17 Apr 2017

Big Brother winner, Efe speaks on how he'll spend his N25m

When you were in the House, some of your fans went as far as climbing the mountain to pray for you, how did you react when you heard about it?
Na so I hear o. You know, in Nigeria, we are very passionate about prayer; when we want a particular thing, we pray over it and I’m glad their prayers for me were answered.

How do you plan to spend the N25 million you won?
Well, I will spend it based on logistics (Laughs).

Do you have any plan for Marvis after the BBN House?  
All those kisses have ended with the show (Laughter).

Did you have any girl friend before going into the BBN House?  
No, I didn’t have a girl friend.

Why now?  
It’s because I’m not really particular about girls. I do my thing the way it comes.

After Big Brother Naija, what’s next?  
It’s music, music all the way. I also look forward to working with Olamide Baddo. He voted for me and promised to support my career. God bless him.

Omg! 12 Injured In Acid Attack At London Club

At least 12 people suffered burns after a man sprayed acid inside a club in east London.

Hundreds of revellers were evacuated from Mangle E8 in Sidworth Street, Dalston, after police were called at about 01:10 BST.

Officers believe a man threw acid at two men after a dispute between two groups inside the venue.

Two men in their 20s remain in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

Ten other people were were treated for minor injuries, the Metropolitan Police said.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said: "The only information that we have is that it was an unknown corrosive substance thrown within the nightclub.

"It was identified by a pH paper test as a strong acidic substance."

It is understood about 600 people were at an event in the club.

Officers said 10 people were taken to hospital by ambulance, while a further two sought treatment at A&E. No arrest has been made yet.

Police arrest two Nigerian men, local woman for duping people across India

The Udaipur police has arrested five persons including two Nigerian nationals and a woman over the weekend, for duping many people across the country through online fraudulent activities.

The notorious gang have been operating for two years and have duped people of 3 crore rupees. Rich and educated people from big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur and many other places had fallen victims to their allurement and deposited lakhs of rupees, police said.

The thugs frequently changed their locations to evade arrest. Presently, they had been operating from Mumbai before falling in the police net, the gang befriended their victims on social networking sites before playing their tricks, police said. The gang had purchased ready made garments from the duped money and dispatched to Nigeria through air cargo.

The two Nigerian suspects Victor alias Kalvin and Idumi Charles, along with their aid Prema Das Soni were arrested from Virar in Mumbai while two men Sandip Mahindra and Naresh Pancholi both residents of Udaipur were held for aiding them.

Prema was in a live-in-relationship with a Nigerian citizen who introduced her to Victor and Charles. Surprisingly, Victor even had a voter identity card which is issued only to Indian citizens. The card reflects a Hyderabad address. The Nigerian Embassy has been informed about the arrest, police said.
"We had a tip from our informer that Sandip and Naresh were into some illegal activity. When we interrogated them we realized they were part of an international racket that committed online frauds through various means. These two men operated bank accounts in Udaipur and transferred money which were deposited in these accounts from all over India by victims who were lured into lucrative deals by the masterminds.
Speaking to reporters, Udaipur SP Rajendra Prasad Goyal said the bank account holders were mostly less educated people who didn't knew what was being done with their account, they were paid petty amount in return of sharing the details. Police has seized 11 Lakh rupees cash, 7 kilo silver, 20 gram gold biscuit, many ATM cards, signed cheque books from Sandip and Naresh's custody.
" For the first time, police took initiation to crack the case. A special team was formed and we played the victims by posing as their client and engaged them into prolonged chatting sessions to get their details" said Chandra Purohit, Circle Inspector of Ambamata police station.
The perpetrators used the social media platform mainly Facebook and Whatsapp to earn confidence of people. They played various tricks on people once they initiated conversation or stroke friendship with them. At times they posted attractive advertisements of selling products like branded clothes, home equipment at discounted prices.

When enquiries poured in, they would contact the clients through text messages and ask to deposit money at certain account numbers. Once they got the money, they would terminate communications with the person forever.
"When one of our men befriended the woman, she made a story of having trapped in an emergency situation on a ship, which she said had been attacked by pirates. She asked for financial aid from the cop assuming that he had believed her story" Purohit said.
Another trick would be of posing as good Samaritan and offering gifts. When someone agreed to accept the gift, they would be asked to pay for the custom duty for the parcel.

Source: Times of India

Shocking! Islamic fundamentalist, Sheikh tells Muslim girls - You'll go to hell fire for having non-Muslim friendships

Islamic fundamentalist, Sheikh Mohamad Doar has made controversial headlines for telling young Muslim girls they would go to hell if they are associated with non-Muslim friends.
'The reality is, my sisters, any friendship that is not built on the fear of Allah is only going to lead to hell fire so you need to be cautious, he said.
He was speaking to teenage girls at a forum in Sydney on Saturday, where he lectured them on Islamic fashion and grooming.

Sheikh from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association also told the girls that they will be cursed by Allah if they plucked their eyebrows, waxed their body or shaved.
'You are not allowed the remove the hair of the eyebrow, it's a major sin,' he said. The lady who plucks her eyebrows and the one who gets them plucked, they're both cursed by Allah.'
While responding to questions,  Sheikh Doar told  the girls:

'It cannot be see-through showing skin. The hijab needs to be as plain as possible,' he said.

'It cannot be an imitation of the disbeliever's dress code. It cannot be attracting to the eye. It cannot resemble the dress of men. It can't be a showing-off cloth.'
He, however, warned them they would face criticism about their dress sense from other Muslims and kafirs, an Islamic term for non-believers.

Most wanted female terror suspect found dead in Kenya

One of Kenya’s most wanted terror suspects, Fatuma Mohamed Masou, who had a Sh2 million bounty on her head, was found dead in Kedong, Kenya.
She was the wife of slain terrorist Kassim Omondi, who was killed by police during a raid in 2013.
 On the run since September last year, her body was found in Kedong, near Naivasha, more than a month ago, but the police officers who stumbled upon her remains did not immediately identify her.

Her family did not show up for the brief burial ceremony at the Naivasha Muslim cemetery, but instead asked well-wishers to inter her remains.
Police put a bounty on Ms Masou’s head after they accused her of hiding yet another terrorist, Ishmael Shosi, who was killed in September last year during a raid in Mombasa.
They believed she was armed, dangerous and closely linked to jihadist networks in Somalia and the region. Although she was arrested soon after her husband’s death in 2013, she was released after denying before a magistrate that she had been found in possession of assorted firearms, including two hand grenades and a gun.
And then, about a month ago, police officers stumbled upon two bodies in a field in Kedong, Naivasha.
After fingerprint identification, it turned out that the two were some of Kenya’s most wanted fugitives, said local police boss Titus Mathuku. The other was Farid Omar Awadh, also on the police wanted list.
A Naivasha-based Muslim preacher, Adam Ali Hassan, on Sunday said family members had positively identified the two bodies before they were buried at the Naivasha Muslim cemetery.
“The family of Awadh came and positively identified the body,” said Mr Hassan. “We also got in touch with the family of Masou and, after giving them her physical descriptions, they confirmed that she was the one. They have given us the go-ahead to bury her.”
 As news of her death sunk in on Sunday, police officers said they were also holding two men suspected of being Al-Shabaab militants sent by the terrorist organisation to launch attacks in Kenya during the Easter season.
Juma Mwangoh Athman, 24, was arrested Friday evening at his house in Shika Adabu, Likoni, after a raid by the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU).
Two hand grenades, pouches of an AK-47 rifle, a jungle jacket, 10 rounds of ammunition and one pair of binoculars were found in the house.

Coast regional CID boss Pius Macharia said his officers had been monitoring the suspect for some time.
“We are now questioning him to establish whether he has been involved in other terror-related activities,” said Mr Macharia.
The other suspect, Stephen Wagechi, was nabbed while sneaking into Mandera from Bula Hawa in Somalia. He recently converted to Islam and assumed the name Mohammed.
According to a police report seen by the Nation, Wagechi was born in Thika and was converted to Islam in 2014 at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology by a Mr Yusuf, who was also a student at the campus. He is expected in court on Tuesday.
The arrests come a day after police released a list of nine suspected terrorists that they said may either have sneaked into Kenya from Somalia or are in the final stages of planning
They are Habib Karongo, alias Jureyj; Juma Were; Mohamed Tajir; Abdullahi Jarso Kotola; Gufu Tari Gufu; and Ahmed Said Omar.
Others are Abubakar Abdikadir Abubakar; Issa Abdalla Kauni; and Fuad Abubakar Manswab.
Manswab is a close associate of one of the Western world’s most wanted terror suspects, Samantha Lewthwaite, and has been on international and local police radar since 2011.
He was first arrested alongside British terror suspect Jermaine Grant in December 2011, the same night Lewthwaite escaped a police dragnet in Kisauni, Mombasa.
Source: The Nation Kenya

Na wa o! See Dino Melaye rolling on the floor during Thanksgiving Service for escaping assasination

Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dino Melaye, pictured yet again rolling on the floor during a Thanksgiving Service with his family members on Easter Sunday, after an attempt was made on his life on Saturday, April 15th, 2017 by unknown gunmen in his hometown.
He shared photos from the Thanksgiving and also photos from the attack on his social media pages. More photos after the cut.

Omg! Man beaten and chased out of matrimonial home by his wife and son

A 67-year-old man claims his wife of decades and their son beat and chased him away from their matrimonial home in Kanjuku village in Githunguri, Kiambi County Kenya.

Mwaniki Nding'uri also claims that his wife is plotting to forcefully acquire a 20-acre parcel of land that he inherited from his wealthy mother, who died several years ago.

His wife was suspected to have hired unknown people to destroy a large coffee plantation belong to him.
 "My wife destroyed my coffee plantation to lease the productive land. We have tried to reconcile through authorities such as the chief, District Commissioner and even the County Commissioner to no avail," Mr Nding'uri said.

He claims that his wife has been beating him senseless for the past seven years, and now fears for his life. So he has decided to come out and cry for help publicly after more than seven attempts to report the assault cases to the police failed.
"My son recently kicked, punched me hard on the mouth under his mother's instructions. Nearly all my front teeth broke off. I tried filling a report at Githunguri Police Station but my attempts were frustrated," said Mr Nding'uri.
"My wife has brought in another man, who is way younger than her in our matrimonial home. They are living together. I was forced to rent a house in Githunguri after the pastor of the church that had taken me in, was transferred," he added.

Meanwhile, Githunguri OCPD, Ranson Lolmodon, had promised to hunt down and charge the suspects who destroyed Mr Nding'uri's coffee plantation. God help our African people, such a shame.

Source: eDaily Kenya

See this young gay African woman as she shows off her wife

Aman Krado, who is reportedly from Ghana, just acquired her PhD from the University of Texas.

She and her partner got engaged in 2015 and wedded last year. More photos of the couple after the cut.

Ugandan student in critical condition after she jumped from 4th floor of hostel to escape rape

A second-year female student of Makerere University sustained multiple fractures and injuries last Friday evening after she jumped through the window from the 4th floor of Mitchell hall to allegedly escape from being raped by a man identified as Jeremiah Mukyemu, a 4th year medical student.

Mukyemu was subsequently arrested and is now under police custody for attempted murder after he tried to access the victim at Mulago hospital where she is now admitted.

The victim, reportedly jumped out of Mukyemu’s room, B47 on the fourth floor to escape from being raped. It is alleged that Mukyemu first locked the victim in his room for more than two hours before he alleged tried to force himself unto her. 

With no help forthcoming, even after shouting “rape”, the female student of Drama and Film, decided to jump through the window, sustaining multiple fractures and head injuries.

Police has preferred charges of attempted murder against Mukyemu at Mulago police station.
Jude Masingano, the officer in charge of operations at Makerere University has confirmed the arrest of the suspect, saying several charges have been preferred against him.

Paul Kato, the Makerere University guild president-elect, says the student decided to exit Mukyemu’s room through the window after pleading with him to let her go for a very longtime in vain.
"I condemn what happened to the young girl. We all don't know the intentions of the male friend locking her up. But it's unfortunate for one to lock up their guests in a room for more than two hours," Kato said. By the time I visited our sister at Mulago hospital around 10pm, she was responding to treatment." he added.
Source: Observer UG

Confession of 21-year-old who stabbed his father to death in Enugu for advising him to quit cultism

When Pastor Simeon Obelue called his 21-year-old son Chidubem Obelue and advised him to renounce his membership of a cult group, little did he know that it would lead to his untimely death.

The 59-year-old cleric was until his tragic death, the parish pastor of Christ Holy Church a.k.a “Odozi Obodo” in Iwolla-oghi town, Ezeagu Local Government Area, Enugu State.Like every good father, Simeon had advised his son to renounce his membership of a cult group. 
Chidubem did not take kindly to the advice, and in anger packed out of the father’s house in the church premises on December 4, 2016 and relocated a house he rented for himself. This effectively set him free from attending the church. Apparently, he also began planning to attack his father.

The Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Mr Mohammed Danmallam, who confirmed the incident toldSunday Sun that on March 11, 2017, about 1.00am, Chidubem sneaked into the family house and passed through the kitchen, where he picked up a knife and laid an ambush for the father.

When the unsuspecting man came out to urinate, Chidubem pounced on him. He stabbed the father in the stomach and ran out of the house.

The loud scream of the mortally injured man drew that attention of his wife, who rushed out and beheld Chidubem running away from the stricken man.

She ran after him and raised the alarmed, which woke up neighbours. In the haste to escape, the suspect’s cellphone fell from his pocket.

The cellphone as well as the sounds made by his feet assisted the neighbours to track Chidubem down and arrest him.

The case was immediately reported to the police station at Iwolla-Oghi town. Meanwhile, other concerned neighbours rushed Simeon to Neke-Oghe Health Centre, where he was admitted and treated for one day before being transferred to Unity Hospital, a bigger health facility where he eventually died on March 14, 2017.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, in charge of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Enugu Police Command, Mr. Ishola Abdullahi disclosed that detectives from the homicide section recovered the knife allegedly used by the suspect.

At the SCID headquarters where he is being held while investigation is ongoing, Chidubem spoke with Sunday Sun. He confessed to the crime and made a revelation:
"My father told me to renounce my membership of a cult group. I accepted to do so. I joined the cult when I was in JSS 3 at CPS Secondary School in Imo State. In 2013, I went to meet our cult leader and told him that I want leave the cult. I was told to bring two cartons of beer and N5,000, which I did. I stopped attending their meetings. But they started threatening me, saying that I must not renounce my membership."
Chidubem who hails from Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State said further that he continued to be pressured by the cult until he killed his father.
"I have regretted my action by killing my father because he advised me to renounce my membership of the cult. I stopped attending my father’s church because he was preaching to me to repent."
During a visit to Iwolla-Oghi town, Sunday Sun reporter spoke with a member of the church, Paul Chukwu, who said:
"The entire congregation was shocked that the son of the pastor was a cultist. Chidubem stopped coming to the church for a long time. We didn’t know that Pastor Simeon Obelue had a misunderstanding with his son. We cannot believe that our pastor is dead."
Source: The Sun

Omg! See what they did to this poor child

This viral photo of a child who was made to recreate the crucifixion of Christ has been making the rounds on the Internet. This is absurd in every way, shame on who did this...

See Dino Melaye, Parents, Siblings Go To Church For Thanksgiving (Photos)

Dino Melaye, his parents, siblings yesterday all stormed The Apostlic church at  Aiyetoro Gbede to thank God for sparing his life on Saturday when about 10 men stormed his Kogi home and rained bullets into the house, destroying cars and other things.

His dad, mom, siblings, friends and well wishers all followed him to church, where the Senator rolled openly on the floor to his creator. Senator Dino even though only arrived Kogi State few days ago, has made thousands of people smile. His coming home has been a big blessing to thousands of people in his community. From giving out cars, grinding machines, generators, mattresses, ankara, bags of rice, oil, infact the list has been endless. See more church photos below. God bless the Senator.

Nigerian Man Caught With Roasted Human Parts In Ogun (photos)

A human parts dealer was caught with roasted human parts by the vigilante in Adeola, Ijebu-Ode area of Ogun State. The heartless man was tied up by residents with the human parts he was caught with, displayed in front of him.

Davido's Brother Apologizes for Saying His Dogs Feed Better Than His Followers

Singer Davido's brother, Adewale Adeleke, has apologized for saying his dogs feed better than some Nigerians and noodles is a food for dog. This is coming after he suffered a backlash for his insensitive statement on Snapchat. It's good he has realized his mistake. See a photo of him below...

See The Notorious Bank Robber Arrested During His Father's Funeral

The police in Imo State have reportedly apprehended the mastermind of a bank robbery which led to the killing of a bank customer in the state.

Recalled that some gunmen trailed the bank customer to a Zenith bank branch on Wetheral Road, Owerri, the state capital. They reportedly carted away the money which the victim wanted to deposit in the bank and shot him dead.

The assailants reportedly injured three policemen attached to the bank, shooting indiscriminately as they fled the area.

However, one of the gunmen was shot dead by a plain-clothes cop in the bank.

After six weeks of investigation, two suspects– Justice Ogbenna, aka JJ, and Okechukwu Onwuamaegbu– were on Friday arrested in Aba, Abia State by operatives of the Imo State Police Command.

The Police PRO, Andrew Enwerem said policemen attached to the Special Anti-robbery Squad of the command arrested the suspected robbers at Saint Francis Mortuary in Osisioma Aba, Abia State.

Enwerem disclosed that the suspects led the men and officers of the command to their hideout at Umuejea Nvosi in the Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State where two AK 47 rifles, seven magazines, and 175 live ammunition were recovered.

The police spokesperson said, “The two prime suspects who coordinated the Zenith Bank robbery in Owerri on February 23, have been arrested.

“We trailed them to Aba, where they were nabbed. They immediately led our men to their hideout at Umuejea Nvosi in the Isiala Ngwa South LGA, where exhibits like two AK-47 rifles, seven magazines, and 127 live ammunition were recovered.”

Enwerem confirmed that the suspects, who were cooling their heels at the state police command in Owerri, had made useful statements and were helping the police with information that could help in the arrest of other fleeing members of the gang.

He disclosed that the police would charge them to court at the end of investigations.

A top police source told Punch that the leader of the gang, Ogbenna, was arrested on the day he planned to bury his late father.

He said, “We got information that he would bury his father on Friday and we trailed him to the mortuary. We laid siege to the morgue. Immediately he arrived with his family members and friends to carry the remains of his father home, we arrested him.”

The police source, who described the suspect as a notorious armed robber, said that he had jumped bail in Anambra State in 2016 in a similar case of armed robbery.

Big Looters Now Bury Money To Avoid Being Caught

The Federal Government said that there were indications that big looters had more money in their possession than all tiers of government in the country.

It however hailed its whistle-blower policy, which has led to the recovery of looted funds in major currencies which might have never been discovered.
“Since we inaugurated the whistle-blower policy, we have received immeasurable support from Nigerians. 
“Yes, there is monetary reward for any information that leads to recovery of looted funds, but from what we have seen, most Nigerians, who have come forward with useful leads, are driven by patriotism rather than reward. 
“Nigerians, fired by a fervid resolve to help banish corruption from their country, have daily inundated the offices of the appropriate government agencies with valuable information 
“We have been told how looters have resorted to burying stolen funds in their backyards, in deep forests and even at burial grounds. 
“Thanks to whistle-blowers, it is now clear that a rapacious few have pillaged the nation’s wealth through a vicious orgy of corrupt practices... 
“It is now obvious that more funds are in the possession of looters than are available to government at all levels to meets their obligations, including paying workers’ salaries, providing social amenities, upgrading infrastructure and ensuring the security of lives and property. 
“As the looters continue to run helter-skelter, many of them are even abandoning their booty at unusual places, including airports. 
“We want to assure Nigerians that we will not abandon this policy for whatever reason. Instead, we will continue to rejig it to make it more effective as a tool for fighting corruption.”

Nigerian man wanted by FBI for $5 million fraud, offer $1000 reward

The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information directly leading to the arrest of a 32-year-old Nigerian man Kelechi Declan James, for allegedly scamming victim of more than $5 million. A statement on FBI website says its "agents are looking for the public’s assistance in locating Kelechi Declan James. He has federal criminal charges against him from an investigation by FBI New York’s Cyber Crime Task Force." 

“James is known to frequent the Brooklyn neighborhoods of East New York (Crescent Street and Loring Avenue; Vermont Street between Blake Avenue and Dumont Avenue), Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant (MacDougal and Hull Streets), Crown Heights (Park Place and Utica Avenue), Flatbush (E 29th and Avenue D), and East Flatbush (East 51st and Winthrop Street).
 The FBI is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest.
“James is 32 years old, 6’0” tall, and approximately 175 pounds. He is a Nigerian national, has brown eyes and black hair, and may have a beard. Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of James is urged to contact law enforcement immediately. The FBI can be reached 24 hours a day at (212) 384-1000. He is not considered to be violent in nature.
“As alleged in a complaint sworn out of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, James, along with four other co-conspirators, ran a business e-mail compromise scheme that resulted victim losses of more than $5 million for their victims.
“As part of scheme, James and his co-conspirators defrauded victims across the U.S. by tricking them into wiring money to bank accounts the victims believed were owned by family members, friends, or business associates. They did this in two ways: by overtaking an e-mail account of an individual trusted by the victim and then requesting money be wired to a bank account; or by developing a relationship of trust with victim like an Internet romance and then asking the victim to wire money.
“As soon as the money was wired, it would be moved from one account to another, and the funds would be withdrawn. James’s role in this scheme was to withdraw the money from bank accounts".