9 Apr 2017

Palm Sunday Bombings Of Egyptian Coptic Churches Kill 44

At least 44 people were killed in bomb attacks on the symbolic cathedral seat of the Coptic Pope and another church on Palm Sunday, prompting anger and fear among Christians and troop deployments across Egypt.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks, which also injured more than 100 people and occurred a week before Coptic Easter, with Pope Francis scheduled to visit Egypt later this month.

The assault is the latest on a religious minority increasingly targeted by Islamist militants, and a challenge to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who has pledged to protect them as part of his campaign against extremism.

The first bombing, in Tanta, a Nile Delta city about 100 km (60 miles) north of Cairo, tore through the inside of St. George Church during its Palm Sunday service, killing at least 27 people and injuring at least 78, the Ministry of Health said.

The second, carried out a few hours later by a suicide bomber in Alexandria, hit Saint Mark's Cathedral, the historic seat of the Coptic Pope, killing 17 people, including three police officers, and injuring 48, the ministry added.

Coptic Pope Tawadros had been leading the mass at Saint Mark's Cathedral at the time of the explosion but was not injured, the Interior Ministry said.

"These acts will not harm the unity and cohesion of the people," he was later quoted as saying by state media.

Sisi ordered troops be immediately deployed to assist police in securing vital facilities, a statement from his office said, a rare move for the general-turned-president, who as defense chief led the military's 2013 ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood's President Mohamed Mursi.

Deflecting Western criticism that he has suppressed political opposition and human rights activists since he was elected in 2014, Sisi has sought to present himself as an indispensable bulwark against terrorism in the Middle East.
"The attack...will only harden the determination (of the Egyptian people) to move forward on their trajectory to realize security, stability and comprehensive development," Sisi said in a statement.

President Trump, who hosted Sisi last week in his first official visit to the U.S., expressed support for a leader he has said he plans to work more closely with on fighting Islamist militants, who Sisi identifies as an existential threat.

"So sad to hear of the terrorist attack in Egypt. U.S. strongly condemns. I have great confidence that President Al Sisi will handle situation properly," Trump wrote on his official Twitter account.

Hundreds gathered outside the Tanta church shortly after the blast, some weeping and wearing black while inside, blown apart pews sat atop tiles soaked with blood.

"There was blood all over the floor and body parts scattered," a woman who was inside the church at the time of the attack said.

"There was a huge explosion in the hall. Fire and smoke filled the room and the injuries were extremely severe," another woman, Vivian Fareeg, said.


Islamic State's branch in Egypt has stepped up attacks and threats against Christians, who comprise about 10 percent of Egypt's 90 million people and are the biggest Christian minority in the Middle East.

In February, scores of Christian families and students fled Egypt's North Sinai province after a spate of targeted killings.
Those attacks followed one of the deadliest on Egypt's Christian minority, when a suicide bomber hit its largest Coptic cathedral, killing at least 25 people. Islamic State later claimed responsibility for that attack.

Islamic State has waged a low-level war against soldiers and police in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula for years but is now targeting Christians and broadening its reach into Egypt's mainland. That is a potential turning point in a country trying to prevent a provincial insurgency spiraling into wider sectarian bloodshed.

Although Copts have faced attacks by Muslim neighbors, who have burnt their homes and churches in poor rural areas, in the past, the community has felt increasingly insecure since Islamic State spread through Iraq and Syria in 2014.

"Of course we feel targeted, there was a bomb here about a week ago but it was dismantled. There's no security," said another Christian woman in Tanta in reference to an attack earlier this month near a police training center..

Wahby Lamie, who had one nephew killed and another injured in the Tanta blast, expressed exasperation.

"How much longer are we going to be this divided? Anyone who's different from them now is an infidel, whether they're Muslim or Christian. They see them as infidels," he said.

"How much longer are these people going to exist? And how much longer will security be this incompetent?"

Omg! Husband Tortured His Wife & Forced Her To Watch As He Murdered Her Four Children

Few shared the compassion that pastor Fred Harris had for convicted murderer Gregory Green. Gregory was behind bars for stabbing his wife Tonya to death in 1991. She had been six months pregnant with his baby, but Fred believed Gregory deserved a second chance.

Despite being turned down for parole several times, the pastor wrote letters on Gregory’s behalf to the Michigan Parole Board, explaining that they had been friends before he committed the crime.

"He was a member of our church," he wrote. "I feel he has paid for his unfortunate lack of self-control and the damage he has caused as much as possible and is sorry." Fred said Gregory would be welcomed back into the church and the community on his release. They were forgiving words for a man who had killed his wife after she told him she was leaving.

Gregory had called 911 and waited for police to arrest him. ‘I stabbed her,’ he’d said. ‘She’s in the kitchen.’

He’d claimed insanity for his crime, but was found to be competent and charged with second-degree murder. But in 2008, he was granted parole after spending 15 years in prison – partly down to Fred’s lobbying.

Once he was back in the community, Gregory, 49, fell in love with the pastor’s daughter, Faith, and she showed the same compassion towards him as her father had. Faith was a single mum with two children – student Kara Allen, 17, and Chadney Allen, 19, who was a graduate and loved tight hugs from his mum.

Two years later, Faith and Gregory married and had two daughters: Koi, then Kaleigh. Both girls loved ballet, singing and dressing up.

They all lived together in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and neighbours thought they were a regular family. But Faith soon found out she’d made the wrong choice with Gregory when she saw his temper first hand.

She tried to take a restraining order out against him in 2013, stating that, "He’s kicking things…threatening me… saying things are going to get ugly."

But her petition was denied. In August 2016, she filed for divorce – it had been her third attempt.

But Gregory wasn’t willing to let her get away. On the night of 21 September 2016, he decided that if he couldn’t be with his family, no one could.

He took his two biological daughters, then five and four, and sat them in his car. He attached a hosepipe from the exhaust and killed them both with the fumes.

Gregory carried them back inside and placed them in their beds.

He then tied his wife to a chair in the basement with duct tape and zip ties, and tortured the grieving mum. Gregory shot her in the foot and slashed her face from ear to chin with a box cutter.
Horrific ordeal

Faith knew her younger children were dead – but Gregory wasn’t done. He dragged his stepchildren downstairs and shot them dead, execution-style, in front of their hysterical mum.

With his wife bleeding almost to death, Gregory called 911 and confessed to the killings, just as he’d done when he killed his first wife. Emergency services rushed to the scene and found Chadney and Kara dead at Faith’s feet, and Koi and Kaleigh dead in bed.

The killer dad was arrested and, incredibly, paramedics were able to save Faith.

 In October 2016, Faith found the strength to go and watch her estranged husband charged with murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm, torture, unlawful imprisonment, felonious assault, felon in possession and felony firearm.

She was in a wheelchair with a black veil over her face to hide the injuries from her attack. Days earlier she’d buried her four children in front of more than 1,000 mourners.

She’d written a letter to her children. "My dear babies, I love you all," it read. "You were always unique in your own way."

Gregory was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation but was cleared and declared competent to stand trial.

Earlier this year, Gregory Green pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree murder as part of a plea agreement to save Faith and her family the trauma of a trial.

"I left my two girls in the car," he admitted to the court, before confessing he’d killed his stepchildren and tortured Faith too.
The prosecution said that the killings were planned because there was evidence he’d gone shopping a week before for the piping needed to poison his children in the car.

Faith bravely stood in front of the man who had slaughtered her four children and read a statement. The long scar on her face was a reminder of the torture that had been inflicted on her. She told Gregory he would "burn in hell for all eternity".

"You’re a con artist. You’re a monster," she said. "You’re a devil in disguise."

Faith told the man, who she was now divorced from, that his attempt to make her suffer didn’t work.

"While I stand up here trembling with fear, I put on my bravest face to be in the same room with the man who murdered all four of my children," she said. "Two of them violently in front of me with a gun. He killed my other two babies with a hose that ran from the tail pipe of his car to where they were sleeping."

Faith spoke of her short-term memory loss and her post-traumatic stress disorder that has left her with migraines and nightmares.

"Sometimes, I dream of the night all this happened and wake up screaming thinking that I could save my children," she said. "Then I realise that nightmare is actually reality and my children are really gone, and I try to find the strength to start my day somehow. I miss my children so much that words will never be able to explain."
She’ll never heal

Faith said there are days when she wishes she’d died and knows the hole in her heart will never heal.

Gregory took the stand and attempted to show his remorse.

"God knows the heart. He knows how sorry I am," he said.

They were empty words from a man who had murdered the children of the woman who had opened her heart to give him a second chance at life.

As part of the plea agreement he was told he’d spend 47 to 107 years in prison. He will be 97 before he gets a chance for parole.
 The judge was damning with her words and said it was by far the worst case she’d seen.

"Fathers are supposed to protect their children," she said. "Husbands are supposed to protect their wives. Your actions are inconceivable."

Gregory is back behind bars. He betrayed the trust of the very people who had found it in their hearts to give him another chance. History repeated itself and ended four
young lives.

Update! Efe wins Big Brother Naija 2017

Big Brother Naija has crowned Efe the winner of BBN 2017. The announcement was made minutes ago. It was a battle left between him and Bisola, but Efe won it. He will now go home with N25m and a brand new car coupled with Ayiri's promise of N50m and a brand new car as well.

Update! Man beheads his 83-year-old mother in Edo after she caught him trying to rape his own daughter

The man who hacked his mother to death in Uzzeba, Owan West LGA of Edo State on Friday, April 8th, has been identified as 36-year-old Segun Odihiri. See previous post: here.

According to Daily Trust, the suspect beheaded his 83-year-old mother, Maria Odihiri, for alerting the public while he was trying to rape his own daughter.

It was gathered that the deceased raised an alarm and started screaming when she caught her son in the act. A witness Mr Ekemeiren Ojekhugbo said he always threatened to kill her anytime they had a disagreement.
"For him to cover his shame, he picked up a cutlass and cut off his mother’s head while the daughter ran for safety." said Mr Ojekhugbo.
According to Mr Ojekhugbo, Segun earlier hid the body of the woman but was caught while attempting to dispose of it.

He was later taken to the Owan West Divisional Police Command in Sabongida Ora.

Shocking! See woman who storms wedding in Kenya with two children, claiming the groom was her husband

There was drama at the PCEA Church in Kanyama, Mathira Constituency, Kenya on Saturday, April 8th, when a wedding taking place was temporary stopped after a woman claims that the groom was her husband and father of her children. 

The woman identified as Lydia Mugure stormed the church accompanied by her two children and demanded entry after police officers locked the main gate denying her and other church members access. While outside the church, she cried that her husband had neglected her and their children since December 2016. She claims he was getting married to the officiating minister's secretary named Grace.

"We broke up on December 31, 2016. I have no problem with our separation but he has decided to marry again. I have two children, one aged 10 and the other aged 5. What I want is he takes his children with him. He has married another woman in pretence of having no children. I also want to marry without the stress of being a mother," she said.

"We have been married for ten years. I don't want him. On Wednesday, he had told me that the wedding would not take place. As at yesterday (Friday April 7th) plans of the wedding were still on. That is why I came here today to disrupt the wedding. Let us first settle the children dispute and then we can move on after that. He has a pending case at the children's court. He has been summoned four times to appear before the court, but he has never honoured the court summons" ranted Ms Mugure.
After exchanging their vows, the new couple quickly left the church while being hidden by family members. A crowd outside the church reportedly stoned the couple's convoy as it sped off.

Congregants, who attended the wedding criticized the officiating Minister named Moses Muturi for rushing the function, saying they had been informed of the wedding just few days ago. They threatened to boycott Sunday service unless Rev. Muturi apologizes and rectifies his mistake.
"Rev. Muturi is corrupt. He had received money from the groom and that is why he rushed the whole exercise," a congregant who spoke under anonymity, alleged.
"The two, who tied the knot, are not our church members. We protested the announcement of their planned wedding last Sunday. Today, we were locked out of the church. There was no single elder in the church to witness the wedding. That was just wrong. The Rev. has smeared mud on our church,"another source added.

However, the Minister said the wedding can only be stopped by a court order. 
"So, we had no reason to stop the wedding. So, the two's marriage is now formal. The former wife can go to court," said Rev. Muturi.


Police searching for family of Nigerian man who died in Oakland fire, US

Four people were killed in a four-alarm fire which broke out at an Oakland apartment building in 2551 San Pablo Ave, Oakland on Monday, March 27th. Four others were taken to the hospital for treatment, including two children.

One of the victims has been identified as a 36-year-old Nigerian man, who stayed in Room 223. The coroner said his name is not being released until the victim's family is notified.

According to neighbours, he kept to himself, loved computers and would sketch Oakland landscapes with a set of colored pencils.

His background is something of a mystery. Neither neighbors nor mental health providers who referred him there know much about his personal life, or how he wound up living in a second floor room of the halfway house run by Urojas Community Services.

According to Oakland Fire Battalion Chief Erik Logan, about 80 to 100 people lived in the West Oakland building, which housed people recovering from addiction. He said crews were able to rescue seven people before the intensity of the fire forced firefighters from the building.

Officials said they received calls reporting the fire around 6 a.m. and crews were quickly on the scene. However, the blaze was well underway and they rapidly elevated the fire to four alarms and retreated from the burning structure. The blaze was visible for several miles and sent a massive plume of smoke over Oakland.

The three other victims named Edwarn Anderson, 64, Cassandra Robertson, 50, and Ashantikee Wilson, 41, have been identified and named by the Alameda County Coroner’s Office. But the Nigerian man was badly burned. 

The coroner was finally able to identify him by a single fingerprint, but his name is being withheld until family can be notified — a fruitless search so far.

All research so far has led to dead-ends. Sheriff’s investigators learned he once lived in Cincinnati, but nothing more. One person who might have known him, Wilson, his apparent roommate in the San Pablo building, also died in the fire. "We’re having a hard time getting a hold of (the family),”"Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said. “Everybody we talked to doesn’t know him well or was just a friend. We don’t know how he ended up here."

Coroner’s officials were able to determine the person died from smoke inhalation. Days later, deputies received a hit from the FBI lab from a fingerprint, but it provided little more than a name. Investigators believe the man’s family may reside in Nigeria and attempts to contact anyone there have been unsuccessful, even after speaking with his social worker and others, Kelly said.

The deadly fire tore through the three-story building nearly four months after an inferno claimed 36 lives at the Ghost Ship warehouse across town, in the Fruitvale district.

As fire investigators continue to probe what has initially been ruled an accidental candle fire, the coroner’s office is working to bring closure by finding the family of the fourth and final victim from Room 223. 

Urojas co-director the Rev. Aurea Lewis, who is hosting a memorial for the four victims on April 23, remembered a man who stuck to a pattern. She likened him to the Dustin Hoffman character in the movie “Rain Man.” He had lived with Urojas for more than three years, she recalled. "He was a very quiet, observant man,” Lewis said. “He came to church every Sunday and in his own way praised."

She has no idea how he came to the United States. “It was very sketchy,” she said. "He was extremely savvy with computers. Computers were his way of expressing himself, and he liked to paint with colored pencils,” Lewis said. 

Source: Mercury News/San Francisco CBS Local

Nigerian Students Abandoned In Romania By Sponsors Make Heartbreaking Plea

…We may soon be deported without completing our courses after three years in university’ …CBN, Finance Ministry blocked payments – NIMASA About 295 Nigerian students undergoing specialised courses in maritime in Romania say they are in distress.

Constanta-Maritime-University Reason: They are under the threat of losing their studentship and deported back to Nigeria on the grounds of non-payment of school fees. The students, studying maritime navigation and maritime engineering at Constanta Maritime University, Romania under the Nigeria Seafearers Development Programme, are being sponsored by the Nigeria Maritime Safety Agency (NIMASA).

128 of the students are in their third year in the university while the rest are in final year. “Our school fees and welfare payment have been due since October 2016 as it marked the beginning of a new session”, the students said in a save-our-soul (SOS) message to Sunday Vanguard.

“Currently, the Romania Immigration is concerned about the lack of funds to cater for our basic needs as students which include accommodation, feeding, utilities, textbooks/ educational materials and other logistics which they interpret as living below the required standard as international students, and if this issue is not addressed immediately, we may be expelled from the school and deported back to Nigeria.

With this, the vision of boosting manpower in the maritime sector in Nigeria will be defeated. Most of the students have been ejected from their apartments, thus making them homeless. Going to school has been suspended because we can’t attend lectures on empty stomach and no money for transportation anymore”, the students wrote.

They pleaded with NIMASA, the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Assembly to help them out of their predicament. Meanwhile, Sunday Vanguard learnt, at the weekend, that payments to the students by NIMASA had been delayed by the lack of approval by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The students said: “ We were opportune to play host to the Director General of NIMASA, Dr. Peterside Dakuku, and the Senate Committee on Maritime on the 9th of November 2016 during their fact-finding visit to Romania.

“We used the opportunity to plead with the DG to consider remitting our school fees and welfare allowance to avoid what happened earlier last year as the delay and threat of possible expulsion and deportation were a reoccurring decimal since 2015”.

“In his response to our plea, he assured that he had initiated all payments and what was left was for the money to reflect in the school’s account. “Since they left here, we have been patiently waiting for the money to reflect and it usually takes three working days, but in this case that has not come to reality.

“Presently, we are in a very unfortunate situation here since the Immigration Service of Romania has become knowledgeable of the fact that our bank accounts are reading far below the limits expected of foreign students studying in Romania.

“Right now, some of us have been evicted by our landlords. We are made to walk in shame and this is disgraceful to our identities as Nigerians and to the image of our country”.

Responding on the matter, a source at NIMASA blamed the students’ plight on lack of approval to remit the fees by the CBN and the Ministry of Finance. The source said, “Truly for like à year now, NIMASA has been unable to meet its obligations to our students in Romania.

The payment delay was not intentional but because the CBN and Ministry of Finance blocked our accounts. So we could not meet the obligations”.

“Luckily, on Thursday, the CBN and the Ministry of Finance gave approval and we have since commenced payments into the accounts of the students in Romania and I am sure by now they would have started receiving the money”.

Lobatan! Obesere, Saheed Osupa Speak On The REAL Originator Of Fuji

Image result for images of obesere
What is the origin of fuji music?

Fuji music is the fusion of some genres of music including were which was usually sung by Muslims during the Ramadan period. However, it was the late Barrister that created the brand called fuji because he fused several genres together and created a unique sound, calling it fuji.

What are your thoughts on K1 de Ultimate’s claim that Barrister wasn’t the originator of Fuji music?

During his lifetime, Barrister boldly said it that he is the creator of fuji and I think the only person that is qualified to have disagreed with him is Kollington Ayinla, and since he hasn’t said that  Barrister is not the originator of fuji music, who amongst us, the younger generation, has the right to say otherwise?

The only thing Kollington said was that God should bless the work of our hands that it is not all about titles. Even K1 said so himself in his first album released in the 80s that Barrister is the creator of fuji music.

Why is it after the death of Barrister that he is now saying something different? It is a pity that this has to come from someone like K1. Barrister picked him from the gutter, washed him clean and gave him opportunities. Barrister trained him and what other fuji acts did not enjoy from Barrister, K1 got.

Barrister never took offence with K1 even in instances where he should have; rather he handled issues diplomatically because he didn’t want to be seen as an elder who was envious of a younger one. Wasiu Ayinde should go and think deeply.

Why is it that he always rubbishes everybody who appreciates him? That is why I can never associate with him because he always messes people up. Anybody that God wants to keep away from disgrace wouldn’t go near K1.

When I said I didn’t want to get close to him, people thought I was a bad person but now they know better. In spite of how Malaika used to respect K1, he eventually abused him with a whole album. Even though Saheed Osupa acknowledged K1 in the US, and people thought they had settled their differences, Saheed later abused him again because K1 tried to mess him up. When Barrister proclaimed Saheed Osupa as the king of music, K1 was annoyed that why should anyone else be named king instead of him. Meanwhile, all these titles are just to appreciate ourselves. There is no musician that wouldn’t call himself the best so it’s all normal. Why is it that K1 is always having issues with people? He is envious of the people behind him, he is jealous of the people ahead of him and now, he is fighting with the dead. Why hasn’t anyone come out to abuse me? It is because I always give people their due respect and I’m constantly working to improve myself.

K1’s name was initially Wasiu Ishola but he adopted the name Wasiu Ayinde Barrister to promote himself as a protégé of Barrister. K1 is just an ungrateful and unappreciative person. When Barrister was alive, K1 used to treat him like a god. But those of us who know how to interpret music know that K1 used to abuse Barrister stylishly with his songs. When he was alive, I once told Barrister not to tolerate nonsense from K1 but he said he didn’t want it to seem like he was envious of his protégé. But can you see the result now? Even though I’m not up to Barrister’s level, I am sure that K1 can never disrespect me. Barrister was supposed to perform at the inauguration ceremony of Oba Rilwan Akiolu years ago but because of K1’s closeness to Tinubu, he managed to corner the deal for himself. Even then, Barrister wasn’t offended.

Now, K1 is saying that all those who have been disagreeing with him on his latest claim are uninformed. So, is he the only wise person? He feels he has gotten to a height where no one else has gotten to. Meanwhile, all what he has is nothing in the sight of God. He is only known among the Yoruba people, not the Igbos or foreigners.

K1 Insulted His Master, Barrister – Saheed Osupa

What is your real name?

My real name is Akorede Babatunde Okunola. However, I am popularly known as Saheed Osupa, the creator of Saridon P fuji music. I was born in Lagos but I was brought to Ibadan as a boy. I stayed with my mother at Mosafejo and later, Ajegunle area of Lagos and I will say that those environments triggered my career in fuji music.

Who was your fuji hero at that time?

I listened to the music of the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and Kollington Ayinla. Wasiu Ayinde was just coming up then. As a youth, I associated myself with lower-class people, so I felt their pulse. A guy named Razak led a group of five boys to play fuji music. When I joined them, people preferred my voice and as a result, I started leading the chorus. Razak’s parents discouraged him from singing, so he pulled out while I continued as the group leader.

What do you consider to be the origin of fuji music?

When I began singing fuji music, I was not aware of the fact that my father was once a musician because I did not stay with him. When I began to record albums, I met my father who asked me if I was really interested in the music. I answered yes, so he sat me down to tell me the story behind what is today called fuji music.

He told me about himself, Epo Akara, Gani Kuti and Wasiu Anifowose (not Wasiu Ayinde). My father told me that the origin of fuji music is kiriboto, which were the songs of the masquerade in Yoruba traditional system. He also told me that the occultic part of the kiriboto lyrics was removed so that it would appeal to other religious faithful.

The music extracted from kiriboto was called etiyeri. Part of it was also called seli. After etiyeri and seli were extracted from kiriboto, they thought of how to make the new types of music appeal to the Muslims and that led to the creation of were music which is used to wake Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

Were music became popular in Yorubaland over the years but the were music in Ibadan changed at a time to awurebe through the creative ability of Gani Kuti. He did this so that the song could be rendered at social functions since were had its own season.

My father and his peers created the etiyeri genre but they did not join Kuti in singing awurebe. My father said while he was working on how to adapt the etiyeri kind of were to another type of music, awurebe gained prominence in Ibadan.

The late Dauda Epo Akara later modernised awurebe and made it more popular. That is why people think Epo Akara was the creator of awurebe music.

 What was the role of Barrister in all these?

The late Ayinde Barrister was an Ibadan man who lived in Ibadan and Lagos at the time of all the creations. In Lagos, part of were music was adapted to sakara music. Because he was familiar with awurebe in Ibadan and sakara in Lagos, Barrister then thought of a way to modernise awurebe and sakara. It was from there that he created fuji music.

Barrister is the progenitor of fuji music. After he started fuji music, Lagos and Yoruba people accepted it and it became the most popular music.

You must have heard the statement of Wasiu Ayinde, K1 d Ultimate, that Barrister did not create fuji. What is your opinion?

When I heard about the statement credited to Wasiu Ayinde, I contacted him and told him that after watching the interview, I was not happy with his utterances about Barrister. I told him that he (Ultimate) once told me that he was a servant of the fuji creator. I asked him why he would be profaning the personality of his master. I also told him that what he had done amounted to sacrilege.

If you are debasing your oracle, that is sacrilege. Barrister is still too important to be disrespected in fuji music. I made attempt to tell him the real history of fuji music as told by my father. I also told him how important Barrister was in the creation of fuji music. The people he was quoting as the creators of fuji only sang were.

But when it got to a level where the conversation was degenerating to an argument, I backed off because he is an elderly person that I respect. I had to be mature about it but I was able to express my mind.

If Wasiu Ayinde is saying that Barrister did not start fuji, he is probably saying so because fuji is an adaptation of several kinds of music genres that began a long time ago. But the name fuji and the combination of series of music adapted from several types of music were the initiative of Barrister. If anyone says he did not create fuji, that person is wrong.

 From the story you have told, Barrister created fuji from some music genres and others did the same from other music, starting from kiriboto. Why has no one created a new music from fuji instead of singing same old fuji?

That is what has been causing the controversy in the fuji music industry. Kuti started awurebe while Epo Akara modernised it. People have forgotten that Kuti was the creator but they gave Epo Akara the credit.

Wasiu Ayinde (Ultimate) tried to do the same by introducing classical system into it but people still prefer to call his music fuji. He even tried to call it Talazo but people called it Talazo fuji, meaning that whatever name you give it, it remains fuji music.

My music is Saridon P fuji, Alabi Pasuma calls his own Pasuma fuji, Shina Akanni calls his own Skopido fuji while Adewale Ayuba’s own is called Bubble fuji. Abass Akande Obesere says his own music is Omorapala fuji but we are all singing fuji music.

Wasiu Ayinde (Ultimate) did a lot of alteration to fuji but the name has not changed. He modernised it in such a way that anyone can wake up and sing his own kind of fuji music but I brought back the original flavour of fuji music.

Despite the fact that I am not using the old voice, I brought back the old content which includes moral messages. Fuji must preach moral and good messages. This is what is causing problems among fuji musicians.


UK Issues Terror Alert To Citizens In Nigeria

The United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a terror alert to its citizens currently living in Nigeria or planning to visit the country to be more vigilant during the Easter period.

There have been pockets of suicide bombings in the North-East.

The British Foreign Travel Advice, which was updated on Friday night, stated, “Summary and Terrorism section: you should be particularly vigilant around the Easter period.”

It then provided an updated list of possible places that could be targeted by terrorist attacks in the country.

“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all travel to: Borno; Yobe; Adamawa; Gombe; riverine areas of Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River states within 20km of the border with Niger in Zamfara State.

“The FCO also advises against all but essential travel to: Bauchi; Zamfara; Kano; Kaduna; Jigawa; Katsina; Kogi within 20km of the border with Niger in Sokoto and Kebbi states; Jos City in Plateau State; Riyom and Barkin Ladi Local Government Areas of Plateau; non-riverine areas of Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers states; and Abia State,” the office said.

It noted that there was a continuing high threat from terrorism, adding that most attacks occurred in the North-East, particularly in Borno (including central Maiduguri and along access routes into the city), Yobe, Adamawa and Gombe states.

The British government warned that major towns and cities remained particularly at risk, including Kano, Kaduna, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


Another man jumps into a canal in Lagos

A man jumped into the canal under the Festac link bridge in Lagos this morning. Efforts are being made to rescue him from the canal by local divers. More details later.

Check out James Ibori's daughter's wedding photos

Former Delta state governor, James Ibori, Saturday gave his daughter, Erhitake Ibori's hand out in marriage to her husband, Mr Euenu. The ceremony took place at his home in Oghara, Delta state. 

In attendance were past and present governors, members of the state House of Assembly where the bride serves as a member representing Ethiope West. More photos after the cut...