7 Aug 2017

Drama as sharp Nigerian guy gives female student of AKSU N1,000 after they had sex in Uyo(Photos)

Davido replies Nigerian Lady who says she hates him with passion.

So, yesterday, an Instagram user took to her page to blast the hell out of Singer, Davido.. Apparently, she stumbled on a photoshopped tweet, where it was alleged that Davido told Biafrans to fcuk away, as his Billionaire can buy the whole of Igbo Lands.
These tweets were photoshopped, as this statement never came from the singer.. A statement he has since denied here.
The Instagram user got fooled of course, and then she took to her page to blast the hell of the singer, she wrote;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Yet it couldn’t buy u some sense. Motherfucker# u all saying stupid tins to me. I say fuck u & ur generation. Before u say some shit to me,go get this motherfucker some sense. U dogs following him around I’m talking to u dirty black asses.                                                                          As if that wasn’t all, she went to the singer’s DM, and sent him
She wrote:                                                                                                               Davido u don fuck up big time. u where my best musician but right now I hate you with passion. Stop this your childish talk. My father this my father that. Can you start saying my this my that instead of my father this and that. Stop hiding behind your father. Stop being a kid and make yourself a man. didn’t know you are this foolish.                                                                                                                                                                                           Davido responded to her of course, he wrote: “MY BODY MY MONEY NAH YOUR OWN OH. AUNTY GO SLEEP”.. Then he took to his Snapchat to rant a little about how he doesn’t give a F** on people’s opinion about.
See how it played out below;                                                       

Rivers State Governor Sacks All His Special Advisers Except One.

Oldest 153 years old Nigerian woman dies in Anambra

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This report was shared by a Facebook user that the oldest woman in Umuawulu, Anambra died last weekend at the age of 153. See what the user posted below...

Ignore Demands For Buhari’s Resignation, Presidency Appeals To Nigerians

No Nigerian has a right to demand President Muhammadu Buhari’s resignation, the presidency said in Abuja today in a statement signed by spokesman Garba Shehu.
He was responding to what he said were media enquiries about Monday’s demonstration by some citizens calling on Mr. Buhari, if he is too sick to govern after 90 days away, to voluntarily resign his office.  
“The demonstration is in the exercise of [citizens'] freedom under the constitution, which guarantees their right to embark on peaceful protests,” the spokesman said, adding, “What is democracy if citizens can’t peacefully demonstrate?"
But on the resignation question, he described the demonstrators as over-stepping their bounds.
“The President has complied 100 percent with the constitution by handing over power to the Vice President before proceeding on his vacation,” he argued, asserting that Mr. Buhari has not breached any law or the constitution by staying away from office to take care of his health.
He denied that there is such a thing as a power vacuum in Nigeria, drawing attention to the competence and general harmony with which the government continues to operate.
To that end, he expressed the view that any such calls by “Our mumu don do,” which coordinated Monday’s demonstration, or by other group “represent an irrational assault on the constitution and should be ignored by well-meaning members of the public.”  According to Mr. Shehu, the challenge before Nigeria now is to rid the country of corruption, reform and reinvigorate the economy, and fight crime and insurgency.
“The government is busy with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure all over the country,” the statement pointed out. “It is creating jobs for the unemployed. It has set its sights on the larger picture of the country’s development; investing in rail and power projects and redeeming the country’s image from the mountains of corruption scandals that have marred it. We will not, therefore, be distracted by this or any other groups.

Concerned Nigerians Commence Sit-Out In Abuja Asking President Buhari To Resume or Resign

A coalition of Civil Society and pro democracy group under the aegis of Concerned Nigerians have staged a peaceful protest march in Abuja asking ailing Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to resume or resign his office after he has spent 92 days in London for medical treatment without a definite date for return to work. 

The placard carrying protesters converged at the Unity Fountain near Transcorp Hilton with the following inscriptions; "Resume or Resign Nigerians say enough is enough"; "Buhari ! Where are you?" "We Are Tired of Being Enslaved in Our Country," "Our Mumu Don Do"; "Buhari Called For Impeachment When Yar'adua Was Sick, Now We Are Calling For Same."
Heavily armed mobile police are accompanying the protesters as they are moving toward the gate of the Presidential Villa where they vowed to occupy until the President accede to their demands.  
The protest was led by flamboyant musician, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy and the convener Deji Adeyanju. Adeyanju noted that it regretted the failure of the leadership of the National Assembly to launch an investigation or set up a panel to look into the true status of the President Buhari’s health, adding the group believes the legislators have been compromised and are working with an infamous cabal in the executive branch against the Nigerian people.
He explained that the leadership of the National Assembly must choose between the Nigerian people and the cabal. “90 days is too long for a president to be away from his country without any explanation to the people that voted him into office. 
The group insisted that if Mr. Buhari has become incapacitated, he should do the honorable thing and resign because he cannot continue to hold the country to ransom noting that a group of few people in the government have taken the advantage of the president's ill health to loot the treasury with impunity.
“We hereby demand that the National Assembly invoke Section 144 sub Section 4 of the Nigerian Constitution and direct the setting up of a medical panel in conjunction with the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo to ascertain whether the President is incapacitated,”  he stated. 
The group vowed to continue with the daily sit- out irrespective of the Iintimidation from the police.                                                                                                                                                      

Irish bride handcuffed by Garda in wedding photos she will never forget

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The Irish bride had just tied the knot when the "arrest" took place
This Irish bride got the wedding she'll never forget as a prankster Garda helped her create the perfect wedding photo.

Obama's daughter, Sasha seen kissing a man in public

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A Snapchat photo of former president Obama’s daughter sharing a kiss has gone viral. In one photo, the 16-year-old was spotted chatting with a guy and the photo was captioned;

Matt gonna get Sasha Obama. In another they were seen kissing.

Meanwhile, Sasha’s big sister, Malia, was spotted posing with rapper Amine at Lollapalooza in Chicago. That of Malia below...

Update! Court Orders Permanent Forfeiture Of Diezani’s $37.5m Mansion To FG

The Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered that a $37.5m mansion on Banana Island, Lagos linked to a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke, be permanently forfeited to the Federal Government.

The court also ordered that the sums of sums of $2,740,197.96 and N84,537,840.70 realised as rents on the property should equally be forfeited to the Federal Government.

The orders were made today by Justice Chuka Obiozor, following a motion on notice argued before him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

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Kemi Olunloyo storm Agodi Prison. Her reason will shock you

Image result for images of Kemi Olunloyo 

The Controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo, yesterday visited popular broadcaster- Oriyomi Hamzat in Agodi Prison, Ibadan where he and 3 others, are being remanded for alleged murder.
Oriyomi and three others had been allegedly arrested and charged for murdered a 17-year old boy.

Shocking! Nigerian Lady invites friends to Her Own Burial, See Her Reasons

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Strange: Lady invites friends to HER OWN BURIAL, her reason will shock you 

A Nigerian lady with the username Ebisiki Victoria Chinyere, took to her Facebook page to invites her friends to her Own Burial ceremony because she has no money to treat herself.
The Imo  state born who seemed to have given up on life, when asked by her Facebook friends her ailment was. She said she stepped on poison and she has no money to treat herself and she can only afford to buy rat poison to terminate her life.

Strange: Lady invites friends to HER OWN BURIAL, her reason will shock you

Strange: Lady invites friends to HER OWN BURIAL, her reason will shock you
She wrote:
   “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN u re cordially invited to my burial ceremony on de 31st of August 2017 As I DonT Have Money To Continue My Treatment Can Afford 50NairA To Buy Rat Killer To Terminate My Life”

Nigerian lady washes feetand hands with bottles of champagne to celebrate graduation

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A Nigerian lady has gone viral after she shared videos of herself washing her hands and feet with bottles of champagne to celebrate her graduation.

Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson reveals more about ex wife Toyin Aimakhu

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Image result for images of toyin aimakhu and adeniyi johnson 
Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson in an interview with Sunday scoop has revealed he has no issues with his estranged wife.

Here are excerpts from the interview with Johnson who is now linked to a Nollywood actress, Seyi Edun;

Read excerpts from his interview:

How did entertainment start for you?

It started for me about two decades ago when I started acting in church. My first major acting experience was when I was in secondary school and as students, we had to stage a play. But the person that was to play the lead role kept disappointing them as he didn’t bother to attend rehearsals. The teacher in charge of the drama group then said she needed someone else to play the role. A classmate of mine told her that I could do it because I was very funny and troublesome in school. That was how I was invited to take part in the play and I was able to do it well. After that episode, I became the happening guy in school and everybody wanted to associate with me. After I graduated, a friend informed me that some actors were shooting a movie close to where I was residing. I went there and took part in the audition. One of the producers, Ray Alechenu, took an interest in me and he told me to come for training. From there, I started acting in TV series and other productions.

What was the first movie you acted in?

The first Yoruba movie I acted in was Mo ta ka osi danu, and it was shot 11 years ago. It was produced by Lekan Ayinde and he was the one that brought me into the Yoruba movie industry. However, my breakthrough started when I delved into soap operas like Super Story and Family Ties, among others.

Entertainers are known to lead ostentatious lives, how do you avoid being caught in that web?

It’s not like acting isn’t a well-paid job. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here because fame is not enough. The problem is that the expectation of people from actors is very high. But I will never live a fake life to impress anybody, and people who know me can testify to that. Meanwhile, if piracy can be curbed, actors would also fly private jets.
industry because they aren’t sure that they would recoup their funds.

How much does it cost to make a proper movie?

It depends on how large the production is. Some could cost N5m or N10m. However in the industry now, people work more based on friendship and that reduces the cost. If you insist on charging what you think you’re worth, the producer would not be able to pay, because it would be difficult to recoup the money.

Do you belong to any association in the industry?

I belong to practically all the associations including AGN, TAMPAN, among others. I am a strong believer in this cause as I believe that it is only through entertainment that we can change the image of Nigeria for better.

What roles do these associations play in taking care of welfare of practitioners?

How much is in the purse of the association? Many actors are not faithful with payment of dues and levies, and that’s really the only way the associations can generate funds.

Is there any role you would love to play but haven’t?

I would like to play the role of a deaf and dumb person, and speak with sign language.

You usually play the role of a lover boy, is that your character off camera?

It’s a Nigerian thing that when you look good, you would play the role of a lover boy. At a point, I had to tell people that I enjoy playing a lover boy but I can do other things as well. Recently, I have acted as a tout, prisoner, slowpoke, and played diverse roles. Now, they don’t cast me as a lover boy alone. Off camera, I love everybody around me and love to put smiles on people’s faces. If that is love, then I’m a lover boy. I love women and you can even make that your headline. Am I supposed to hate them? However, loving isn’t necessarily about the opposite sex.

Do you feel pressured to hide your relationship from the public?

What I showcase to the world is my talent and I have the right to my privacy. That is why I don’t talk about my personal life.

What then prompted you to go public about your relationship with Seyi Edun?

I have said all I have to say about that on Instagram where I described her as a good friend and confidante.

What kind of woman do you like?

I like a woman that fears God and is hard-working. It is not about a pretty face and curvy shape; it is more about a woman who can pray together with you.

Does Seyi Edun fit that bill?

Why are you so particular about Seyi Edun? Why don’t you talk about other actresses that I have been linked to in the media? I don’t want to talk about my relationship.

Are you afraid that your relationship would be endangered if the public know about it?

Don’t people know about Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva? It is only if you want your relationship to be damaged that it will be. It is not necessary to put everything about your relationship out there. Some things are meant to be private.

Are you a spiritual person?

Yes, I am, and people who know me are aware of that. I have been a church boy from way back and I don’t joke with prayers; even Toyin Aimakhu can attest to it. Sometimes on set, I even organise vigils with spiritual colleagues like Woli Arole, Seyi Edun, among others.

Can you still work with Toyin Aimakhu?

Of course! There is no reason I cannot work with her. She is not my enemy and she didn’t kill anyone close to me. I have worked with her severally after our issue and the last time we were together on set was in 2016. We do whatever we have to do and go our separate ways.

You were recently given a car by Funke Akindele’s ex-husband, Kehinde Oloyede. What led to that?

It actually started as a joke. He was celebrating his birthday and he said he would give a car to whoever provides correct answers to some questions he would be asking on social media. I participated in it and I eventually won. I’m enjoying the car now and I am grateful to him.

What can you recall of your childhood?

I was born and brought up in Lagos and I’ve basically lived my whole life there. I wasn’t born with a silver or wooden spoon, but we didn’t have to beg anybody to eat. My childhood was pretty normal. When it was time to be stubborn, I was, and when it was time to read my books, I did.

What did you study in school?

I studied mass communication at the Ibadan Polytechnic. Later on, I went to the Lagos State University to study international relations. I have also undergone some training in acting. It is not really about what I studied in school, it is more about the inherent talent.

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke spotted urinating by the road side (photo)

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See what Jim wrote after the cut...

Road trip back to Enugu. Bladder overflowing from last night's indulgence. Kept bidding time to make it to the gents. Finally pulled over by the road. Barely made it before a wardrobe malfunction. Don't f%@# with nature y'all! Nothing like fresh breeze on the "TOOL" as u take care of personal biz in the wild.
I love the motherland!!

Baddo Members Disguise As Worshippers To Attack C&S Church

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Suspected members of the Badoo cult disguised as worshipers on Saturday to attack the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Okin Parish, Igbo Agbowa, Ibeshe, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Punch Metro learnt that a woman, who had attended a vigil in the church, was injured after her head was smashed with a stone.

It was gathered that three Badoo suspects had mingled with the congregation during the vigil, which ended around 3am on Saturday.

Shortly after the members slept off, the assailants reportedly struck, smashing the stone on the head of the woman whose name had yet to be ascertained.

A Punch correspondent was told that the victim raised the alarm, which woke up other church members and residents of the area.

A resident, who gave his name only as Joseph, said the crowd gave the suspects a chase and one of them was apprehended.

He added that the woman had been admitted to a hospital.

He said, “After his arrest, he told us that they were three that attended the vigil. They pretended to be members of the church. People were exhausted after the service and slept off inside the church. During that period, they attacked the woman. She was seriously injured in the head.

“Two of them fled, but the third suspect was apprehended and taken to the Ipakodo Police Station. Some youths wanted to lynch him, but they were stopped.”

An elder in the community, who spoke on condition of anonymity, urged the police to conduct adequate investigation on the suspect with a view to arresting other fleeing members and their sponsors.

“The woman is in a critical condition at the hospital. It took the intervention and assurances from elderly members of the community that justice would be done before the youths agreed to hand over the suspect to the police.

“We have witnessed a situation where a suspect was caught like this and handed over to the police, but nothing came out of it. The police should ensure diligent investigation and prosecution. If justice is done, people will stop jungle justice,” he added.

An executive member of the Ibeshe Community Development Association, who did not want his name in print, said many residents had relocated from the area following the killing of a couple and their two children last Sunday in the Oke-Ota community.

He called on the police to extend night patrol to inner streets, adding that panic had gripped the neighbourhood.

He said, “The security situation in the community is still bad. People are packing out en masse from Oke-Ota and the community is becoming scanty. I know of about 20 people who have moved out.

“Police patrol is the same old way of blaring sirens on the road. They don’t come to the inner parts of the community. The major security work lies on vigilantes.”

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, who confirmed the incident, said the command did not want to disclose details of the suspect so as not to jeopardise investigations.

The CP said, “We don’t want those ones that ran away to have an inkling of what we are doing. We have been looking for how to get them. If we blow this open, others may go into hiding