OMG: BEWARE: Nigerian 4-1-9 Scam Documents

Fake Authority to Pay Certificate

Counterfeit Certificate of Deposit (CD) - Ghana

Pictured below are images of documents used in a recent Nigerian 4-1-9 scam perpetrated on Yuiry Gaydamaschuk, a poor Christian fellow in Russia. Especially interesting is the Anti-Terrorist Clearance Certificate. At the bottom are 16 counterfeit checks from buying scams aimed at people selling cars and other items on the Internet.
Click on any document to see a full-size image of it.
Bogus Foreign Payment Schedule
Fraudulent Transfer Confirmation Slip
Bogus Anti-Terrorist Clearance Certificate
Fake Drug Free Certificate
Counterfeit Certified Request for Payment
Fraudulent Advance Remittance Bond
Fake Insurance Bond Certificate
Bogus Letter from World Bank Auditors
Fake Corporate Registration
Bogus Nigerian Affidavit of Claim
Fake Change of Ownership Certificate - Nigeria
Bogus Payment Advice - Nigeria

Pictured below are some counterfeit checks used in recent scams
Remember, you can click on any one to see a full-size image.
Fake cashier's check from Synergy Bank, Cranford, NJBogus cashier's check from 1st National Bank, Polk Co., IL
Fraudulent cashier's check from Rocky Mt Credit Union, Helena, MTConterfeit official check from Bank One, Illinois
Fake official check from National City Bank of MI and ILBogus cashier's check from Regions Bank, Memphis, TN
Fraudulent official check from Bank of Inverness, FLConterfeit cashier's check from Peoples Bank or Northern Kentucky
Fake cashier's check from Bank of America, San Antonio, TXBogus check from US Bank, Minneapolis, MN
Counterfeit cashier's check from Bank of Mt Hope, WYCounterfeit cashier's check from Teacher's Credit Union, South Bend, IN
Counterfeit cashier's check from Sony Pictured Digital, Bank One, ChicagoCounterfeit cashier's check from Washington Mutual Bank
Counterfeit Postal Money Order. Click for full explanation of security features.