6 Apr 2017

Omg! Nigerian couple arrested in the US after their 3-month old baby is found with fractured skulls, broken ribs, bruises

A Nigerian couple, Arinola 33, and Olalekan Olawusi were arrested in Providence, Rhode Island, US on Monday, April 3 and arraigned in court on a felony charges of child neglect, first and degree child abuse. 

Providence Journal reports that early Monday afternoon, the frantic father called 911 and said his child was dying. Three-month-old Tobiloba Olawusi wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse, police say, but Providence firefighters resuscitated the baby in their rush to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

That’s where the medical staff found the baby had old and new injuries — bite marks and a fractured skull, broken ribs, arms and legs, said Special Assistant Attorney General Shannon Signore, chief of the office’s child abuse unit.

The baby’s mother, Arinola told the police that her husband, bit the baby and pulled his legs to "make him grow and strong," 
Whether the child will survive remains to be seen. The baby’s prognosis was still uncertain on Tuesday, Signore said.

The Olawusis were arraigned Tuesday afternoon, April 4th, exactly 24 hours after police were called by the hospital to investigate. Arinola Olawusi was arraigned in Family Court on a felony charge of child neglect. Olalekan Olawusi was arraigned in District Court on charges of first- and second-degree child abuse.

A judge set bail at $40,000 with surety for Olalekan and ordered him to surrender his Nigerian passport. The family has been living at 49 Constitution St., in the city’s West End. Both parents are ordered not to have any contact with the baby.

The state Department of Children, Youth and Families has been involved with the baby since birth, said spokesman Denis Riel. An older sibling is already in foster placement with a relative, he said.
DCYF is investigating the circumstances around the case and conducting an internal review, Riel said.
Riel said a caseworker can have contact with a family in state care once a month, according to national standards, but there is also a network of community-based providers involved with the family. 
There was no formal complaint about the baby’s care, Riel added

A caseworker was assigned to the family, however there was no information released about how often the family was visited or what services were recommended.
Arinola Olawusi self-published a book — “A to Z Ways to Achieve Your Goals In Life” — which lists her biography as a motivational speaker who is “involved with helping pregnant and worried women and their children.” She wrote that she and her husband, Olalekan Olawusi, are “blessed with a loving son."

The jacket says, “She is very passionate about knowledge and information along with motivating and encouraging the hurting."

Omg! See video of a Nigerian lady fighting in public with a man in Italy

A Nigerian lady was caught camera pouncing on a man at an unidentified location in Italy. In the video which has gone viral on the internet, the unidentified woman is seen holding a man on his shirt while launching several attacks demanding for her money, while the man who refused to retaliate can be heard telling his friends to film the incident as evidence. Watch the video after the cut...

Youths stage 'Saraki must go' protest in Yobe State

Hundreds of youths on Thursday, took over major streets of Potistum LGA of Yobe state to protest against the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and other members of the National Assembly.

The angry youths carrying placards with inscriptions "Saraki must go, Magu must be confirmed" repeatedly chanted same slogan.

"The demonstration became inevitable because we voted for change in 2015 and the Senate wants to truncate the change mantra by not confirming Ibrahim Magu to continue on vital issues that would benefit Nigerians," leader of the protesters, Comrade Nafi'u Lawan told Daily Trust correspondent.
"The issue of Comptroller General of Nigerian Custom Service Hameed Ali, the 'illegal' suspension of Ali Ndume, others, are also embarrassing the Nation." he added.

Photo credit: Yusuf Jigduwa

19 Yr Old Teenager Throws Himself Off Motorway Bridge

A teenager threw himself off a motorway bridge because he was too ashamed to tell his family that he was being investigated by the police.

Kamil Paszko, 19, told his friend who he worked with at a Reading service station that he 'couldn't face his family' after police summoned him for a second interview.

Jordan Goliath tried to talk him down from a motorway bridge but he pushed her away and jumped, his inquest heard yesterday.

She said he came to tell her that he would not be coming back to work, I noticed he was not his usual self,' she told the coroner.

'We walked out of the service station, over the hill and onto the grass. He was very emotional and was crying, he came to tell me he would not be returning to work.'

The inquest in Reading, Berkshire heard that Thames Valley Police had arrested Mr Paszko, from Reading, and he needed to answer bailed.

The reason for his arrest was not disclosed at the hearing.

When he came to see his friend Miss Goliath at Reading Service Station on the M4 he told her he could not face his family and was going to end his life.

'I was shocked by him saying it and didn't realise just how serious he was when he said that,' Miss Goliath said.

'I tried to comfort him and explained things were never that bad.

'I said "why don't you come and sit with me in my office". He said "I need to go now" and I said "alright but please call me" and he promised to do that.'

The teenager walked away from his friend towards a bus stop but she was concerned about him and asked her boyfriend, who also worked at the service station, what she should do.

He told her she should speak to her manager so she asked Richard Butler for help.

'He grabbed his coat and said we need to go after him,' Miss Goliath said.

'We drove towards the bus stop, to get to the bus stop he would have to go over the motorway bridge. As we got there I could see him out on the middle of the bridge looking at the traffic.'

Miss Goliath got out of the car on the bridge on then M4 motorway while Mr Butler went to find somewhere to park the car as traffic was building up behind him.

She said: 'I screamed his name and went to hug him but he pushed me away and told me to go and said he would be fine.

'I said I love you, please don't do it. He went over the barrier - he was holding on with both hands.

'I was hysterical asking him to come back and I tried to dial 911.'

Despite her desperate attempts to save him, Miss Goliath said her friend told her 'it's better this way' and jumped from the bridge.

Neil Witney was driving his Renault van on the motorway as Mr Paszko jumped. He said he heard a loud bang and pulled over after thinking something was wrong with his vehicle.

'I pulled over onto the hard shoulder and saw traffic had stopped behind us,' he said.

'I saw people standing and a lady said she had seen a person fall from the bridge onto the road.'

The inquest heard from Grant Butler who was driving past and tried to help before Mr Paszko jumped from the bridge.

'I saw one person was on the wrong side of the barrier. I tried to approach in a calm manner but the man looked directly at me. He was holding onto the barrier with both hands.

'He put his right hand up to signal me not to come any closer. I immediately stopped but within one or two seconds I saw the man let go and stepped off the bridge feet first.

'The young lady who was with him was hysterical, I put my jacket around her as she was in a state of shock.'

Mr Paszko was rushed to hospital and doctors concluded his multiple injuries meant he was unlikely to survive the next 24 hours.

Senator Andy Uba Barred From UK

SaharaReporters has exclusively obtained legal documents showing that British authorities in 2008 revoked Senator Emmanuel Nnamdi (Andy) Uba's multiple entry visa into any of the territories of the United Kingdom.

The decision to bar Mr. Uba, a former senior domestic aide to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, was taken by the Secretary of State for the Home Department (SSHD).

Judicial filings obtained by SaharaReporters reveal that the British High Commission in Abuja had on November 11, 2004 issued a five-year multiple entry visitor's visa to Senator Uba, who represents Anambra South in the National Assembly. However, in a letter dated December 2, 2008, the SSHD informed Mr. Uba of the revocation of his visa.

"The purpose of this letter is to inform you that on 26 November 2008, after the most careful consideration, the Home Secretary personally directed that you should be excluded from the United Kingdom," the revocation letter stated.

 It added, "On the basis of your character, conduct and association with fraud and other criminal activities, your presence in the UK would not be conducive to the public good and the Home Secretary has decided that you should be excluded from all territories of the United Kingdom."

The letter also informed Senator Uba that the decision to prohibit his entry into any part of the U.K. would be reviewed after three years.

Court documents in our possession further show that an application by Mr. Uba to persuade British authorities to lift their prohibition against him was denied in 2011.

 A court filing by British lawyers representing Mr. Uba noted that the Nigerian senator's "application for permission to seek judicial review was refused at an oral hearing on 1st July 2011 by Mr. Ockelton, sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge."

Mr. Uba's lawyers appealed the decision, claiming that, in rejecting the senator's application, the court had failed to take "into account the representations and evidence presented by the Claimant during the course of his application."

In a letter dated December 19, 2011, Mr. Uba's lawyers again "requested a review of the decision to exclude him from the United Kingdom."

They urged the Home Department to note that Mr. Uba "has been a law abiding citizen of Nigeria who has been contributing his best to the development of his country."

They pointed out that the former presidential aide "was elected a Senator of Nigeria’s upper legislative chamber in 2011."

They also argued that Mr. Uba "would not have qualified for election to the Nigerian Senate" if he had been implicated in criminal activities.

The lawyers drew attention to sections of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 "which clearly sets out at clauses 65-66 the stringent criteria that would enable an individual to qualify for election as senator in Nigeria."

Mr. Uba's lawyers stated that the senator felt that his woes were linked to "unsubstantiated allegations made on the internet against him," adding, "there has been no proven conviction to date against him in any country in the world, including Nigeria."

The senator's legal team asserted that "the internet, being a tool open to all individuals to post documents on, can be used as a weapon of destruction and assassination of character."

Despite the pleas by Senator Uba's attorneys, the SSHD reaffirmed that the controversial politician would remain a persona non grata from the U.K.  That decision was contained in a letter dated July 19, 2012.

“In response to your letter I can only reiterate previous advice which states that the Home Secretary personally excluded Mr. Uba from the UK because she did not consider his presence in the UK to be conducive to the public good on the basis of his character, conduct and association with fraud and other criminal activities," the letter stated.

Court documents  indicated that Senator Uba's lawyers mounted a further legal challenge to the decision barring their client from the U.K., but to no avail.

Grandmother pleads guilty to the murder of her 2-year-old grandson

44-year-old Patricia Flores, a Texas grandmother, has pleaded guilty to the murder of her 2-year-old grandson, Lyfe Flores which occurred last year. Lyfe was severely burned in a bathtub but was not taken to the hospital for nearly a week. By the time she finally took action, he was far gone and did not stand a chance.

Patricia told the police that Lyfe had climbed into a tub filled with hot water she was using to clean and that was how he sustained the injuries. She said she failed to get him medical care because she is a nursing assistant and thought she could treat him by herself. She eventually got the police involved six days later after the boy had reportedly gone into shock. 

Police found him in a terrible state and by the time he arrived at the ER, it was discovered that he was suffering from internal bleeding, missing teeth, knots on the back of his head, and severe burns, some of which had been wrapped using Maxi Pads.
Child Protective Services had removed Lyfe and his 5-month-old sister from their parents' home and placed the kids with Flores just weeks before the boy's death.
Due to the fact that she waited too long to get the deceased medical care, very few people bought Patricia's claim that it had been an accident and Matt Spillane, Halton City spokesman said as much. 
"The fact that she waited so long and the injuries were so severe, and so obviously severe ... it seems highly unlikely that it was an accidental case," Spillane said at the time.
Cook Children's ER Doctor Catherine Moore testified in court, saying: "When you see a patient who’s about to die, they have a look to them. And I've seen several. This young man had that look."

Officer Heather Hudson with the Haltom City Police was among the first at the scene and recalled in court how nearly all the skin had been burned off Lyfe's feet.
"There were black spots, like dead skin or infection. And his genitals and buttocks were burned very badly," Hudson said.
The grandmother initially faced a charge of injury to a child. But the Tarrant County medical examiner's office ruled her grandson's death a homicide, and prosecutors pursued a murder charge instead. Flores pleaded guilty to felony murder on Monday. She faces between a 5 and 99-year sentence.

Update! "The reports of Ahmed Musa battering his wife are false" - NFF President, Amaju Pinnick

Former Super Eagles assistant captain and Leicester city club football player, Ahmed Musa, was this morning arrested and quizzed by UK cops on suspicion of beating his wife after neighbours called the police to the home where the footballer lives with his wife and two children. 

President of The Nigerian Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick, has now denied the reports. He was quoted as saying:

"Some online reports suggesting our player, Ahmed Musa was involved in wife battering are false. I'm in touch with Ahmed Musa. Musa remains a responsible family man & player. He is also very committed to seeing that we realize our dreams of making it to Russia 2018 World Cup."

Actress, Adunni Ade speaks on separating from the father of her kids - We were together for eight years, We were never married

Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade who is the cover star for the latest issue of Motherhood In-Style Mag alongside her two sons, has opened up on why she walked away from the father of her kids.
According to the actress, who had her both sons, D'Marion, 9 & Ayden 5 in the US before relocating to Nigeria, she said it was a bit hard walking away but she had no choice because the father of her children wasn't ready for marriage.

'Well, I just had to make that decision though it took me a long time to realise or stop lying to myself that it was never going to work out even though I tried as much as I could. 
I just decided that what’s best for me is to walk away and still be here and be with my kids and still have the opportunity of being the best mother possible, so yeah, I had to make that decision. 
It was really tough, it was really painful; I think that hurt me the most out of anything that I have ever been through in my life, walking away was the hardest thing to do.’

Revealing if she was married to him before walking away, she said:
‘Well, we were never married. We were together for eight years but in the state of Kentucky, it’s a commonwealth state and commonwealth state is if you live together for a long period of time you might as well be considered married but on paper, no, never been married before.’
Adunni who also revealed that she was depressed after leaving her partner, said she once tried to commit suicide.
'I think the major thing that got me through was the fear that somebody else would raise my children if I sat in that relationship, that was the scariest thing for me, that my kids would see somebody else as their mother. Depression is no joke. A lot of people in this country, Nigeria, don’t want to admit that depression is an illness. People don’t know the extent to which it affects the mind. 
Not a lot of people know this; in the past I have tried to commit suicide because it was just too much, just too much for me but I guess God loves me enough, she added.

President Buhari releases N54bn for the payment of pension arrears

President Buhari has ordered the release of N54 billion for the payment of pension arrears for the year 2014, 2015 and 2016. Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun disclosed this in statement she released on her Facebook wall.

According to Adeosun, N41. 5 billion has been paid National Pension Commission (PENCOM) for onward payment to the retirees, who retired under the Contributory Pension Scheme. Read her statement after the cut ...

"I've got great news to share, regarding Federal pensioners who retired under the Contributory Pension Scheme without being paid. We've now cleared the inherited arrears of pension benefits for 2014, 2015 and 2016, by releasing N41.5 billion to the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) for payment to affected retirees. We've also released the sum of N12.5 billion to cover outstanding pensions payments for January, February and March 2017, bringing the total payment to N54bn. Despite conflicting demands for available cash, President Muhammadu Buhari has always expressed concern about the plight of workers and pensioners. These payments will bring relief to thousands of our elders who have served, and deserve to be paid their entitlements promptly and fully. With these payments I'm pleased to say that we have now cleared the Contributory Pension Scheme arrears that the Buhari Government inherited. To avoid fresh accumulation of arrears, we will from now on ensure that monthly allocations to National Pension Commission (PENCOM) are regularly made alongside monthly salaries to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)".

Oga O! See what happened to Funmi Lafunky Akinyemi today!!!

Image may contain: 1 person
Hurray! It's beautiful Lafunky, Lapretty, Lagorgeous, Lasuperstar, Lafabulous, La-omoewe, Lapeace's birthday today. The woman with a heart of gold, a selfless woman and the woman who solicited peace amongst the haters on Facebook. We appreciate you beyond measures, you are a woman after our heart. 

There are two bright stars in the sky today, one is the Star of God and one is you! I hope you keep shining bright for the rest of your life. You deserve all the blessings that comes with this day and many years to come.

We are wishing you all the goodness in life, abundant love of God in your everyday life and the continued peace instilled in you to pass on to the world.  Keep doing what you are doing, you are blessed and you will live long right before your hater's eyes.  Happy Birthday Lafunky, Facebook Peacemaker of our time, we love you always.

Update! See the Naval Admiral who was found dead at his home in Lagos yesterday

Fleet Commander of Western Naval Command (WNC), Rear Admiral Daniel Ikoli, was found dead at his Apapa, Lagos residence yesterday. Some allege that Admiral Ikoli shot himself dead triggering suspicion of another high profile suicide case, while others are convinced that he was assassinated.

Close aides say the deceased had been depressed for a while over his inability to pay the school fees of his children due to scarcity of foreign exchange. His remains have been deposited at a mortuary. He is survived by his wife who is said to be residing in Abuja and two children.

UK police arrest Nigerian footballer Ahmed Musa on suspicion of beating his wife

Former Super Eagles captain and Leicester city club football player, Ahmed Musa, was this morning arrested and quizzed by UK cops on suspicion of beating his wife, hours after he shared a loving snap of his “Queen”, wishing her a happy birthday.

According to reports, Neighbours invited the police after they reportedly heard noise from the £850,000 five-bedroom detached home where the footballer lives with his wife and two children.

The officers reportedly spent two hours taking a statement from Jamila, before leaving with Musa. “A 24-year-old man was arrested yesterday morning at his home address near Leicester on suspicion of common assault,” said a spokesperson for Leicestershire police.

He has since been released. Photo of him arriving his home after being questioned above. 

EFCC Arrests Notorious 419 Syndicate With Fake $570,000

The Kaduna Zonal office of EFCC have arrested members of a notorious syndicate of fraudsters made of four Nigerians and one Nigerien who specialise in duping innocent persons.

The suspects were arrested in a bush along Sabon Gari, Kurmin Kogi, Ikara area of Kaduna state. A search of their hide out which is suspected to be a kidnappers’ den led to the startling discovery of a sum of five hundred and seventy thousand ($570,000) fake US dollars and some charms.

Those arrested are Salisu Rabiu, a.k.a Maimagani; Ibrahim Idris, a.k.a Dankano; Magaji Musa (Nigerian) a.k.a Maishayi; Haruna Abdullahi,a.k.a Balogun and Abubakar Umar ,a.k.a Fulani.

The 5 man gang met their waterloo when they conspired among themselves to lure an unsuspecting victim into believing that some unclaimed boxes containing huge amount of USD were kept with some herdsmen believed to be accomplices by an unidentified politician.

Doubtful of the story, the would-be victim contacted the Commission.

The operatives of the Commission upon receipt of the intelligence swung into action and arrested the gang members in their hideouts.

All the suspects are in custody while investigation continues.

The Commission wishes to use this opportunity to warn members of the public to be wary of any get-rich-quick offer in order not to be a victim of scam.

James Ibori weeps at Alamieyeseigha’s graveside in Bayelsa

Former governor of Delta state, James Ibori, on Wednesday shed tears at the graveside of Diepreye Alamieyeseigha in Amassoma, Bayelsa state. Alamieyeseigha was Ibori’s ally when they were governors. He died under controversial circumstances in October 2015.

Ibori described the deceased as a patriotic leader, who was very courageous, outspoken and “stood on the side of his people at all times”.

Ibori was still in UK prison when Alamieyeseigha died.

See the richest female footballer in Africa, Asisat Oshoala

Asisat Oshoala, who became the Africa's richest female footballer after joining Chinese club, Dalian Quanjian. She posted these beautiful photos ...

Omg! Senior Naval Officer Shoots Himself Dead In Lagos

The Fleet Commander, Western Naval Command, Apapa, Lagos State, Rear Admiral Daniel Ikoli, has allegedly shot himself dead in his residence in the Apapa area.

It was learnt that a service pistol, expended and live ammunition, were recovered at the scene by police detectives who visited the residence.

He lived with his house boy. His wife stays in Abuja, while his children are schooling abroad.

It was learnt that the commander, a member of the presidential committee investigating the $15bn arms deal, left his office on Tuesday around 1pm, on the grounds that he was ill.

Around 5am on Wednesday, the house boy reportedly heard a gunshot from his room. On getting to the spot, he found him dead and raised the alarm.

A source close to Okoli disclosed to Punch that he had been managing depression and an ailment for some time, adding that it was not impossible that he committed suicide.

The source, however, did not disclose the nature of the ailment.

He said, “He was Commander, Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROFT, and was later appointed into the presidential committee that probed the arms deal. He was very lively and intelligent.

“But for some time now, he had been battling an illness and had lost weight. He had also become reserved lately, which was unlike him. He usually complained about the high dollar rate and unavailability of foreign exchange because he had children studying abroad.

“He left the office on Tuesday afternoon after complaining that he was not feeling fine. I was shocked this morning when I learnt he shot himself.”

Another source stated that bullets hit Okoli on the chest and he bled to death, adding that three expended bullets were found in his apartment.

He said, “The house boy said he heard a gunshot and was alarmed. He later went into Okoli’s room and found him in a pool of blood. His wife is in Abuja and his children school abroad. His aides usually leave after taking him home from office.

“Three bullets were seen in the room. No one can really tell what happened. He was a nice and intelligent officer. He was the one who spearheaded the renovations of BEECROFT when he was the commander.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said investigation had commenced, adding that the deceased had been deposited in a mortuary for autopsy.

He said, “We are investigating the incident to get a clearer picture. Either murder or suicide, we sympathise with the Nigerian Navy as we carry out investigations into the incident.”

Tragic! 27-year-old Nigerian father of two dies after being attacked outside nightclub in the UK

27-year-old amateur footballer, Henry Esin died after being attacked near a nightclub in Bangor, on Saturday, April 1.
North Wales Police found the father of two unconscious on the ground on Dean Street close to Peep nightclub in the early hours of Saturday. Officers performed CPR and he was rushed to Ysbyty Gwynedd and then to Stoke hospital where he died on Monday, April 3.
A murder investigation into his death is ongoing.
A 26-year-old man from the Bangor area was arrested after the attack, and has been re-arrested on suspicion of murder following Esin's death. He is still in police custody after detectives were granted an extension to the time they can hold him to question him.
Detectives believe there may have been an altercation inside Peep which led to the deadly assault,  and have asked anyone who saw anything or who may have footage from the evening to get in touch.
Senior Investigating Officer DCI Brian Kearney said police were called at 1.53am on Saturday, following reports that a man had been found in an unconscious state outside the nightclub.
"Despite the best efforts of members of the public, police officers, paramedics and medical teams involved the victim tragically died at hospital in Stoke. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this tragic time."

Shocking! 28 Europe-bound Nigerian migrants died on the Mediterranean sea

The Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Diaspora Affairs, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa says that no fewer than 128 Nigerians were among the over 576 West African migrants to Europe that drowned in the Mediterranean sea recently. She disclosed this on Tuesday, at the public presentation of two books “From Libya with Tears’’ and “Practical News and Feature Writing’’ in Lagos.
Mrs Dabiri, who was represented by her Special Assistant on Media, Mr Abdul-Rahman Balogun, said most of the victims were heading to Italy enroute the Libyan coast, when the tragedy occurred. 
She described the incident as unfortunate, saying the story was one too many and that it highlighted the desperation by some Nigerians to travel to Europe at all costs, despite the high risks.
"Just some days ago, 128 Nigerians died on the Mediterranean sea out of 576. Most of them were from West African countries and they were on their way to Europe.
“Now, this is an unfortunate incident and I think it is better to remain in Nigeria and keep struggling, instead of making desperate journeys that could take their lives," she said.
Dabiri-Erewa said some Nigerians had been trapped in Libya and were subjected to various inhuman treatments and that only the intervention of the Federal Government had ensured the return of many.

5 Nigerian women turned sex slaves by ISIS in Libya released

Iraqi security forces and Shi'ite fighters sit with their weapons on the outskirt of Falluja
According to Reuters, out of the 35 women captured by the Islamic state fighters in Sirte, Libya, 5 Nigerian women were discovered to be part of the women captured and turned into sex slaves for months by ISIS. The 5 Nigerians, 2 children and 28 Eritreans  were rescued by Libyan forces last December but made to face detention in a Misrata prison.
After the women were rescued from Sirte, they were investigated for possible ties to the group and held for several months in a Misrata prison but have now been released by Libyan authorities.

Then in mid-February, the Libyan attorney-general’s office announced that it had cleared the women of any wrongdoing, but their release was delayed for several more weeks, with no explanation given.

The group reportedly escaped from Sirte, a former Islamic State stronghold in central Libya, when forces from the nearby city of Misrata battled to oust the militants late last year.

Some of the women were said to have been on their way to Europe when the Islamic State fighters kidnapped and held them as sex slaves.

Fortunately on Wednesday, they were all released and received by staff from the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) and the Libyan Red Crescent, before being taken to a shelter for medical check ups.

One 14-year-old Eritrean girl said:
“I’m very happy, I can’t describe how I feel, but I am very happy, I can start a new life and see my family again,”  she told Reuters before leaving the prison with the rest of the group on a Red Crescent bus.
A UNHCR official said the entire group had scabies, but otherwise appeared to be in reasonable physical condition. The agency says it expects to resettle the Eritreans as refugees.

Samer Haddadin, head of the UNHCR’s Libya mission said:
“We will send them to a safe house where they can be treated if they need medical treatment, and receive assistance from us, and be protected”. “At the same time we will be processing them for refugee status determination … and we are doing this to make sure we can find a resettlement country for those who meet the resettlement criteria.”
The Nigerians, five women and two children, will be able to apply for asylum or be offered to be repatriated.

Source: Reuters