17 Aug 2016

Lobatan! Nigerian Musician Ruggedman blasts this bride on social media... photo

Ruggedman shared the photo above of woman whose cleavage was on display in a strapless wedding gown and slammed it as inappropriate for a wedding. His caption read, 
"So her husband and family allowed this? Smh!! Shame on them all. Which church did she enter looking like this? Which Pastor allowed her stand in front of him like this?"
When actress Cossy Ojiakor and musician Eldee intervened, asking him not to judge, he said this was an exception as it was supposed to be a day of holy matrimony. Does anyone agree with him?

Fayose vents out, APC wants to kill our party...

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State has claimed that the ruling All Progressives Congress wants the Peoples Democratic Party dead because the APC does not want a virile opposition to challenge its obnoxious policies and inability to tackle the problems confronting the country.

Speaking in Port Harcourt on Wednesday on the sideline of the controversial national convention of the PDP, Fayose said such acts would not be in the interest of the country and Nigerians at large.

In a statement by the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, he was quoted as saying that a virile opposition was a vital ingredient for democracy and necessary to make democracy thrive.

Mr. Fayose, who could not attend the convention owing to the blockade of the road leading to the Old Presidential Lodge of Rivers State government house where he was accommodated, said condoning off of the Sharks Stadium, Port Harcourt by the police on the orders of the IGP, had the input of the APC-led Federal Government. He said police only acted the script written by the APC government.

Fayose said, “I witnessed what the police did early today in Port Harcourt, it is most unfortunate. It has shown that we are indeed in a perilous time in the country. APC is desperate to kill opposition and silence others‎ because they are afraid that their inability to properly govern the country and tackle the challenges facing us as a nation would be exposed by a virile PDP.

"The Buhari government is dictatorial. There is tension everywhere.‎ All sectors are down and they are focusing on killing the opposition.‎ What business has APC with PDP internal matters?

“If they said they wanted to act on court orders, why didn’t they act on more than four orders that were in favour of the Markafi group?‎

They don’t have answers to the terrible situations in the country but they know that an organised PDP will be emboldened to challenge them.”

Fayose claimed that Ali Modu Sheriff had turned himself to an instrument in the hands of APC.

Vehicle conveying people to PDP’s Convention earlier today involved in an accident... photos

A bus full of politicians conveying people to the ‘cancelled’ National convention of PDP was earlier this morning involved in an accident. Thankfully no politician died. Everyone escaped unhurt. More photos....

Shocking! Former Local government chairman in Bauchi state returns N6m to EFCC...

Former Chairman of Bagoro Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Andrew Adamu on August 15th refunded the sum of N5, 000,000. (Five Million Naira) to the EFCC Gombe zonal office. 

Adamu who is a PDP member had earlier made a refund of One Million Naira (N1, 000,000.00) out of the Twelve Million, and Sixty Thousand Naira (N12, 060,000.00) that was disbursed to the local government area in the build-up to the 2015 presidential election. 

Adamu admitted to the zonal office of the Commission during interrogation that he signed and collected the said amount in the presence of Hon. Marcus Bulus Makama, a current member of the Bauchi State House of Assembly and former caretaker chairman of the local government, Mrs. Hasanna Arkila who signed as witnesses for the collection of the amount. 

All the suspects reported to the zonal office of the Commission. and agreed to return the money to the Commission.

Watch this woman confront a man allegedly 'Masturbating' on the train... video/photos

A woman, Deanna Carter publicly confronted and slammed a man for allegedly masturbating on a train, which then forced the man to get off at the next train stop.

The woman launched the verbal attack on the man, publicly shaming him in front of other commuters after claiming she saw him rubbing his penis.

The woman, who shared the video on Facebook and has gotten close to 2million views can be heard asking the man “what are you doing” several times at the start of the video before she launches into a rant.

The man, who is sitting with a backpack on his lap, wearing a cap and sunglasses, sits motionless on the train, believed to be in New York, during the two-minute tirade.

Carter yells: “What the f*** are you doing?

“You want to do that freaky s*** you do it off the mother-f***ing train.

“Do we understand each other?”

The man then nods slightly, hoping Carter will stop yelling at him, but the loud lecture continues.

Shouting loudly, she can be heard saying: “Now at the next stop, you get off. When this train stops, you get the f*** off.

“Say ‘I understand you, miss’.”

Sharing the video on her Facebook, Deanna Carter wrote: “Tell me why this dude was rubbing his penis sitting across from me. I went off. I’m so mad right now. Got his face on video tho (sic). He better hope I never see his nasty a** again!”

Na wa o! This woman takes her naked child out shopping in public... photos

A mother in China has been blasted for taking her naked daughter shopping.

The woman was spotted with the child at a supermarket in Xinyang City, central China's Henan province on August 13, reports the People's Daily Online. 

Pictures of the young girl, thought to be around two-years-old, have caused outrage on the country's social media sites. 

The young girl was spotted in a supermarket with her mother and was photographed by shocked onlookers. They were seen shopping in various sections of the store and the girl was naked the entire time.

On China's social media site Weibo, many people have expressed their outrage on a thread that was read more than 12.7million times. 

One user commented: 'As a mother of a one-year-old myself, this is really hard to look at.' 

While another said: 'This is a perfect example of child abuse.'

And one user wrote: 'Personally I think this is insulting to the child.' Another photo below..

Check out the body on Nollywood actress Uche Jumbo after childbirth... photo

The actress and mother of one promises to get her body back after childbirth, she looks like she is working hard though.

Lobatan! Three Kwara Pilgrims arrested in Saudi Arabia over drug trafficking.. photos

The Saudi Arabian authorities have arrested three pilgrims from Kwara for alleged possession of substance suspected to be cocaine.

Omg! This passenger had her baby on the flight... photos

A plane passenger cradled her newborn baby in her arms after she prematurely gave birth at 30,000 feet.

The seven-months pregnant Filipino woman, who has not been identified, went into labour unexpectedly a few hours after take-off on Sunday morning.

Flustered flight attendants sprang into action and moved her to the front of the plane where there was more leg room.

Two off-duty nurses on board the nine-hour flight from Dubai to the Philippines, also raced over to help.

The healthy baby girl, who has since been named Haven, was delivered in just one hour amid cheers from fellow passengers.

Na wa o! This 20yr old girl marries her father's friend who is 60yrs old.... photos

20 year old Leah Senibaldi is head over heels in love with a 60 year old man who used to be in a music band with her father.
Leah and 60 year old appliance salesman Ress Benson have been dating for two years after they met at her father's band practice 3 years ago. The couple are so in love that they don't care about the disapproval from family, friends and even strangers as they are talking about tying the knot.

Leah from Nashville, Tennessee said when they met for the first time three years ago at her father's band practice, the attraction was “instant', She knew then and there that she had found her soulmate and their feelings for each other grew stronger, but they did not get romantically involved until 12 months after Leah confessed her feelings.
In an interview with Dailymail.com She said:
“We get a lot of stares, but we’re never offended, we play up to it and have a lot of fun by giving people something to stare at. Quite often if we know people are staring we will kiss to try and wind them up, it shocks them but we don’t care because we’re not doing anything wrong.” 
Their feelings for each other grew stronger as they saw each other at her father’s band practice: “When we first met three years ago, our eyes just locked and I don’t know why but I ran up and hugged him – it just felt right.
“After my parents found out I was talking to Ress online, they assumed the worst, they didn’t want us talking and thought he was just trying to groom or use me. I was forbidden from talking to him, but after a year my feelings towards him hadn’t changed and we started chatting again.”
When they again met in person, Leah says she knew instantly they were supposed to be together:
 “I knew I loved him and since then nothing’s changed, my feelings have only grown with time. It was obvious that we had feelings for one another, we were meant to be together and since we started dating last year we’ve been completely inseparable.”

The pair’s family and friends were resistant to their love at first and Leah says her parents are still refusing to acknowledge they are serious about each other.
Ress, who works as an appliance salesman, is nine years older than Leah’s mother. But he is 18 years older than her father.
Calling his meeting with Leah a “spiritual encounter” he said they faced serious opposition, revealing:
“Her parents tried everything in their power to scare Leah away.”
Meanwhile Leah, a student, says she doesn’t worry about being a young widow and believes they will have a chance to enjoy each others company for many years. And she believes many women are just jealous of her “attractive” man:
“When we went out to dinner for my 20th birthday, one older woman kept turning around and looking at us, once I realised, I leaned over and kissed Ress on the cheek, I think they’re just jealous. I think a lot of older woman are jealous of me, because I’ve got such an attractive boyfriend and they can’t have him.”

Wow! Nollywood actress Actress Tonto Dikeh-Churchill shares photo of her son at 6months...

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has not shown her son's face since his birth. She shared another glimpse of him as he turns 6-months-old today and celebrated via her Instagram page. She wrote,
"Lord I'm so grateful for a beautiful past 6months filled with Joy, Laughter and Pure Love.. Lord thank you for doing this(Parenting) with me..Thank you for this Unending joy in my heart (King)..
Lord Bless each day of his Life,Guide him and jealously Protect him..Lord I know your words for King and I speak it to him everyday of his life. Lord LET those words FORM HIM TO THE MAN YOU WANT HIM TO BE.Amen #Happy6monthsKING-ANDRE... MOMMY LOVES YOU SO MUCH...#BabyX #Lilchurch #KING #MightyMan#FavouredChild #Leader #BrilliantBoy#ChildofThemostHighGod"

Wow! See Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo and Bishop Wale Oke 29 years ago... photos

The men of God were all seen at a church programme 29 years back...handsome men.

Tragic! 3 escape death after terrible accident on Oshodi-Apapa Expressway... photos

Three people sustained serious injuries after a trailer carrying a container ran into three commercial buses at Falgbems bus stop on Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Lagos. According to the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), the accident which occurred around 6:46am on Tuesday, was as a result of illegal stopping of the commercial bus drivers to pick passengers on the express way. *graphic photos after the cut*
Three people sustained serious injuries, one person was taken to the hospital by a passer-by before the arrival of the ERT, while the other two were given first aid treatment before being taken to the Trauma centre for further treatment, by the Lagos State Ambulance Services. The LASEMA General Manager Mr. Michael Akindele advised motorists to avoid reckless driving, over speeding and also adhere to all traffic rules and regulation to avoid incident such as this.

Lobatan! These 4 dies after drinking 'Ogogoro' in Abeokuta... photo

Four people have died in Abeokuta, Ogun State, after drinking local liquor known as ogogoro. Three of the victims died instantly while the other one died later.

The vendor of the liquor which is suspected to bear high concentration of ethanol, Mr. Salako Taloju, has been arrested by the police.

He is a gateman who operates a kiosk opposite the Ibara – Abeokuta home of a prominent Egba politician.

The police simply gave the names of three of the deceased as Baba Imeko, Baba Onwenue and Easy.

The trio were living in the neighbourhood.

Taloju himself was heavily drunk when the police came for him yesterday. He attempted to resist arrest, pleading that he was innocent, but the Police ignored his plea and whisked him away in their vehicle.

Taloju said: “we have been drinking together for a long time. I do not know why they have to accuse me now of killing them, I have even taken out of the liquor and nothing happened.”

He noted that he could not report the incident to his boss, fearing likely consequences for ignoring repeated warning to shun local liquor.

“I don’t want my boss to get angry with me. He had warned me on several occasions not to drink again but I refused,” he said.

Omg! This escaped Chibok girl tells her story to CNN that she still misses her insurgent husband... photo

Escaped Chibok girl, Amina Ali Nkeki says she still misses her Boko Haram fighter husband and she still thinks about him three months after escaping the militants’ camp.

Amina who was held hostage by the terrorist group for more than two years, says she was married off a year into her ordeal and later had a baby girl, Safiya.
The couple and their daughter were found on the outskirts of Nigeria’s Sambisa Forest in May. She says they fled the camp by themselves and were not rescued by the Nigerian military, contrary to reports.

She however says she has no idea where he is now and is keen to be reunited with him.

“I’m not comfortable with the way I’m being kept from him,” the painfully shy 21-year-old told CNN, speaking to the media for the first time at an undisclosed location in Abuja yesterday.

Addressing the father of her child directly, she says: “I want you to know that I’m still thinking about you, and just because we are separated doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you.”

Her statements came two days after the terrorist group released a grisly video showing the dead bodies of young women, taken in the aftermath of what Boko Haram says was a Nigerian airstrike.

Lobatan! These armed robbers were arrested while sharing what they stole...photos

Six suspected burglars have been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command in the Ikoyi area of the state.

It was learnt that the suspects were sharing their loot when they were arrested by police operatives.

Punch Metro gathered that the men, identified as Friday Eze, Stanley Ejiofor, Femi Miracle, Raphael Ijoha, Emmanuel Omojuwa and Daniel Thomas, were arrested by men of the Ikoyi Police Division on Tuesday, August 9.

The police said the gang, which was notorious for breaking into houses and stealing valuables, had other members who escaped arrest.

Around 10pm, the gang members allegedly burgled some houses on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, and drove away in a car to a junction in the area to share the loot.

A source said operatives, who were on patrol, observed the suspects sharing the stolen items in the car and arrested them.

He said, “They are notorious in the Ikoyi area for burglary. They don’t rob to avoid raising suspicion. They only wait for their target houses to be deserted before they strike.

“We were on a ‘stop-and-search’ in the area when we observed them sharing some goods inside a car around 10pm. When we arrested them and searched the car, we found four laptops, three purses, 13 mobile phones and four iPads. They confessed that they were returning from an operation. The six of them have been transferred to the Special Anti-Robery Squad, Ikeja.”

Speaking with Punch Metro, Eze, a father of two, said he went into burglary to make ends meet.

He said, “It was frustration that drove me into burglary. The situation was very critical for me and my family. I have a wife and two kids to cater to. I am not the gang leader. A friend brought all these men for the operation. We stole several laptops. I took two laptops and two iPads. I have gone for only two operations.

“I was formerly living in Lekki with my family. But when things became difficult, my in-laws took my wife and children to Ikorodu. I am the firstborn of my parents. My sisters have been sent out of school and I have to fund their studies.”

Another suspect, Thomas, said, “Friday (Eze) introduced me to the gang. We are friends. I do not rob; I only burgle houses. It was hard times that led me to this.”

The state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said the suspects would be charged to court at the end of investigation.

“Members of the public should continue to cooperate with the police in tackling crimes in Lagos State. The suspects will be arraigned in court at the end of investigation,” he said. 


Crazy world! This man working in a coffin shop rapes lady and takes her nude photos...

29yrs old Sheriff Oyewole will spend the next five years in a Lagos prison for r*ping and taking the unclad pictures of a 23-year-old woman after drugging her and taking her to her a hotel.

A Tinubu Chief Magistrates’ Court handed down the verdict on Tuesday after it found the man, who is an undertaker, guilty on all five-count.

Oyewole was first arraigned on Aug. 19, 2015 on a five-count charge of r*pe, assault, threat to life, drugging and taking indecent pictures of his victim.

The Chief Magistrate, Kikelomo Ayeye, ruled:
“With all the evidence before the court, you are found guilty. You are hereby sentenced to five years imprisonment each on the first three counts which you are to run concurrently.

“You are sentenced to three years on the fourth count and one year on the fifth count.”

Ayeye said the prison term would be effective from the date of arraignment. 

Earlier, the prosecutor Insp Nurudeen Thomas told the court that the accused committed the offences on August 16, 2015, at 8pm at Aro Hotel in Lagos.

He said victim’s father had asked her (an introvert) to go with the accused, who had been living with the family for years to a party.

The prosecutor further explained that Oyewole put some drugs in the Irish cream he served her and refuse to let any other person at the party take the drink with her.

“The accused lured the victim into the Hotel in her sedated state, tore her clothes, soaked them in water, after beating and raping her.

“He also took her Unclad pictures. When the victim regained her consciousness, the accused threatened to post her pictures on the internet if she told anyone what happened.

“The accused followed her to her mother’s shop where her mother and others at the shop noticed her unusual appearance and started asking questions,” he said.

Oyewole bolted when he saw that the victim was going to tell her mother what happened, but he was caught by a mob who handed him over to the police.

“The girl’s underwear was found in his possession and the Unclad pictures were also in his phone.”

Shocking photos of Militant who try to take over in Akwa Ibom state government house...

It all started as a protest over entitlements by ex-militants but it soon went out of hand as the militants attempted to take over the Akwa Ibom State government house. Sources at the scene say the police have succeeded to pull back the first wave of strikes by the militants. See more photos...

Wow! Check out Nollywood actress Oge Okoye on vacation... photos

The actress is spotted looking stylish these days...another photo below.

Na wa o! 8,000 Boko Haram members surrender voluntarily... photos

The Nigerian Military on Tuesday in Abuja said that no fewer than 8,000 Boko Haram members had voluntarily surrendered to its “Operation Safe Corridor” in the North-East.

The Director of Defence Information, Brig.-Gen. Rabe Abubakar disclosed this at a lecture organised by the FCT Correspondents’ Chapel of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

The lecture with the theme, “Media-Military Relationship in the Fight against Insurgency”, was part of the activities marking the 2016 Press Week of the chapel.

He said that the surrendered insurgents were in a camp in Gombe waiting to be “de radicalised’’.

The general also stated that more than 10,000 Boko Haram captives had been rescued by the military.

He said some were reunited with families, while others were taken to Internally Displaced Person’s (IDP) camps.

Abubakar said that Boko Haram had been successfully decimated by the military and government was working hard on the rehabilitation of the victims and reconstruction of the affected areas.

The general also said that the military would soon launch “Operation Safe Corridor” to address the menace of herdsmen across the country.

He assured that the military operation would put an end to the wanton killings by the herdsmen.
Responding to questions on the recent action by the military declaring some journalists wanted, the general urged the media not to allow sentiments to influence their judgment on the issue.

Abubakar said the military should be allowed to do its work while assuring that no member of the media would be victimised unnecessarily.

He said that good military-media relationship was crucial to winning the war against insurgency.

Shocking! General Ibrahim Babangida reveals how he almost killed his wife...

Nigeria's Former Military leader, General Ibrahim Babangida, made a shocking revelation of how he nearly killed his wife, late Maryam at Dodan Barracks, Lagos, in the course of his military career.

Babangida, who disclosed this while interacting with journalists at his Minna Hill Top mansion as part of activities marking his 75th birthday yesterday, added that he is not as evil as many people have been made to believe.

 Born on August 17, 1941, Babangida, popularly known as IBB, was Nigeria’s military leader from August 27, 1985, when he overthrew Major General Muhammadu Buhari (now president) but “stepped aside” on August 27, 1993, after annulling the June 12, 1993, presidential election.

Responding to a question on whether he had any record of accidental discharge during his career, Babangida said: “Accidental discharge! Oh no, I almost had it with someone very close to me, and when I did, the person involved, luckily was not dead. I had it during the course of my service and it was in Dodan Barracks and the person who almost took it was my wife, but she escaped it.”

The Minna born Army General, however, said that the person who was involved in another related incident was not that lucky. He said: “But I also had a situation where I was moving with some of my junior officers.There was an alarm and the ammunition fell and hit one of them and he dropped dead there. There is nothing you can do, as a commander, you have to move on. Of course, I knew the family very well, because he was my driver. 

"They came, I told them what happened and they took it in good fate, saying that was how God wished it to be, but it was a very painful death.” Maryam died at 61 of ovarian cancer on December 27, 2009, in a hospital in Los Angeles, California, the United States with Babangida at her bedside.

The ex-leader, who reflected on life after his wife’s death, said: “It has not been easy, but I thank God that I have children who show remarkable understanding and have been doing their best by trying to do what their mother was doing. I also have a lot of grandchildren and they take most of my time.”

Ibrahim Babangida also spoke about his relationship with Maryam:
“While we were courting, there was one aspect that she did not believe me. She did not believe that I was serious because of the reputation I had as a ‘playboy’, but I assured her that it won’t be a problem that I will be a changed person and I am glad I am. I had no problem solidifying the relationship because I knew her and I knew everyone in her family.”

On misconception of his person, Babangida said: “I am not the evil that quite a lot of people consider that I am. I have had a very excellent background and by training, we have to love. However, I can understand the feeling. But by virtue of the job I was doing, I was bound to be misconstrued and people will take it like that, but I consider it as an opinion. As long as I am not what you think I was, I feel satisfied.”

He added: “I read somewhere some time ago, where they said I stole N12.8 billion and I said: If I stole such money, I had no business staying in the country. But those are the type of things that one has to live with. I hope the younger generation will carry out research on leadership, individuals and what role they played in the development of the nation so that they come up with a different conclusion from what is on the ground now.” Babangida, who also spoke on the polity, called for a part-time legislature to cut the high cost of governance.

“During my public life, there were a number of decisions I took as a military officer or as a political officer when I was a dictator that if I had the chance again, I would have done differently. For example, in 1989, we proposed that the National Assembly should be optional, that is part-time. I still believe that if I had the opportunity, I would make the National Assembly part time. I believe in that very strongly. It’s all in the effort to cut down the cost of governance,” he stressed.