18 Aug 2016

Top Five Excuses Cheating Husbands Make When They're Actually Going Out To Meet Their Lovers Revealed...

Playing golf and working late might seem at first glance to be signs of a fairly quiet life.

But a new survey has revealed that these are actually two of the top excuses male cheaters use when they're trying to get away from their partner for some stolen sexy time with a lover.

The unlikely reasons husbands and partners aren't at home could even include "grocery shopping" according to research of more than 2,000 men.

Playing golf is the most popular excuse which 34% of cheating men give their wives - when they're actually having an affair.

"I've got a business meeting" or having to work late are excuses offered by 27% questioned.

And 13% of bar hoppers claim they're ‘going to the pub with mates’ - when they're actually off for a seedy meet-up.

Many apparently believe that it is the decidedly unsexy sport of golf which provides the perfect cover, as it can often take several hours, can be played on a regular basis without raising suspicion, and is also relatively weather-proof.

The results come from dating website for married people IllicitEncounters.com in a survey of more than 2,000 men.

Going to the gym was used by 5% while the unlikely 'shopping for groceries' was offered by 4%.
Illicit Encounters spokesperson Christian Grant says: "Saying that you’re going for a round of golf ticks all the boxes. Firstly, it covers you for several hours, especially if you’re playing 18 holes and not nine.

"It’s also something you can do fairly consistently without raising too much suspicion.

"For example, your wife would eventually begin to question you if you kept citing business meetings as your excuse - how many business meetings can someone realistically have, and after work no less."

Source: Mirror.co.uk

Wow! Blessing Okagbare leads Nigeria into relay finals...

Blessing Okagbare today led team Nigeria into the finals of the women’s 4x100m relay at the Olympic Games after a posing 42.55sec finish.

They came second in heat two behind Germany who clocked 42.18sec.

Star Jailed For 18 Years Over Allegations He Drugged And R*ped 16 Women...photo

Former NFL star Darren Sharper has been sentenced to more than 18 years in prison, moments after a victim told him to 'go to hell'.

Sharper, 40, had earlier reached a multi-jurisdiction plea deal related to allegations he drugged and raped as many as 16 women in four states.

He was in tears as he sat in the courtroom, and apologized '1,000 times' to his victims, before adding his victims, 'didn't deserve anything, being a part of my heinous decisions.'

Moments before the 220-month sentence was handed down, one of the former NFL player's victims addressed the court. She finished her comments by telling Sharper to 'go to hell.'

'You can't do what you did to me to any other girl and get away with it,' the woman said. 'Not under my watch.'

The victim also told the court she took medication for three months after the attack to ensure she did not contract HIV. 

Sentencing was originally slated for June, but Judge Jane Triche Milazzo rejected the nine-year prison sentence prosecutors recommended under the plea deal and doubled it. 

Facing allegations of drugging and raping women, Sharper pleaded guilty or no-contest to charges in federal court in New Orleans and state courts in Louisiana, Arizona, California and Nevada.

The 40-year-old pleaded guilty in federal court to three counts of distributing drugs with rape as the aim. 

He or his friend Brandon Licciardi, a former sheriff's deputy in neighboring St. Bernard Parish, put anti-anxiety drugs or sedatives into women's drinks so they could rape them, according to a 15-page statement signed as part of that plea.

Charges around the country involve nine victims, but Milazzo has said in court that there may be as many as 16.

Milazzo has scheduled sentencing Oct. 13 for Licciardi and a second New Orleans co-defendant, Erik Nunez.

Like Sharper, Licciardi and Nunez admitted distributing drugs with the intent to commit rape. 

Their plea agreements say Licciardi has accepted a 17-year sentence, with 10 years for Nunez.

Sharper, a six-time All-Pro safety and five-time Pro Bowl selection during a 14-year career, played for the Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints team that won the 2010 Super Bowl.

He ended a 14-year career in 2011. 

He was working as an NFL network analyst when women began telling police in several cities similar stories of blacking out while drinking with him and waking up groggy to find they had been sexually abused.

One killed as students of the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta protest insecurity on their campus...photos

Abisoye Taiwo, a 100 level student of Forestry and Wildlife Management of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) in Ogun state

Female serial killer: Woman kills boyfriend, husband and other men...

Indiana police has captured 34 year old Kelly Marie Cochran believed to have killed multiple men, including her husband, and a boyfriend. Rolling Stone magazine reports below...
According to reports, on October 13, 2014, Cochran and her husband, 37-year-old Jason Cochran, came up with a diabolical plan: the next night, Cochran would lure 53-year-old Christopher Regan, Kelly’s coworker and boyfriend, to her home with the promise of sex and Jason would kill him. The plan worked, and when Jason “caught” Regan with his wife, he shot him in the head with a .22 caliber long-barrel shotgun.

The Cochrans then set about dismembering Regan’s body – Kelly later admitted to getting a cord for an electric hand saw, known colloquially as a “sawzall”, so Jason Cochran could cut up his corpse. They then divided Regan’s body between garbage bags, and threw the bags into the woods around the Iron River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
Regan was reported missing a few days later, and his car was found abandoned at a park-and-ride lot four miles east of Iron River, Michigan. According to the local Daily News, police honed in on Cochran because she was one of the last people to see Regan. When police searched her home with the FBI in March, 2015, they found nothing – but Cochran was spooked and she and her husband packed up and moved to Lake County, Indiana.
Police continued their investigation with Kelly listed a person of interest, but a year passed and still they had nothing. Then, in February 2016, Jason died of an apparent heroin overdose. Kelly held a memorial service, writing on Facebook that his death was “the hardest thing I will ever have to deal with.” But police weren’t buying it. Nine weeks after Jason died, Michigan authorities charged Kelly Cochran with Regan’s death – and she fled Indiana. The U.S. Marshals Service eventually tracked her down in Kentucky, where she was arrested on April 28th and taken into custody. According to court documents, she spent her time in her jail cell turning her glasses into shanks and threatening violence against anyone who came near her. She was extradited to Michigan where she is now in custody awaiting trial.
Following her arrest, Cochran was interrogated by both Michigan and Indiana police for almost 70 hours. According to the northwest Indiana Post-Tribune, she was able to direct investigators to a desolate stretch of Michigan woods where they discovered evidence of Cochran’s alleged crimes, including a human skull with an apparent bullet hole, bones and bone fragments. Police also recovered a .22 caliber rifle, a .22 caliber bullet and a pair of glasses at the scene.
While Cochran was in custody, police also questioned her about the death of her husband. They had grown suspicious when Cochran’s version of what happened the night that Jason Cochran died kept changing. Paramedics had been called to the house that Cochran shared with her husband in February, but the EMTs found Jason unresponsive and were unable to revive him. At first glance it looked like he had died of a heroin overdose, but the Indiana Lake County Coroner discovered that Jason had actually died from asphyxiation, not heroin. That’s when suspicion turned to his wife, who had been “disruptive” while EMT were working on her husband’s body.
The Post-Tribune reports Cochran told police that she delivered an overdose of heroin to her husband and proceeded to put her hands on his neck, nose and mouth, until he died less than a minute later.
In an interview with detectives in Hobart, Indiana, Cochran finally gave police a motive for her brutal crimes-–her decade-plus marriage needed saving. According to the Post-Tribune, Cochran told police that the night before the murder, she and her husband had argued – perhaps about Regan – and her husband wanted to know how “she was going to fix things.” The answer they stumbled on, apparently, was to kill Regan. In interviews, Cochran said she blamed her husband for Regan’s death and for “taking the only good thing I had in my life.” The Post-Tribune notes that in court records Cochran said, “I still hate him (her husband), and yes, it was revenge. I evened the score.” There was a brief moment before Regan’s death, she had reportedly considered killing her husband instead of her boyfriend. Instead she ended up killing them both, waiting 16 months to exact her revenge on her husband.
In Indiana, Cochran has been charged with the death of her husband; in Michigan, she faces charges related to Regan’s death, including homicide, assisting her husband to “mutilate, deface, remove or carry away a portion of a dead body” and concealing the death of an individual. Cochran pleaded “not guilty” to all the charges. While she initially claimed that she wanted to defend herself, she eventually relented and asked for assistance from a public defender.
While Cochran is charged with two murders, Iron County prosecuting attorney Melissa Powell thinks there may be more bodies buried in Cochran’s past. According to her court filings, Cochran has “claimed responsibility for the deaths of other individuals, which, if true, makes her a serial killer.”

See this talented young boy knits cap at Dalori IDP camp, Borno State... photos

Young Babagana is pictured in one of the tents used for school classes knitting a cap at the Dalori camp for internally displaced persons near Maiduguri. He arrived the Dalori camp late last year and attends the UNICEF supported school in the camp. 

According to UNICEF, Babagana has a fairly straight forward routine; attend school in the morning, play football after school and do some productive work too like homework and knitting a cap.

Wickedness! This cruel couple Lock 84-Year old in basement for 9 years to steal hislLife savings... photos

A cruel husband and wife kept a vulnerable pensioner prisoner in his basement for nine years while they stole his life savings.

The 84-year-old was imprisoned in the cramped cellar of his home while the unscrupulous couple took him for £74,000.

Serbian couple Slavoljub Kostic and his wife Nadezda, who worked in real estate, took advantage of the old man after he put his house on the market. The pensioner was locked in the cellar of his home in the town of Pavia, near Milan in north-western Italy, without running water, heating or even a toilet.

Realising he lived alone and had no-one to look after him, they volunteered to move in and help until the sale went through. But, instead, they stole his savings and locked him in the basement.

The pensioner was given only enough food to survive and was forced to live in terrible conditions. But eventually the evil couple's luck ran out when police rumbled their game and found the ailing pensioner in his basement prison.

The couple were arrested at their nearby home and convicted of kidnap and theft after a trial.

Slavoljub Kostic has been jailed for three years and six months while his wife Nadezda was jailed for three years and two months.


At 70 years on planet earth, Osun State based businessman/money bag has every reason to celebrate. Aside attaining the three scores and a decade, his massive farm recently won a big contract from the federal government which we learnt is in the tune of billions of naira.

 Otunba Tunde Badmus who has always been in


“Yoruba Language is the Official Language of the Yoruba Nation. Since time immemorial, the World Headquarter of the Yoruba Nation which is the ILE OODUA (Ooni Of Ife's Palace) have mandated Yoruba Language as the Official Language of the OONI's Palace and every other ancestral palaces in the Yoruba nation. For people of other tribes or continents who can't speak or understand Yoruba

Wow! Lagos Big Boy and Philanthropist, Prince Kazeem Eletu-Odibo reconstructs abandoned road (Photos)

A good man with large heart, Prince Kazeem Eletu Odibo, fondly called Chairman by all, is respected for his philanthropic acts. Good thing is, he's not moved by praises as he's focused on contributing his "little" efforts for the good of his community, state and the society at large.

This time, the philanthropist took full responsibility for the reconstruction of the abandoned road at Osapa London which had become an embarrassment to residents of the area due to its bad state.

As a result of neglect by successive government, the road became so deplorable to the extent that the few who risked driving through it end up spending huge sums on servicing. But all that has changed now. Prince Kazeem personally financed the road construction. See the photos...

Here's a pic of the poor state the road was before Prince Kazeem intervened. The new road below:

With the intervention of Prince Kazeem, in less than two months the road is now wearing a new look!

Meet Nigerian weightlifter who said she won't represent Nigerian again... photos

Mariam Usman, the only weightlifter that represented Nigeria at Rio has said she has lost the urge to represent Nigeria

Lobatan! EFCC uncovers fresh $5m cash given to Fayose...

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has uncovered another $5m (N1.040billion) cash allegedly given to Governor Ayo Fayose

Wow! EFCC release recovered fund of N500k to fraud victim (photo)

The South East Zonal office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, on Thursday August 18 2016, released N500,000 recovered fund to a fraud victim, Dr. Mrs. Veronica Ibeziako. Ibeziako, a retired Chief Magistrate in Anambra State, was swindled while she sort for financial assistance to enable her proceed for medical treatment abroad.

According to the victim, she was billed for a surgical procedure abroad, which was going to cost N3m, but ended up being defrauded of N500,000 when she decided to sort for financial assistance, due to her inability to come up with the entire sum.

Though investigations into the matter is still ongoing, the recovered fund has now been released to the victim, to enable her attend to her financial and medical needs.

These young thieves armed with locally made gun apprehended in Enugu... photos

These young thieves who terrorize residents of GRA, Enugu state, were recently apprehended by the state vigilante group. The robbers carry out their operation wearing masks. When they were apprehended, they denied being part of any robbery gang. However masks and locally made gun with bullets were found on them. More photos after the cut..

Wahala dey o! This 31 year old Chinese man can't stop drinking detergent liquid... photos

31 year old Chinese man, Zhang Yue has been stuck with a bizarre addiction, he can’t stop drinking liquid detergent. Originally from southwest China’s Chongqing city,

Lobatan! Japanese pole vaulter who got struck on 'erect' penis blasts foreign media after he's ridiculed (photos/video)

Japanese Pole Vaulter at Rio 2016, Hiroki Ogita has hit back on Twitter at the jests and criticism he's received after his seemingly 'erect' penis and leg hit the bar at 17 feet, 4 inches leading to his disqualification from the men's pole vault competition on Monday.

The video quickly spread online with most people on social media joking that he would have qualified if his erect penis hadn't gotten in the way. The athlete has fired back on Twitter.
"I never expected the foreign media to take me down like this," the 28-year-old athlete tweeted in Japanese. "It's one thing if it was true, but I have to say I'm pretty devastated that they'd go so far to make something up to mock and ridicule me so much."

"To be honest, it's pretty rough, but I guess I'm in the spotlight so this might be some kind of opportunity. I'll do my best and get the results so that I get the last laugh," he wrote.
"It doesn't matter if you do it for a joke or whatever, I ask you to go and watch an actual game at a stadium for once. I hope you appreciate, even a bit, what a great sport pole vaulting is."
He eventually tweeted that he was able to see the funny side of the whole episode: "Watching again, this is pretty funny, if I say so myself. LOL."

"He had already pressed on the crossbar so much," pole vaulting coach David Yeo said in Singapore.
"The crossbar was bound to dislodge. I think it was just the crumpling of the fabric which happened at the wrong position."
Mr Ogita did clear the bar on his second attempt but as he only managed a height of 5.45m on his final jump, the earlier foul cost him. He finished too far down the field to progress through the qualifying stage.

Watch the video of how it happened below. ..

Oga o! Watch shocking video of scammer on Facebook...

This woman's facebook account was hacked for some time now unbeknownst to her.  She was tricked into believing she was dealing with Facebook itself.  Unknown to her they were actually scammers operating from India and asked her to provide personal information of her.

She did and the hackers were able to rob her of all her money to zero cents, her business is at risk and has lost so much in the process.  She is pleading to everyone to be cautious online these days as hackers are taking control of social media in a bid to rip people off.  Watch video below and learn from it...

Shocking! This Father took his 3 children to a theme park before killing them, their mother and himself in murder-suicide... photos

A US father took his three children to a theme park in Pennsylvania earlier this month but the next day, they were found dead.

Watch video of Semi-naked white woman shouting racist abuse on group of black teens (photos/video)

This is the shocking moment a semi-naked mum fell out her bikini and launched a vile racist chant at a group of black teenagers while she is being filmed by the victims of the verbal assault in the presence of her daughter.

The video, first filmed in March in Tallahassee, Florida, but released this week shows the woman ranting on a number of topics, from drug use to Martin Luther King, wearing a polka dot bikini while her daughter begs her to stop.

She yells at the group:
 "You should have stayed in Africa.You can go back there if you want. And take your last names with you."
The girl filming can be heard saying to her friends not to respond to the woman so they don't bring themselves down to the woman's level. Her statement further infuriates the woman.
Spitting and slurring she says 
“Martin Luther King was a s**t who was f***** white people."
Meanwhile her daughter keeps telling her to stop. She tries to hold her mother back and says a number of times: “
Can you stop. Can you just stop, please."
The teen who is filming can be heard saying:
 "It is ridiculous that your own child has to tell you to stop."
The woman continues by asking "Why don't you speak your own language?" before the video maker replies that she is American and speaks English.

More photos and the video below...

Meet the first female Accountant General after 49 years in Kano state... photos

Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has approved the appointment of Mrs Aisha Bello Muhammad as the new Accountant General. Until her appointment, Mrs Muhammad was the Commissioner of Planning and Budget in the state.

A graduate of Financial Management and Accounting, Mrs Aisha held several managerial positions in the banking sector including Manager, Kaduna South, First Bank Nigeria Limited, Operation Manager, Minna branch, Head of Credit Risk, and Manager, Area office, Abuja all with Habib Nigeria Bank Limited.

Mrs Aisha Bello Muhammad was born in 1965 and is married with children. A statement  by the state commissioner of Information, Muhammad Garba said the appointment is with immediate effect. The erstwhile Acting Accountant General, Ibrahim A. M. Kura, retains his position as Director Treasury.

Gov El-Rufai and his 1st wife celebrate 31st wedding anniversary... photo

Governor Nasir el-Rufai and his beautiful wife, Hadiza, celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary on Wednesday. He married her as his first wife in 1985. Happy anniversary!

Omg! See what Nollywood actress Angela Okorie wore to her party... photos

The married actress turned up for her birthday dinner last night in this outfit, showing a lot of skin..

Why APC wants PDP dead- Fayose...

Ekiti State Governor. Mr Ayodele Fayose, has said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) wants the‎ Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) dead because the APC does not want a virile opposition to challenge its obnoxious policies and inability to tackle the problems confronting the country.

Speaking in Port Harcourt on Wednesday on the sideline of the national convention of the PDP, Fayose said such a development would not, however, be in the interest of the country and Nigerians at large.

In a statement by the governor's Chief Press Secretary, Mr Idowu Adelusi, the governor was quoted as saying that a virile opposition was a vital ingredient for democracy and necessary to make democracy thrive.

Fayose, who could not attend the convention owing to the blockade of the road leading to the Old Presidential Lodge of the Rivers State government house where he was accommodated, said the condoning off of the Sharks Stadium, Port Harcourt by the police on the orders of the Inspector General of Police, had the input of the APC-led Federal Government, saying the police only acted the script written by the APC-led government.
"I witnessed what the police did early today in Port Harcourt, it is most unfortunate. It has shown that we are indeed in a perilous time in the country. The APC is desperate to kill opposition and silence others‎ because they are afraid that their inability to properly govern the country and tackle the challenges facing us as a nation would be exposed by a virile PDP.
"The Buhari government is dictatorial. There is tension everywhere.‎ All sectors are down and they are focusing on killing the opposition.‎ xxxWhat business has APC with PDP internal matters?
"If they said they wanted to act on court orders, why didn't they act on more than four orders that were in favour of the Markafi group?‎ They don't have answers to the terrible situations in the country but they know that an organised PDP will be embloden to challenge them," he said.
The governor wondered what would have happened if the PDP acted like the APC and refused to hand over to the APC last year. Fayose said it was unfortunate that Senator Ali Modu Sheriff had turned himself to an instrument in the hands of APC leaders to destablise the PDP.

He appealed to PDP members from across the country who came to the convention not to feel discouraged, saying the truth would prevail in the long run.

Wickedness! This man allegedly murders his father in Anambra State and deposits body in a mortuary...photos

According to Abia Breaking News, the man pictured above allegedly killed his father and deposited his body in a mortuary in Umueze Uga, Anambra State.
Story is still developing...

This man stabs his 14 year old girlfriend's mum to death for not approving their relationship...photos

A 22 year old soldier from Allentown, Pennsylvania,

Lagos state govt to remove three roundabouts on Lekki-Epe Expressway... photos

The Lagos state government has announced plans to remove the 4th Roundabout (Elegushi); 5th Roundabout (Jakande) and the 8th Roundabout (VGC) as part of measures to decongest traffic in that area of the state.

Addressing a joint ministerial press briefing at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre in Alausa, the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde, said the affected roundabouts would be replaced by the use of traffic lights, expansion of the roads and provision of dedicated turning lanes as well as additional lay-bys.

He also announced that the state government will be deploying 13,000 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras, additional 6,000 street lights and security sensors for surveillance and crime prevention across the State from the month of October.

Sad! Photo of Youth Corper who died in a road accident in Uyo... photos

26-year-old National Youth Corps member, Ngozi Onyekwere died in a road accident at Uyo on June 23.

This suspected thief is seriously beaten in Liberia... photos

The brutalized man in the photos above is believed to be a Nigerian man accused of being part of a robbery gang that terrorized citizens in Monrovia, the Liberian capital. He was caught after an alleged botched robbery on Monday August 15th. A Liberian, Arrington Ballah, who put up the pics wrote;


"This guy is alleged to be a member of a robbery group that has a black four-door pickup moving around Monrovia. Unfortunately, on Monday, August 15,2016 they had an unsuccessful mission that led him to how you see him in this photo. Before I arrived on the scene, it was said that one of the guys managed to escape into the 72nd Community swamp (directly opposite the new health ministry in Congo Town with with the fire arm they use for operation. He was never found. However, the angry crowd managed to get this guy (believed to be a Nigerian National) and brutalized him as you can see. Thanks to the LNP for having this guy transferred to the Police Station and listening to my advice. The unidentified black car escaped and on lookers alleged that the car was taken off by on quote-un-quote white man. The young lady who was victimized, after being thrown out of the car, was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Hummmm! Liberia, Where are we now in terms of security?".

Shocking! Nigerian man sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping a British teacher in Dubai... photo

A 30-year-old Nigerian salesman has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for raping a 32-year-old British teacher on New Year’s Eve. According to The Siasat Daily, the victim was returning home at 3am when she saw the man in the lift and mistook him for a resident.

"He asked me on which floor I was in, and as I reached my flat, I was surprised to see him following me. He said he wanted to make sure I was okay. I told him to stop and leave," the woman said. When the woman opened the door to her flat, he pushed her inside, stripped her, dragged her to a bed and raped her. She said.
"I resisted him hard but failed to stop him,” said the teacher, who ran to the toilet to hide. He and I were pulling the bathroom door but then he stopped and when I checked, I found that he was gone."
The woman dressed and went to a friend’s flat, where she called police. The police arrested the accused around 11am on the same day. The police officer said. 
"He told us that he was visiting one of his friends in the same building but didn’t find him and that as he was leaving the building, he met the woman near the lift and she was drunk. He confessed to us that he had sex with her but said she asked him and she got undressed on her own."
Medical reports confirmed sexual activity but not the rape. Dubai Criminal Court convicted the defendant of charges including rape, physical assault and trespass and ordered his deportation after completion of his term.