16 Apr 2017

Omg! See how gunmen kill journalist in Bayelsa State ...graphic photos

Unidentified gunmen on Sunday killed a journalist, Famous Giobaro, in his residence at INEC Road, Kpasia in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

Giobaro, until his death was a a staff of state owned Bayelsa Radio Corporation, Glory FM 97.1 Yenagoa. A witness said the gunmen stormed his apartment at about 5 a.m on Sunday, April 16, where they had stiff resistance from the late journalist who barricaded the door as they tried to forcefully gain entrance into his house.

The gunmen later shot through the door which hit him in the stomach.  The assailants then bust open his kitchen door, entered his bedroom and and shot him several times before they left the area.
The Bayelsa state Police Public Relations Officer DSP Asinim Butswat who confirmed the incident however said he was yet to get full details of the incident.

The attackers did not steal anything and they did not attack other occupants of the bungalow, fueling speculations they could be assassins.

The Nigeria Union of Jurnalists, Bayelsa State Council have received the news of Famous Giobaru with rude shock while calling on the Police to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators of this dastardly act.
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See 30 Boys Arrested In Ghana For Fraud And 29 of them are Nigerians

A suspected cyber crime syndicate was last month apprehended by the Achimota Mile 7 Police in Accra. Surprisingly, of all the 30 suspects arrested, 29 were Nigerians.

The arrest took place in an early morning swoop on a house at Alhaji Tabora in Accra. 

Retrieved from the suspects were 34 laptops and 48 mobile phones they allegedly used in committing Yahoo Yahoo fraud. 

The suspects are also linked to a dead body that was found wrapped at the Apenkwa neighbourhood two weeks ago.

The suspects are aged from 21 to 30. Another suspect, Peter Konadu Frimpong, 34, who was on top of a storey building videoing the police action, was also arrested. 

Among the suspects rounded up were Ike Ogu, 24; Ike Iduozi, 23; Blessing Adebayo, 25, Awudu Abdul Razak, 23; Daley Emmanuel, 26; Moses Madjaki, 30; Onaghnise Osahou, 24; Peter Andrews,25; Benjamin Akumeze, 25; Kelvin Osayi, 23; Oforufemi Adrigu, 25, Anthony Irughe, 22 and Kelvin Uche, 22.

Others were Timothy Irughe, 22; Elvis Uzeogbu, 24; Owen Zakari, 24; Joe Steve Obozu, 29; Festus Owubu, 25; Abraham Femi, 24; Suleman Abudu, 25; Abraham Femi, 24; Age Michael, 25.

Philip Aghariaha, 25; Nathaniel Owobu, 27; Teddy Atigbin, 23; Henry Onege, 27; Daniel Ukuokolo, 21; Osas Uhuns, 22; Kelvin Ola, 23, Lucky Osahou,21 and Yakubu Dido, 26.

The Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Osabarima Oware Asare Pinkro II, said the police, acting on a tip-off, kept the house under surveillance before conducting the swoop.

He said the police met almost all the suspects busily engaged in fraudulent cyber activities during the swoop around 7 a.m. “The suspects were all living in one big house where they undertake their nefarious activities.”

Traditional Ruler Kidnapped In Ondo

The Oniyani of Iyani Akoko in Akoko North-West Local Government Area of Ondo State, Oba Joel Daodu, has been kidnapped.

People suspected to be kidnappers had abducted him on Saturday night. According to a source, the traditional ruler was abducted on Ikare-Owo Expressway at Oba Akoko.

After being kidnapped, the source said Oba Da0du was taken to an unknown destination by his abductors.

The source said, “A few hours after the abduction, the kidnappers contacted the family of the traditional ruler and demanded for a sum of N15m before they would release him. ”

It would be recalled that the former Regent of Akungba Akoko, Princess Toyin Omosowon, was kidnapped on the same route in 2015.

The police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Femi Joseph, confirmed the incident but yet to give the full details at the time of this report.

He however said the police was on the move to rescue the traditional ruler.

The PPRO said, “We learnt that the Oba was kidnapped and our men are already on the trail of the abductors while investigation is also ongoing.”

On the issue of ransom, Joseph said he was not aware whether the kidnappers demanded for ransom or not.

“On our part, we will not encourage payment of ransom; but we will ensure that the victim is rescued alive, hale and hearty.”

In his reaction to the incident, a fellow traditional ruler, the Owa of Ogbagi Akoko, Oba Victor Adetona, condemned the abduction of his colleague.

He called on the state government to provide adequate security for traditional rulers in the state.

If Tiwa Savage & I could marry again, I'll put God first, no big wedding – Teebillz

Teebillz has for the first time spoken about how things would be different if he and Tiwa Savage could have done it all over again.

He was speaking as a panelist at Mind the Gap X, a love and relationship class for single, married and divorced people organized by Pastor Wale Adefarasin and life coach, Lanre Olusola.

Tiwa Savage's husband said, "If I have the chance of doing my marriage over again, I will put God first and not have an elaborate wedding."

He went on to describe the tendency for men to want to be in control of the relationship as wrong.

"It’s the 21st century and as men, most of us want to live like we are the lords of the marriage. You’re a partner. It’s about our weaknesses, we’re here to help each other."

The couple had an extravagant traditional wedding in 2013 before topping it up with a destination wedding at the Armani Hotel, Dubai in April 2014.

But if not for God and the intervention of pastors and Lanre Olusola, there marriage would have become history. Both of them have reportedly been undergoing serious marriage counseling.

Tiwa was present to support her husband as he spoke at the event.

Being Yoruba and Igbo Has Helped Me – Yemi Alade

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Yemi Alade expressed how being from the Yoruba tribe and at the same time from Igbo has helped her. She says it's being a plus and has helped her connect easily.
Her words; “You cannot underestimate the importance and role of tribes in Nigeria as it is taken very seriously. I am very proud of my heritage as an African and I try to portray in every way that I can and everywhere I go. Being partly Yoruba and Igbo is a big plus for me as it has helped me to connect with both cultures. However, I believe that both cultures are inextricably intertwined because they share a lot of similarities.”

Yemi also stated that her first hit, Johnny was released by mistake. She said, “I was in the studio with Selebobo and we were just goofing around trying to come up with a nice sound. The first line for the song just came out playfully and I continued. I never thought that it would become a hit and if not that the song was leaked, I may never have released it.”

OMG: Married Woman Caught Doing IT With A Neighbor In.....

Image may contain: 1 person, standingThe leaked video session of this Yoruba woman from Ikotun, Lagos State went viral online after her husband placed the camera before going to work.

The husband (name withheld) is a Mechanic and he is not at home always. Some of their neighbors call the husband and explain this act to him but he didn’t believe that one of his neighbor is having affair with his wife.
This faithful day he placed a small camera at the edge corner of the room which capture his wife and the same man. If it were you what will you do?


Update! UNILAG Lady Who Went Missing After A Party Found Dead In The Morgue

As shared by Bayodele Plato...
'Pretty Lady missing after leaving for a party at Lagos Island, discovered to have died in an accident.  
A news broke over a week ago about a lady that was missing after leaving for a party in Lagos Island, she was discovered to be dead in a car accident.

The lady who was identified as Remilekun wasn’t missing, but she died in an accident a day after she left her hostel. Our Sources revealed to us that her body was found at a morgue by her family, and she was buried today at Yaba cemetery'.

I’m Not A Witch - #BBNaija TBoss

Taking time off her schedule, Tokunbo Idowu, aka T-Boss, 2nd-runner of Big Brother Naija reality show who generated so much buzz and controversy, speaks to The Nation's Joe Agbro Jr. about her experience and relationships in the house and other issues.

Two months in the Big Brother Naija house. How does it feel being outside?
Actually, it was almost three months. It feels amazing. It’s still very unreal and the love I’ve been getting so far is absolutely humbling. I mean, people came to wait for me, receive me at the airport and they were wearing my face on their T-shirts. And it was so… these people love me and waited there for me. It was really humbling. It’s been very good so far.

A lot of people were rooting for you. And on the last day, while you were dressing, you wore a crown. How did it feel that you didn’t emerge winner? 
I really appreciate the efforts they put in. I’ve heard some of the supports… I appreciate and I say to them all, thanks. I did not get the grand prize but I am a winner. I am absolutely a winner and I am an absolute queen. I went there as Tokunbo Idowu, just a simple girl, but right now I’m a queen. And that crown, that’s my crown, it’s befitting of how I feel right now. So, Efe is the grand prize winner but I’m also a winner. Bisola is a winner, everybody is a winner. So, I don’t feel bad at all.

You made it to the top three despite several challenges. Before going into the house, did you have a strategy to win, to get votes? 
Absolutely not. Before I went into the house, I did a little bit of research with the limited time I had…to go through some previous winners and see, maybe, what it is they did that made them likable, what strategy they applied.

Just before I went into the house, I’m like, ‘abeg, it’s too much for me, I cannot.’ The only thing I know how to do is to be myself. I will be nice. I will get angry. I will scream. I will cry. I will laugh. I just went in there and I was myself. That was my only strategy…..who loved me loves me, who hates me… I have seen some of the comments and it’s sad.

Now that you’ve come out and you’ve seen the comments. Which of those comments have pained you the most? 

You also received the most nominations for eviction from fellow housemates. How do you feel towards them for getting that title of being the most nominated housemate for eviction? 
It was a game. People need to understand that it was a game. Everyone went in there fighting for themselves to get that prize money. It was a game. But truth of the matter is, being enclosed with people, you’re forced to live with them, cry with them, laugh, eat, shout with them, fight with them, doing our tasks, you start bonding with them and you start liking them.

Okay, every week it changes. Today, I like you, tomorrow, I don’t like you too much. It happens. Husband and wife, they fight every day. But I don’t have any bad energy or bad feelings towards any of them. They did what they felt they should do under the circumstances. And it’s fine. I love them all. They’re all talented, crazy people but I love them all.

Of the housemates, who is your favourite? 
I don’t have favourites per se. but the person that I would say I really connected with and really bonded the most with would be Debie-Rise because she stayed to the end with me. But off and on, I like everyone.

Could boredom have been responsible for some of the crazy moments in the house? 
What is crazy moment in your opinion?

Like the moments when you exposed your breasts, about twice… were they intentional? 
I was showering. Did I come to the living room? Where did I expose my breasts?

The first time, you were in the dressing room and you took off your top. 
So, I was in the bathroom…

You were not in the bathroom. 
I was in the private area. Was I in the lounge?

You were in a place that was being recorded. There were videos capturing those moments... 
I actually saw videos of us in the bathroom but not shower hour.

There were two instances that the internet has captured that you took off your top. Weren’t you aware of what you were doing then? 
See, the Big Brother house is a place where you showcase yourself. You’re free to be T-Boss. Whoever T-Boss is, you show the world who T-Boss is. And in my own life, in my normal day-to-day life, I don’t like to wear clothes when I’m walking around in my house. I like to be free, here (pointing from her waist downwards), covered here (pointing upwards from her waist), what’s the point? Or I’ll just wear one small blouse. The Big Brother house was like my house at a point.

So, I would just be very very very free. I didn’t do it out of boredom. No, I was just being myself and walking around without clothes… I didn’t go to the kitchen, you know, because, then, that is like really seeking attention or go out into the garden or to the arena. No, I didn’t do that.

Those actions really created a buzz. 
Everything creates a buzz. Even when I burb, it creates a buzz. People want to judge, people want to comment. And it’s fine, you know. Just don’t read too much into it.

A columnist, Reuben Abati, wrote a piece where he said you could have won, and were the most worthy to represent Big Brother Naija brand but you lost because of your arrogance. What’s your response to that? 
I do not feel I’m an arrogant person. I’m sorry he has that opinion of me. I read the comments. My people actually were afraid that I would get emotional and sad about it. But I’m not. I was actually quite amused when I read his comments about the ‘mango’ part. It was actually quite comical.

Also during the show, some of the housemates described you as ‘manipulative’ and some commentators also used that word and called you a ‘white witch’. 
I heard now… Oh, what do I have to say to that? I don’t know. (Asking another person) ‘Oga, was I manipulative?’ You (to the interviewer), do you think I was manipulative? Those were the comments of people

I don’t know. If they saw me like that, it’s sad. I’m not a manipulative person. And I’m definitely not a witch. Oh my God. And my bed is really not cursed.

Bisola's Baby Daddy Denies Ever Abandoning Her On The Altar

Bisola Aiyeola's baby daddy has denied ever abandoning her on the altar saying they never got to one. He admits having a child with her but says it couldn't work due to their personal differences. Olanrewaju Malcolm, who is an artiste manager and showbiz promoter spoke to Sunday Scoop saying;

“It is a big fat lie that I dumped Bisola at the altar; there was nothing like that. In fact, I’m still looking for the person who wrote that story online because it is malicious. We split because we had some personality traits that could not complement each other and there was never any marriage.”

Expressing his opinion of her conduct while in the house, Malcolm said, “I think she was able to go there, represent herself well and also showcase her talent. She was lively and full of fun while in the house and I guess that’s what viewers want.”

On if he had ever haboured thoughts that Bisola would one day participate in a reality show of that nature, he said, “I have always known her as a very talented person and she always goes for what she wants. In fact, she had been in reality shows before Big Brother.”

Speaking about Bisola’s closeness to Tony while in the house, he said, “She is a grown woman and whatever she did on the show is her business.”

He also said that their daughter, Leyla hasn’t really said much about the show, but “naturally, she’s happy that her mother won.”

Responding to a question on whether they would still get back together, Malcolm said “Everything still remains the same. It doesn’t mean that because she was successful at Big Brother Naija, we are coming back together. There was a reason for our break up, which is personality differences, and those differences are still there.”

Omg! See the last words of beautiful Nigerian girl who died during surgery in Lagos

19-year-old Kika Onyibe, a Law student at Birmingham University, UK, passed away on Wednesday, April 12th, during a surgery for ruptured appendix in a Lagos hospital. It was gathered that she died due to complications from the surgery. According to her boyfriend, Emmanuel Ayoola, she had traveled to Nigeria from the UK to receive treatment for what she thought was an infection but ended up being a ruptured appendix..
Responding to her mother's question on whether she was scared, just before she went in for the surgery, Kika said:

"No, I'm at peace. I know we're I'm going if I don't come out and I will be with Jesus"
Meanwhile, heartwarming tributes have been pouring in for Kika. Friends, family, boyfriend, colleagues led tributes for her on social media. All spoke of her kindness, generosity and warmth.  Her Remains will be laid to rest at Ikoyi cemetery on Tuesday 18th of April 2017. Her boyfriend, Emmanuel Ayoola wrote:

Shocking! Man Chains Wife To Generator Till Dawn In Ogun

The Ogun State Police Command has arrested a 37-year-old man, Ifeanyi Ajaero for allegedly chaining his 28-old -wife, Obiageli Ajaero, to generator from night till the following morning. She was allegedly chained on the night of Friday 14th April till the morning of Saturday 15th April 2017.

Obiageli was said to have been seriously battered by her husband before being chained. The state Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the incident happened at Ewooluwo, Sagamu in Sagamu Local Government Area of the state.

He said the suspect who is a member of the already disbanded merchant Navy used a handcuff to chain his wife who has become so weak as a result of serious beating from the husband. Oyeyemi said Ajaero’s neighbours who had been witnessing his frequent beating of his wife alerted the police of the latest happening.

He said swiftly, the Divisional Police Officer of the command in Sagamu, Aduroja Moses led his men to the scene, rescued the victim and got the suspect arrested.

On interrogation, he said the suspect admitted chaining the woman to the generator, but he claimed that his action was for “self-defence.”

Meanwhile, the State Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, who described the action of the suspect as the height of wickedness has ordered the immediate transfer of the case to Anti- Human Trafficking and Child Labour Unit of the state Investigation and Intelligence Department for further investigation and prosecution.

He also warned residents of the state that the command would not tolerate any act of domestic violence no matter who was involved.

Man Catapults 75-Year Old Mother’s Eye Over Alleged Witchcraft

A 36 year old electrician,Kwadwo Akomea Jonas has been arrested by the Akyem Osino Police in the Eastern region of Ghana for catapulting the right eye of his 75-year old mother, Salomey Korang after accusing her of witchcraft. The suspect has been remanded by a Koforidua Circuit Court .

The Prosecutor ,Chief Inspector Solomon Keelson told the Court that, the complainant in the case,Vida Darkwah, and the accused are siblings whiles their mother is the victim both residents at Akyem Osino.

He said , accused person has been accusing the mother (victim) for killing four out of twelve children she had given birth to with her witchcraft . The incessant witchcraft accusations against the victim by her son(accused person) created sour relationship between the two which the accused severally threatened to kill the victim or eject her from her own house.

The accused person,at about 4pm attempted to eject the victim from the house and further warned that,he will kill the victim of she fails to leave the house.

The 75 year old victim ,sensing danger attempted to run for safety but was pushed down by the accused person .

The victim frightened by the action of the accused, got up and sat at the entrance of her room and bowed down her head.

According to Chief Inspector Keelson, the accused catapulted the right eye of the victim immediately she raised up the head .

The accused , Kwadwo Akomea,then took to his heels when the victim suddenly fell down wailing in agony amidst blood oozing from her eye .

Some residents who got wind of the incident trooped to the house and rushed the victim to Osiem Government Hospital .

Police laid surveillance and managed to arrest the accused person at his hideout on April 4,2017, and charged with offence of causing harm contrary to Section 69 of Act 29/60.

The victim even though treated and discharged, her right eye has been damaged.

Wow! Meet The Newest Oldest Person In World

The new 'oldest living person in world' is a Jamaican who was born just miles from the birthplace of the fastest man on planet, Usain Bolt.

Violet Brown who is 117 years and 36 days old takes over the title from fellow supercentenarian Emma Morano who has died aged 117 years and 137 days.

She is the first ever verified supercentenarian from Jamaica and the oldest verified Jamaican person ever.

Mrs Brown was born on March 10, 1900 when Jamaica was a part of the British Empire, making her the last living former subject of Queen Victoria who died in January 1901.

Recognised by the Guinness Book of Records , Mrs Brown who still lives in the same house in where she was born told the Jamaica Observer in an interview last year: “I live by the grace of God and I am proud of my age!”

It also reported last May that her 96-year-old son, Harold Fairweather, is widely believed to be the oldest person with a living parent.

Alao Malaika To Host Wife To Lavish 40th Birthday Party

Fuji Star Malaika Alao's wife, Alhaja Princess Basirat Olubukola Adekunle is 40. The light skinned mother of four who is also the daughter of Olubadan added another year today.  A thanks giving service was held in her house today in Lagos, where family and friends came to gather to wish her well.

Her husband has also picked, Sunday 23rd, 2017 to host an elaborate party for her.

Read President Buhari's Easter Message To Nigerians

I congratulate our Christian brothers and sisters on the celebration of this year’s Easter.

I rejoice with you on this historic occasion signifying the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, redemption over condemnation, and hope over despair.

The commemoration of this special season in Christianity, is always preceded by fasting, piety, humility, penance and prayers of intercession in the build up to the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, an event which reunited man with his Creator.

The message of Easter is filled with themes of love, faith, sacrifice, dedication, commitment, fulfilment of prophecy, hope, expectation and victory, as espoused in the Scriptures and the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate yet another Easter, I urge all Nigerians to live peacefully with one another and do their utmost to make Nigeria a beautiful place to reside.
In the almost two years of this administration, we have worked hard to meet the expectations of Nigerians by improving security, especially in the North-East, sustaining the campaign against corruption and have taken steps to revitalize the economy.

We are determined as never before to continue with the fight against terrorism and insurgency; sustain the peace in the Niger Delta through engagements with stakeholders; and restore peace and stability in other parts of the country.

It is in our collective interest to live in peace because without peace, no meaningful and sustainable development can take place. Lack of peace in one part affects in one way or the other, all parts of the country. Our people must rediscover the values of peaceful co-existence, social justice, religious tolerance, dignity of labour and patriotism.

I enjoin all Nigerians to keep faith in the determination and ability of this administration to change the Nigerian story for the good of all.

I wish all Nigerians happy Easter celebrations.


Another Nigerian Couple Jailed For Multiple Frauds In America

Mr. Gbenga Ogundele aka Benson Ogundele, 58, of Laurel, Maryland has been sentenced to 234 months in prison over conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering arising from a scheme to defraud vulnerable victims of millions of dollars.

Ogundele’s wife Moji Popoola , aka Mojisola Oluwakemi Tin Popoola/Moji T. Popoola, 42, also of Laurel, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Both sentences will be followed by three years of supervised release.

United States District Judge, Paul W. Grimm also convicted Ogundele of aggravated identity theft in connection with the scheme.

Judge Grimm, had on March 20, 2017, sentenced Mojisola’s brother Babatunde Emmanuel Popoola , aka Emmanuel Popoola/Tunde Popoola, 34 to 12 years imprisonment on the same charges.

Ogundele and the Popoolas were convicted on November 18, 2016, after a 17-day trial.

Ogundele, Mojisola, and Emmanuel, were, in 2015, indicted by a federal grand jury alongside Mukhtar Danjuma Haruna , a/k/a “Mukhtar Haruna Danjuma” and “Mukky,” of Lagos, Nigeria; Victor Oyewumi Oloyede , 41, of Laurel; Olusegun Charles Ogunseye, aka “Charles O. Ogunseye,” 58, of Laurel; Adeyinka Olubunmi Awolaja , Jr. , aka “Yinka O. Awolaja, Jr.,” 33, formerly of New Carrolltown, Maryland; Olusola Olla , 48, of Brown Summit, North Carolina; and Olufemi Wilfred Williams , aka “Wilfred Olufemi Williams” and “Femi Williams,” 26, of Owings Mills, Maryland.

The judge ordered Ogundele to forfeit $2,195,103.36, Mojisola Popoola to forfeit approximately $165,000 and to pay restitution of $34,100, and Emmanuel to pay restitution of $465,170.76.

According to the evidence presented during their trial, from January 2011 to May 18, 2015, members of the conspiracy searched online dating websites to initiate romantic relationships with elderly male and female individuals. They phoned, e-mailed, texted and used Internet chat messenger services to form romantic relationships with the victims, who lived in Maryland and around the country.

The members of the conspiracy were said to have used a number of false stories and promises to convince the victims to provide money to the conspirators, including fake hospital bills, plane trips to visit the victims, problems with overseas businesses and foreign taxes. The conspirators opened bank accounts in order to receive millions of dollars from the victims.

Numerous deposits from several victims into bank accounts controlled by the defendants, or checks received from the victims, ranging in individual amounts from $1,720 to $30,000 were also discovered.

Members of the conspiracy used false stories and promises to convince the victims to provide money to the conspirators, including fake hospital bills, plane trips to visit the victims, problems with overseas businesses and foreign taxes.

Oloyede, a co-conspirator was sentenced to 234 months in prison.

Awolaja, Ogunseye, and Williams pleaded guilty to the charges against them. Awolaja will be sentenced on June 12, 2017, Ogunseye, on July 25, 2017, and Williams, on July 27, 2017.

Update! Amaechi slams Wike, denies ownership of the recovered money and apartment

Minister of Transport and former Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi, has released a statement blasting his successor, Nyesom Wike, who claims the $43 million found by EFCC operatives in an apartment in Ikoyi last week, belongs to Amaechi.

In the statement released, Amaechi denied the claim and alleged that Wike's sole aim since assuming office is to search for new ways to defame his person. Read Amaechi's statement below.
“Wike has stolen Rivers State dry. Wike and his gang have frittered billions and billions of Naira of Rivers people money away. Rivers State is perpetually in crisis, the state in a mess as Wike has made a total mess of governance in the State. That child who sits there as governor is confused, he doesn’t know what to do. Wike’s only solution is to attack Amaechi.”
“Since he became governor, Wike sleeps and wakes up everyday, with a sole, one-point agenda to attack and denigrate Rotimi Amaechi, no matter how ridiculous and silly he sounds. Everyday in Rivers State, there is one frivolous, false story of what Amaechi did or didn’t do. Same pattern, the same blatant lies with no proof, same old concocted stories of corruption allegations against Amaechi told with different flavours. At this rate, if Wike is unable to perform his spousal duties, he will blame it on Amaechi. Yes, that’s how despicably low he can go in his consuming fixation to throw mud at Amaechi.”

“This latest outburst by Wike is typical of him. We are aware that Wike first tried to float the fake news of Amaechi’s ownership of the recovered $43million and the Ikoyi house in the social media using his minions and lackeys, spending huge sums of Rivers money on the failed project. His minions and lackeys were calling journalists, bloggers and media organizations to run the fake story with promises of almost irresistible mouth-watering compensation for using the fake story. When that failed and the story didn’t gain traction that was when Wike decided to hurriedly hold the press conference Friday night, to rant and spew his outright lies, yet again without providing any proof of Amaechi’s ownership of both the property and the money.”

“For clarity and emphasis, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is not the owner of the $43million and the Ikoyi apartment in which the money was recovered from. Amaechi has no business, link or connection to the money or property. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi does not know who owns the money or Ikoyi apartment.”

“Wike’s malicious allegation of corruption against Amaechi in the sale of the Gas Turbines is not new. This false claim has been punctured repeatedly with facts and evidence of the transfer payments for the power plants into Rivers State government accounts by Sahara Energy. The records of how the funds were spent and what it was spent on are in the records of the State government. Amaechi has absolutely no business or any interest whatsoever in Sahara Energy. The company was already a thriving business concern before Amaechi’s emergence as governor of Rivers State in 2007.

“We urge all right-thinking members of the public to completely disregard all the false, politically motivated no-proof claims by Nyesom Wike and his minions as it concerns Amaechi and the $43million and Ikoyi property. The false accusations by Wike is purely diversionary, a political smear campaign against Amaechi by Wike, while he steals Rivers State blind. The fake claims is a figment of the imagination of Nyesom Wike, an ignoble fellow who’s so reckless, irresponsible, and disgraceful, and has debased the high office he holds in trust for the people. Wike is a rabble-rouser and should not be taken seriously. He has made several false claims like this in the recent past and never went the whole length to prove it because he had no proof. Many would recall how Wike was screaming all over national television stations just before the Rivers State legislative Rerun elections that he had an explosive video, containing earth-shaking revelations and he would show the video on national TV. Till date, no video, just talk talk and talk, telling more and more lies.”

“Yet again, we challenge Wike to charge Amaechi to court if he has any shred of evidence that the money belongs to Rivers State and was kept in the Ikoyi apartment by Amaechi. But like his numerous frivolous accusations in the past, we know he won’t go to court. He has nothing to substantiate his blatant lies. This Wike’s recent tale like his previous ones is a big sham, a disgraceful political drama, and a campaign of calumny to defame and destroy the sterling reputation of Rotimi Amaechi. This is now Wike’s sole life ambition.”

“Finally, we want Nigerians to note that Wike’s reckless, irresponsible and fictitious tirade against the President Buhari administration at his media briefing of Friday is a declaration of war against the Federal Government. This has been his regular past time in recent times, making false allegations against the Federal government and threatening the President Buhari administration with fire and brimstone”, the statement concluded.