23 Sep 2016

Lobatan! Photo of female student prostitutes caught from University of Abuja...

Police in Abuja stormed a brothel in gwagwalada area of Abuja yesterday, arresting about 10 female students suspected to be University of Abuja students.

The hotel's manager (name withheld) opened up that the management are against such act but that the female students say they are using it raise money to take care of themselves.

He told 9jaflaver team that the arrest is not new, as police have arrested some ladies before but others will come again. The prostitutes are currently in custody at gwagwalada police station.

DPO made it clear that the police force is trying to promote decency among the youths, and eliminate any form of nuisance, exercised by student prostitutes in the area. 

Funny enough, DPO said the female students' parents will be invited to witness their daughters trial.

Check out Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot's twin kids as they turn 6 today...photos

The actor's twins, Donald and Dawn turned 6 today. Happy birthday cuties...

Video seen online of mum teaching toddler son how to smoke..photos

Outraged parents have expressed their shock after a video showing a mum teaching her two-year-old how to smoke was posted online. In the shocking clip, the tot stands unsteadily in the foot well of a moving car without a seat belt - and with a cigarette in his mouth.

As his mother and an unidentified man blast loud music and laugh at his efforts, the smiling youngster tries to share the joke.

Then a man's hand comes forward to take the lighter and light it up, although he refrains from doing so.

But after a few seconds, he pulls a face and takes the cigarette out of his mouth, clearly unhappy with the situation. The appalling footage has provoked an angry reaction from social media users.

Photo of Fraudster's Den discovered by police in Ogun state...

The Ogun State Police Command has uncovered a “fraudsters’ den” at Pokuku Village in the Abeokuta North Local Government Area of the state.

The den, which was nicknamed “Pokuku Shrine” was until Wednesday allegedly used by suspected fraudsters to carry out different forms of criminal activities such as fraud, according to the police.

The state Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Ilyasu, on Wednesday said the police raided the shrine after an intelligence report on criminal activities being perpetrated there.

The shrine, which is a two-bedroomed mud house, is located in the remote part of the village. It contained effigies, fake foreign and local currencies and other fetish objects.

Ilyasu said the shrine was raided by the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, and one of the suspected fraudsters who was said to be the ring leader, Haruna Moshood, was arrested, while three other accomplices escaped.

The police boss said many victims had been duped by the fraudsters, who were also said to be kidnappers.

He said, “This is a house of horror where different kinds of criminal activities had taken place.

“Following diligent and intelligent information of our special operatives, FSARS stormed this horror house and we discovered that it is a receiving end of kidnapped victims.

“It is also a place where suspected kidnappers dispose property of their victims. We have been able to recover different denominations of fake dollars and nairas.

“By the time we arrived here, we did not see any victim, and some of the suspected kidnappers escaped. However, we were able to arrest one of the leaders, identified as Haruna Moshood.

“I appeal to the state residents to be cautious so that they will not become preys in the hands of criminally-minded people.”

The suspect told Punch Metro that he and other members of his gang were into fraudulent activities, adding that their victims were people looking for quick money.

Moshood said one of them usually hid in one of the rooms and would be talking as an “oracle” to deceive their victims.

He said the effigies were also there to deceive their victims.

“We always play on the greed of the victims because they were looking for quick money.

“Again, we also study how wealthy they were by telling them to bring a certain amount of money. For instance, if we ask a victim to bring N100,000 and he brought it, that shows he or she could bring a higher amount.”

The 34-year-old Moshood said he just joined the gang in 2015.

Governor Fashola reveals why it is impossible for President Buhari to stop blaming past Governments...

Image result for picture of governor fashola
The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), has made excuses for President Muhammadu Buhari’s habit of reminiscing on the past and blaming past administrations for the economic turmoil in the country, saying “yesterday remains relevant in understanding today in order to make choices that make tomorrow different and better”.

Fashola, who spoke Tuesday at the Wilson Centre, Washington D.C. at a lecture titled: “Leadership and the Politics of Reform in Africa: Lessons from Nigeria”, was however optimistic about the capacity of the present government to turn things around for the good of the country.

He said although “we manage the time, we do not control the time. We need people to work hard. We are changing the unproductive practices of yesterday”.

Elaborating further, the minister said practices “where the government chose to distribute cash, rice and imported kerosene in order to win votes, rather than invest it in the payment of contractors, got them to build roads, power projects, housing and real infrastructure,” were some of the factors responsible for today’s economic recession.

According to him, “Yes, the global economy is not in the best place across Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The impacts are local and diverse, and those who invested well yesterday are better able to cope with a harsh winter while they expect a glorious spring.

“In Nigeria, the choices of yesterday make this winter a very harsh one for our people, because we did not invest in the right things.

“Our government of yesterday expressed its preference for providing ‘infrastructure of the stomach’, giving handouts instead of real infrastructure.

“This is how the seeds of today’s recession were sown. For those who say that today’s government should stop talking about yesterday, with due respect, I disagree.

“Yesterday will remain relevant in understanding today in order to make choices that make tomorrow different and better.

“I once used the allegory of the patient, and I think it deserves repetition. If a patient complains about stomach pain, the first question that the physician is likely to ask is: ‘What did you eat yesterday?’

“The answer helps the physician make a diagnosis and choose a prescription first to solve the problem, and to recommend further dietary habits about what to eat and what not to eat. This is what the current leadership is addressing.”

The former Lagos State governor stressed that what Nigerians ate yesterday was “that we wasted our money”.

“We did not invest in roads, highways, bridges, schools and hospitals. Money was taken out of the larger society and invested in private accounts. The economy began to shrink, construction companies laid off workers, who in turn lost income, which resulted in shrinking demand for goods and services, and in turn led to national under-productivity.

“That was what we ate yesterday. The stomach pain is comparable to symptoms of bad dietary choices that manifest in the recession we now deal with.

“The solution is to spend on infrastructure, which has started. The recovery time is a function of what we can spend and how quickly it will go round… If an arid area of land has not witnessed rainfall in two to three years, you know what happens when the first rain falls. It literally disappears into the ground.

“In order to reach a point where any moisture is visible in the soil that may support the germination of a seed to be planted, more rain water needs to be injected. This is the best analogy I can offer for where our national economy is.

“But I will conclude by saying I am optimistic that we will turn things around,” he said.


Read what this abused wife of a pastor revealed to the whole world on Facebook about him...

Here’s what this beautiful lady who has now ran out from home penned down on her Facebook page;

“Mr Omasan Mabiaku marriage is not by force I have left you over a month due to your constant violence, torture but this is the end, you pretend to the world you are a pastor only bcoz you are now broke, election is over and the aspirant you blackmail and duped is no longer there for your extortion. You lavished money buying cars and impregnating 16yrs old girls, I married you with just two children now u gave me extra 6.

As am talking right now your turkey baby mama is 7months pregnant. Imagine using soldiers to beat me up and tore my clothes at Tima guest house like a criminal a harmless woman n arrested me because you think you are the owner of police station.

You raped me at a tender age of 16 where I lost my virginity to you. I am not perfect I wanted to build a home with you and straighten your life I never knew that was my unforgettable mistake. I find it difficult to understand why whenever I get pregnant and I get you informed I always get miscarriages.

Your evil deeds as virtually made me enemies with everyone and people plot evil against me just because I am your WIFE! You bribe pastors so they can hide your evil deeds. I recorded a conversation of you having sex talk with one of your church girls n now u ended up framing me so I can be the victim.

You secretly slept and had an affair with my best friend, you bought a car black evil spirit and opened a shop somewhere at shell road for her. When even the car I drive posing as a big man’s wife is not bought with my name. People put there think am enjoying but hell no!

I fend for myself. The South Africa trips were all arrangements I did on my own. Were u later applied for yours just because u are obsessed with me. I told you I am fed up I don’t need this hell life m living as marriage. If we were in the western country will u beat up a woman no matter what like this?

You think you are God but I will prove to you my God lives. If I have been a bad wife let God judge and if I have been a good wife n took care of your kids of 17 all grown up like me let God judge” I might not have anybody to stand for me but God will fight for u.

Soon I will upload the audio of your conversation between you and underage girls having done sex. Let d world hear the pretence of wolf in sheep clothing! Say no to domestic violence!”

Na wa o! Watch video of man brutalized by Nigerian police officers for refusing to surrender his phone...

This man above is known as Maido on IG, shared his brutal experience with men of the Nigerian police yesterday. According to him, he was attacked because he refused to surrender his phone. He wrote;
"Yesterday was the worst day of my life, infact I almost lost it. At about 7pm I was driving along lagos-Ibadan express way with a friend, when we noticed a car closing up on ours and someone waving to us, asking us to stop.
After I took sometime to observe I suspected it was the police and I pulled over. Actually they weren't even in a police vehicle so I couldn't have noticed early enough. They were armed, one of them furiously came to me shouting. He said they have been trying to stop me or chasing me for a while. I was suprised because I did not notice at all. There were three of them, only one was on uniform. They immediately started cursing and using vulgar words on us, they called us criminals for no reason, after so much interrogation they decided to do a search on the vehicle, I consented to that, and when they could not find anything incriminating in the car they demanded to search our phones. I refused them checking my phone because they had already seized my friend's phone for no reason, I simply tried to make them understand that my phone is my private property but instead of hearing me out, they resorted to physical assault. They hit me with all sort of objects including their guns, I had to do my best to leave the scene for my dear life. I was terribly injured over a phone that wasn't worth it at all, I equally lost my wrist watch. The question is, what wrong have I done by being a regular Nigerian young boy into entertainment. This police brutality has finally got to me and the world must know, Police brutality has to stop, its me today and it might be you tomorrow #StopPoliceBrutality#IdemandJustice #NigeriaPoliceForce#policebrutality

Shocking! 13 Witnesses come forward to testify against Patience Jonathan...photo

A Banker, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and 11 others are to testify on how four slush accounts were opened for former First Lady Patience Jonathan.

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has tightened security around the 13 witnesses ahead of the trial’s resumption on September 27.

Below are the full details...
The accounts were opened by the ex-First Lady’s aide on Domestic/Household and Social Events to the former President, Dr. Dudafa Waripamo-Owei Emmanuel.

Dudafa and six others were last Thursday arraigned before a Federal High Court in Lagos.

Others are a lawyer Amajuoyi Briggs, a banker, Adedamola Bolodeoku; Pluto Property and Invest. Company Ltd; Trans Ocean Property and Investment Company Ltd; Globus Integrated Service Ltd; and Seagate Property Development and Investment Ltd.

A document attached to the charge sheet indicates that 12 witnesses, including an account officer, will tell the court how the current and VISA Platinum Credit Card (USD) accounts were opened.

According to The Nation, the document lists the accounts in Skye Bank Plc as follows: 1771420773 and 2110002238 ( Pluto Property and Investment and Company Limited); 1771420797 and 2110002245(Trans Ocean Property and Investment and Company Limited); 1771421299 0and 2110002269 (Globus Integrated Services Limited) and 1771420780and 2110002207 (Seagate Property Development and Investment Limited).

The identities of the 13 witnesses are being shielded for security reasons.

It was learnt that some of them have been under pressure, especially the key Account Officer, in the past few days.

A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “We are set for the trial on how the slush accounts were opened for the former First Lady. We have filed a list of 13 witnesses along with our Proof of Evidence to show that we conducted due diligence.

“The Account Officer, who managed the slush funds, will tell the court the remittances into the accounts and how the ex-First Lady operated them. I think Nigerians have not heard the last on these slush accounts. This is not a case of witchhunt.

“We have also taken adequate measures to protect all the witnesses in order to enable them to testify against encumbrances. We know some of the witnesses have been under pressure but we will ensure their safety.

“It is imperative to protect these witnesses because we have availed the defence their names in line with the Administration of Criminal Justice Act. This may expose the witnesses to some risks which are being taking care of.”

The former First Lady had sued the EFCC, demanding that her accounts be defrozen.

But the EFCC said: “We are still investigating her and she cannot operate all these accounts until she is able to give the details of the sources of funds remitted into the accounts,” the source said, adding:

Our findings showed that the remittances were products of gratification. It is left for her to prove otherwise.

“Already, the team which investigated the case has declared that she has a case to answer.”

The report of the investigative team said in part: 
“Investigation so far carried out has revealed that the four VISA Platinum USD Card accounts used by Mrs. Patience Jonathan has a cumulative balance of $14,029.881.79 which has been swept Post No Debit Card category.

“Again, her personal account, different from the four VISA Platinum USD card accounts, bears the balance of $5,841,426.17.

“Considering the above stated findings, we can safely conclude that aprima facie case of conspiracy to retain proceeds of unlawful activities, retention of the proceeds of unlawful activities, money laundering, contrary to Section 15(3) and 18(a) of the Money Laundering ( Prohibition) (Amendment) Act, 2012 and forgery contrary to Section 1(2) (c) of the Miscellaneous Offences Act, Cap M17, Laws of the Federation, 2004 have been established against the aforementioned suspects.”

EFCC claimed that all the funds traced to Mrs. Jonathan’s accounts were proceeds of gratification.

Wow! Check out Nollywood actor 'Mr Latin' in this photo...

He is looking super young and handsome. It's obvious he's doing very well...

See the baby born with 31 toes and fingers and undergoes surgery...photo

A baby with 31 fingers and toes has undergone the first of three surgical operations to correct his rare birth abnormalities.

The eight-month-old boy, named Hong Hong, has 15 fingers and 16 toes – but no thumbs on either palm.

Born to migrant worker parents from the village of Zhongping, China, the child suffers from a severe case of polydactyly, which causes the extra digits. While polydactyly occurs in an estimated one in every 1,000 cases, serious cases like this are rare.

His mum also has one extra finger on each hand, which may explain how the infant inherited the condition.

But unlike his mother, Hong Hong’s case is much more urgent as it will affect whether or not he can walk properly in the future.

After hearing about the boy’s case, the No. 6 Hospital of Ningbo City, agreed to reduce the family’s medical costs – estimated as high as £57,786 – and have since admitted the infant for the triple-phase corrective surgery.

According to the hospital’s resident doctor Xu Jihai, the operations will involve cutting off the boy’s extra fingers and toes and eventually reshaping his remaining digits.

The high-risk surgeries will deal with his bones, joints, skin, nails as well as critical veins, making them not only challenging, but also requiring an extensive post-op recovery regime.

The first phase of the infant’s treatment has already been completed, with medics performing surgery on his feet, according to reports.

Lobatan! Meet this Nigerian cross dresser, Bayo who says he's still a virgin...photos

Nigerian cross dresser Bayo who has come out with some hot new photos and has written a heartfelt open letter to the public and most especially his haters. He revealed to the public that he's still a virgin and has no tolerance for homophobic people. Read the full letter below...

'My life is fairly bland, but it belongs to me, I'm not popular but my friends are more than enough, saying and doing what I want and when I want. I can hide my emotions better than anyone I know. I fight, face and destroy, standing up for what I believe in. I have no tolerance for rude, racist and homophobic people.'

' I won't admit my faults but I do know I make mistakes, I am the sunrise after a sleepless night blinding your eyes. If we acknowledge that physical appearance is your primary scale value, we have to acknowledge and respect everyone's choice in life as equals because if everyone is beautiful or everyone can be beautiful or everyone is beautiful to someone it's okay to base our entire civilization on hot or Not.'

 'I'm a virgin... I am one of a kind that's me, I am quite a find with a mix of colour in my hair, a twinkle in my eyes, oh don't you see? I can catch a ball and perform talents because I know I got greatness within me.'
 'I can dance a jig and still do a dab, watch me learn and watch me grow. I can act, Did you know? I am unique and wonderful , I am simply Me. I don't care what you say about me, its just that you are not as good as me.'
I am a model, Did you know? There is a better way of looking at your critics .Tell them you are not who they say you are but you are what you are. I want to go out with my head erect.'
 'I want to deserve all men's respect, I want to be able to title myself now to everyone out there. say to yourselves "I am the best" I am legend. Remember "CONFESSION is POSSESSION.

Dear Romeo I am no Juliet, I am simply Me......BAYO. Anyone who can't see the good in me, I am hugging them right now because I know its quite difficult being blind....! '

Omg! See how Nollywood actress Toyin Aimahku transforms her face for a movie role...photos

The actress is known for going beyond in all her movie roles. This transformation was done by Special Effects makeup artist "Hakeemeffect", on the actress.

More photos below...

Wow! Check out Nollywood actress Bimbo Akintola's outfit to 93days movie viewing in Lagos...photo

Bimbo Akintola was seen out in this beautiful outfit designed by British couture designer, Ade Bakare, for the movie viewing of 93days at Genesis Cinemas, Lekki, Lagos. The actress played Dr Adadevoh in the movie. 

Another photo below...

Members of the House of Representatives donates N18M to Nigeria's Paralympic team...photo

Members of the House of Representatives yesterday resolved to donate the sum of N50,000 each to Team Nigeria athletes who took part in the recently concluded Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. The House also resolved to host the athletes soon.

The House took the decision to make the donations totalling N18 million subsequent to a motion sponsored by Ayo Omidiran (APC-Osun), stating that members of Team Nigeria having won 8 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals to finish in 17th place overall are worthy of being celebrated.

Omidiran said members of the team, though physically-challenged, did what has never been done in the history of Nigerian sports, which was why she said they needed the support and encouragement of the House.

Omg! This brother accidentally shot sister while teaching her how to clean a gun...photos

A University of Iowa graduate student was on her way to a family gathering last weekend when her brother accidentally shot and killed her while demonstrating how to clean a handgun.

The Sac County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Wednesday that 24-year-old Megan Quinn Sloss, of Guthrie Center, was driving Sunday with her 26-year-old brother, Spencer Lee Sloss, when she was shot.

Investigators say Megan was in the driver’s seat and her brother was in the front passenger seat at the time of the incident, which took place at around 11.40am Sunday near Lake View, Iowa.

The Sloss siblings were on their way to a family event in Ida County, and later they were planning to do some target shooting.

Spencer Sloss was showing his younger sister how to disassemble his Sig Sauer 9mm handgun to clean it when it discharged, striking her in the hip.

Her brother had to climb over the arm rest to stop the car after his sister was shot, and he then called 911 for help and carried Megan out of the car.

A doctor driving by stopped to render medical aid until Sloss was taken to Loring Hospital in Sac City. She was then flown to Mercy Medical in Des Moines, where she died from her injury.

Officials say Spencer Sloss has a valid permit to carry the handgun. No charges have been brought against him, and the shooting remains under investigation.

Tragic! Photo of Undergraduate shot dead by police while chasing internet fraudster...

Tragedy struck at the Ogoja Market, LASU-Igando Road, Lagos State, after operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad shot dead an undergraduate of a polytechnic in Edo State, Eldanojie Joseph.

The 20-year-old business administration student was said to be on a visit to his cousin, Friday Ojah, who lived on Alape Street, Iba Ojo, when he was hit by a stray bullet.

It was learnt that the operatives were chasing a suspected Internet fraudster, identified as Badoo, who had parked his car and fled upon sighting the officers. The operatives were said to have started shooting sporadically.

The Esan, Edo State indigene, who had reportedly gone out to buy a canned drink with his cousin, was hit by a stray bullet. He was said to have died on the spot.

A Punch correspondent was told that the officers took Joseph’s corpse, dumped it in the boot of the suspected fraudster’s car and drove off.

The cousin, Ojah, told Punch on Thursday that the police, in order to cover up their misdeed, said Joseph was a cult member. He explained that Joseph had only arrived in Lagos about three weeks ago.

He said, “We grew up and attended the same primary and secondary schools together. He gained admission into a polytechnic in Edo State, while I am still processing my admission into the same school.

“Around 9.30am on Monday, we strolled out to buy a can of soft drink. We were returning home when we learnt that some policemen were chasing somebody.

“We decided to go through the back of the market. As we turned back, my brother was hit by a bullet in the head and he fell down immediately.

“As I tried to call for help, I saw that the policeman that shot him had aimed his gun at me. I fled the place immediately.” He said the officers put the corpse in the boot of the car left by the suspected fraudster and drove away.

Punch Metro gathered that the corpse was taken to the SARS headquarters in Ikeja, from where it was taken to a morgue.

Punch correspondent was told that the SARS team that conducted the operation alleged that the victim was a cult member and he had attempted to shoot at them when they fired back.

“But it was all lies. He only had the canned drink we bought, a phone charger and a handset on him when the incident happened. The police lied to cover up their misdeed,” Ojah added. The policemen on the team that killed the victim were identified as Lucky, Oganla.

A legal practitioner and family friend of the victim, Saheed Sanni, decried the killing, saying the policemen must be arrested and brought to book.

He said, “Cases like this, involving SARS officers, have become rampant in the state. They kill with impunity and believe they can always get away with it. Whereas Section 33 of the 1999 Constitution protects the sanctity of human lives and prescribes of that sanctity. You cannot just take anybody’s life without a court order or judgment. We are taking up the case and justice must be done.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said she had yet to be briefed on the incident, adding that she would get back as soon as the Officer-in-Charge of SARS briefed her.

She said, “The OC SARS has yet to brief the command on that issue and he has been directed to do so. I will get back as soon as I have the facts of the case.”

Update on the two naked men seen in a video attacking someone in a car...

According Assistant Commissioner of Police, Complaint Response Unit (CRU), Abayomi Shogunle, the two men who were seen walking around completely naked in Abuja few days ago and then attacked a car. They are said to be brothers from same parents and are drug users. They have been taken to Rehab, lets just hope they get the right help in Nigeria.

Tragic! Photo of female cop who shot dead unarmed black man is charged with first degree manslaughter

Prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have filed charges against he white female police officer, Betty Shelby, who shot and killed unarmed black man, 40-year-old Terence Crutcher who had his hands up on September 16. She has been charged with first-degree manslaughter. Dashcam and aerial footage of the shooting showed Crutcher walking away from Shelby with his arms up in the air.