1.2 Million Euros Found In German Airport Luggage

Dusseldorf Officials have found EUR1.2 million euros ($1.75m) in luggage at Dusseldorf Airport, the customs office says.

Police are investigating whether the money is connected with the drug trade as most of the money was in small notes.

The notes were found in the luggage of two travellers who were flying to Turkey. The men, who both live in western Germany, have been released after questioning.

The men, aged 38 and 50, are accused of transporting more than EUR10,000 into a non-European Union country. Sums of money over EUR10,000 that are transported outside the EU must be declared.

Failing to register the transport of more than EUR10,000 euros can be penalized with a fine of up to EUR1 million. Authorities have confiscated the money.

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