5-year-old girl falls to her death in a shopping mall..photo

A five-year-old girl fell from the third floor of a shopping mall in the city of Jazan, Saudi Arabia and died. According to Saudi news website Sabq, the little girl, Fay, was with her mother and uncle, shopping for Eid Al Adha. Her grandfather told Sabq, 
"She was holding her mother's hand while walking. However, she let go of her and fell from an opening on the third floor near the escalators. The security guards took her to a private hospital in Jazan, but they were told that she was already dead."
 He added, 
"We humbly accept God's will and her fate."
The child reportedly suffered heavy bleeding and several injuries to her body. Her father who is one of the security men on duty at the pilgrimage, returned home to take part in the funeral.
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