the horrific ordeal.
“My daughter was throwing herself off the bed, banging her head off it, crawling on the floor. It was like something out of the horror movie The Exorcist. She was black and blue. 
“We were holding her, trying to keep her safe, but she was hallucinating, thinking things were coming out of the walls to get her. I was trying to comfort her but she was lashing out, although every now and then she’d come out of it and say, ‘Mum, mum, help me, help me, stop this, stop this’. Her face was so swollen, she looked as if she’d been in a car crash.”
The incident which happened in January 1, 2014 still infuriates the mum as she is fighting for the accused to be sentenced to jail.

Prosecutor Michelle Molley told Inverness Sheriff Court that the girl and the accused, MacRitchie got together at a New Year’s house party. The adult owners of the house were in at the time, but most of the guests were under 18 and knew each other from school.

Molley said:
“She and the accused met and began kissing. During the kiss, the accused passed one item from inside his mouth into her mouth. The complainer swallowed the item. The complainer asked the accused what he had put into her mouth and he replied, ‘eccies’.  After taking the drug the teen broke away from MacRitchie to get help from her friends.
Her parents were heading back from a party of their own when the mum received a call to her daughter had “taken ecstasy”.
The mum told the court: 
“Around 1am, we were just heading back into Inverness when I got a call to say my daughter was in an ambulance on her way to Raigmore Hospital and that she’d taken ecstasy. As we pulled up in front of A&E, her ambulance drew up. The back doors opened and I was just shocked by what I saw – it wasn’t like my daughter. She was shouting, ‘Mum, mum’. She’d been biting her mouth. It was horrendous – her mouth was bleeding. She’d been pulling her bottom lip into her top teeth and her lip was swelling up. Because they didn’t know what she’d ingested, they couldn’t treat her to begin with and they put us into a room in A&E. We removed the bed for her own safety.
“I phoned the party and asked if anyone could tell me what she’d taken. They were called Nintendos. The tablets were different colours. A friend said she’d gone into the bathroom with Stefan and she came out in a terrible state.”
In hospital the dad was said to have had to keep his daughter under control by wrapping his legs around her.
The mum continued: 
“She kept freaking out, thinking spiders were crawling all over her. It was horrible. They took her to a resuscitation room to try to sedate her. They were having to hold her down. Her heartbeat was going off the scale. They decided to give her another injection and that didn’t work. By this time, it was 4.30am and her brain was showing signs of swelling. The only option was to put her into a coma. We asked what her chances were and they told us 50-50 and that when they did wake her up, there was a chance of brain damage.
“She was put in a coma around 5am and taken off it around 3pm, but kept in intensive care until 9pm. In the afternoon, they took her off the ventilator and she was able to breathe on her own but she was still hallucinating. She was kept in hospital for a further four nights, receiving intravenous treatment twice daily to counteract the cocktail of drugs in the ecstasy. Later, she took quite a bit of time off school. She was embarrassed – everybody was talking about it.
“She failed to sit her exams. She’d always been a top student. Her teachers were quite shocked at the change in her. She stopped socialising. She’s stopped going to her receptionist’s job after bumping into Stefan. People who say he didn’t mean any harm don’t know the effect it’s had on her. She was confident and outgoing and had loads of friends. 
“Obviously, we want a custodial sentence.”
The accused, Shane MacRitchie who admitted giving the girl the drug will be sentenced later this month.

Source: The SunUK

Wife and 4 year old daughter killed in front of husband... photos

A Southern California woman and her 4-year-old daughter were shot and killed late Saturday as they came home from grocery shopping. Long Beach police said Sunday that officers responded to a report of a shooting at around 10 p.m. 
The woman, identified as 26-year-old Carina Mancera, was pronounced dead at the scene and the girl, identified as 4-year-old Jannebel Anaya, was wounded and transported to a hospital where she later died, according to the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Police said they have no information on the possible shooter or shooters and a motive was unclear. The husband and father of the victims, Luis Anaya, 27, said he had just parked the car after returning from the store.

He said his wife and daughter had just crossed the street when he heard the gunfire. “I ran over and tried to save them, but it was too late,” he told the paper. “I couldn’t.” Anaya said he saw the man run down the street and the assailant fired shots at him but they missed. He said he didn’t know the man and wouldn’t know what a possible motive would be. 
“I don’t know why he did it, why he came after my family,” he added. “I don’t have any problems with anybody.”
Family and friends lined the street where the shooting occurred. Flowers decorated the sidewalk as well.

“Our family is heartbroken with this tragic event, and we hope that you can help us give these two beautiful souls a graceful resting place,” the family said.

Source: FNC

Shocking! See what these two celebrities are wearing in public... photos

Selena Gomez who is currently in Sydney Australia, stepped out in the cold weather on Monday evening braless in a sheer black top. Following Kendall Jenner's footsteps, the singer was seen stepping out of a Chinese restaurant in the city's CBD.

Wow! Actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry shares these photos...

The actress looks really good in this green outfit she wore on the pictures she shared on her page. Another photo after the cut...

Lobatan! Man wears woman underwear...

This is what the world has become now, why are men wearing things that belong to the woman these days...?

Wow! Folorunsho Alakija shares inspiring words and photos from her 65th birthday party... photos

Nigeria's richest woman, Folorunsho Alakija marked her 65th birthday with a lavish party at Oriental Hotel, Lagos last month.

See the congratulatory letter Buhari sent to Seyi Tinubu on the occasion of his wedding today ...

Bola Tinubu's son Seyi had his engagement/court wedding to Layal in Lagos today August 8th and got a congratulatory message from President Buhari. See that after the cut...

Oga o! Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo shares photos of his son test-riding his new Bugatti ...

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo shared photos on Instagram of his son Cristiano Jr test riding his new Bugatti ride worth about £2m. He also shared photos of him and his son waking up from bed. The footballer has been on holiday with friends and family following a hardworking and trophy laden season. More photos after the cut....

OMG! Watch shocking moment gang of youths in London attack police officers in broad daylight... (video)

Shocking footage has emerged showing some young men in East London attack Metropolitan police who pulled over their car in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets. The video uploaded to YouTube by Police shows the men surround the police officers, who are restraining two of their friends.

Eventually a fight breaks out between the young men and police officers and an officer is pulled to the floor during the fracas before he calls for back up.
The video was also posted on social media site Reddit and users were quick to praise the actions of the officers, saying it'll would have been a different story if it occurred in America .

One user said: 
“Imagine how differently this would have been if this happened in America” another adding “Top of Form British police officers making American police officers look unprofessional, as usual – after 5 minutes of scuffle, the police still warns the guy ‘One more step and I will spray you.’ Nobody got seriously hurt that day.”
See the video below. 

Update on the gymnast who broke his leg at the Rio Olympics...

26 year old French Gymnast Samir Ait Said who suffered a gruesome and horrific leg break after jumping awkwardly during his team's preliminaries at Rio 2016 over the weekend has said his target is to be fit for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics tournament so he can fulfil his dream of winning an Olympic gold medal.

Less than 24 hours after the gruesome events of the Olympic Arena, Said posted a video from his hospital bed on Facebook, thanking all those who had sent in messages of support, and claiming that he'll be returning to gymnastics.

The Frenchman, who underwent surgery last night, was quick to praise his teammates, several of whom successfully qualified for Monday's final despite witnessing the incident.
"The operation went very well, I should be back on my feet in a short time. I will go back to the training camp to encourage my friends because the competition is not over," he said. We must all get behind the guys in general contest and the men's gymnastic horse event. The team managed to mobilise after my fall and that cannot have been easy. They are real fighters. 
"Well guys, I say 's***!' Be strong, be good, I am with you, and for all of you I sent you a big embrace, and believe me my dream of making Tokyo 2020 is still on! As soon as I'm back on my feet, believe me, I will be training and looking for Olympic gold."'
This is not the first time Said is sustaining a terrible injury during a major tournament, he sustained a triple fracture to his right tibia at the 2012 European Championships.
Watch the video below...

Militants kill these three soldiers, steal two gunboats in Bayelsa.. photos

Militants disguised in white-mourning outfits have killed three soldiers at a checkpoint located in Nembe waterways, Nembe, Bayelsa State today August 8th. After the gun battle, the militants stole two gunboats.
More to come on the story...

Vigilante group captures a pastor allegedly behind car-snatching syndicate... photos

According to the Facebook user Airo Brown, who shared these photos yesterday, a pastor allegedly behind all the missing cars in Ohafia, Abia State was captured by the vigilant group in the community. The photos shows the plate numbers of some of the recovered vehicles. Continue to see more photos.