Who is Esabod?

The name Esabod is a household name. The name came from the names of Madam Esther Tokunbo Aboderin. She was born in Ibadan in the year 1961 March 26th. Her mother was late madam Foyeke. She was born into the famous Aboderin family of the ancient city of Ibadan. She started secondary school in the year 1974 and graduated in 1979. She was admitted into the University of Ibadan to study Medicine,l.she did not finish the study and left the school to work at the default toll gate in Ibadan.
Madam Esabod got married to her first husband legally in the year 1982 at Ibadan. She gave birth to her first child Tina Atinuke in 1983 at Olusanya hospital Ring road Ibadan. She also had another Son for her husband before she relocated to the United Kingdom to start another life.
On getting to the United Kingdom she got engaged to Niyi Oyewole and had two children for him, namely Hannah and Wale. Her marriage to Niyi Oyewole otherwise known as Gadaffi turns out to be a very wrong decision. Niyi was her driver while she was doing business in Nigeria. Niyi Oyewole turns himself to terror to her and to her children. The domestic violence was so much that the Government in Ireland had to separate them and gave her husband a barring order. Niyi Oyewole aka Gadaffi did not get over the separation and up till today, he is looking for ways to get back at Esabod.
Esabod did a lot of businesses both in the United Kingdom and Ireland She came back to Nigeria in the early 90s and bought 3 shops in Gbagi market in Ibadan. Due to mystical powers, she lost everything. She had to be doing kabukabu with her car to make ends meet. After she lost all her investment in Gbagi market. She became stranded in Nigeria. She eventually got help and traveled back to the United Kingdom.
Esabod did all odd jobs that Nigerians were doing in the united kingdom without achieving anything. She later moved to Dublin with her family. In the year 2010, she started blogging with the name Esabod. She is one of the pioneers of talk shows on social media mainly Facebook. Her talk show was mainly to speak against housewives who commit adultery. Within a short while, the name Esabod became a household name. The fair of Esabod becomes the beginning of wisdom for housewives that commit adultery.
Madam Esther introduces comic into her talk show by talking on sexual activities. This is what many want to talk about but because of societal norms, they are afraid to do so. When Esabod started treating such topics, she gained millions of viewers and followers. She started the used of herbs and roots to treat diseases and sickness in 2016. She named the company Esabod herbs and roots. .She started with the famous Adodun (a cream that makes sex enjoyable), others like 13days, etc were added to her products.
As Esabod's fame increase in her talk show, many people started to identify with her. This led to the creation of the Ewe group also known as Ewenation. Members are called Omo Ewe. The group had members all over the world and everyone is always happy to identify with Esabod and Ewenation.
Esabod definitely has many enemies because of the things she speaks against. She always says the truth no matter who is involved. Many housewives who are not faithful to their husbands do not like her or her brand. Some housewives who have been caught committing adultery ganged up and form another rival group to attack Madam Esabod and her brand.
The name Esabod means different things to different people depending on the angle you want to look at her. Esabod the spiritualist, she is a voodoo doctor that treat so many sickness and diseases. She did Spiritual works for people that have immigration problems or court cases. Many people have been calling her to testify to the efficiency of her herbs. To such people, she is a small God. Such people see her as a voodoo doctor or spiritualist.
According to some people, she is a no-nonsense blogger. She has the Esabod global news and so many other blogs to her credit. Her blog is very popular. Thousands read her blog daily. It is well known all over the world. She has trained a lot of people in the act of blogging. She made many people know that we can make money by being a blogger. Tokunbo Aboderin is a motivational speaker. To some people, she brought hope to their life when all hope was lost. This she does by using her life story to inspire many ladies passing through problems. She always implores women to stay focussed and never to commit adultery. According to her everybody must work.No woman should rely solely on her husband.
To some, she is a fighter. Esabod will always stand by whatever she belief'.She never encourages gossiping and will never backbite. She does not encourage gossips among her members.
Esabod to some is the vulgar woman. Being an Ibadan lady no word is too big to come out from her mouth. Some words that we all love to hear but are afraid to say, come out freely from Esabod's mouth. According to her Pennis and Vaginal had no special name, you call it as it is named.
She is a lovely mother to her children. She recently bought a jeep for her daughter EweTina.She does not hesitate to spend money when her children are involved.
Some people see her as a proud rich woman. She is always ready to flaunt her wealth. She is very hardworking and a rich woman.
Esabod the socialist. She enjoys a party and always likes to throw a party for her birthday. Her 56th birthday was done in London last year, it was talk of the town throughout 2017. The 57th she had this year in Dublin was the best and will remain the talk of the town for a very long time. She brought in a popular musician Saheed Osupa from Nigeria with all his band boys. The MC Seyi law was imported from Nigeria. Seyi law is one of the most popular MC in Nigeria.
Esther Aboderin is a philanthropist. She gives money to the needy. Most of the members of her group have gain one thing or the other from her. Tokunbo the fighter, fights tooth and nail for anything she beliefs in. Esabod is a mother of all. She is a mother that cannot count the number of children she has. Many are happy to affiliate with her and to call her mum. Whichever way you put it Esabod is all in all.
God bless Esther Tokunbo Aboderin
God bless Ewenation.
Long life and prosperity Esamoney, Ibuowo Mama Wale.