Angry maid caught on camera pouring urine into boss’ drink -Video

(Scroll down for video) A maid was fired and faces charges after pouring urine into a drink.

The employer of Kuwait, uploaded the video of the incident to the Internet, where it went viral. 

The video shows a woman preparing an orange drink, and after a few minutes, she walked away. That is when the maid who was wearing a headscarf and green dress, reached inside her clothes with a cup.

She soon walked over to the drink, removed the cup from her clothes and poured a liquid into the drink. After doing so, the maid continued doing work in the kitchen as if nothing unusual occurred.

The family set up a hidden camera after their children complained of the way the maid was treating them while their mother was at work.

The video revealed a far more shocking incident than the employer ever imagined.

Sadly, this seems to be a trend with housemaids. In another incident, a maid was arrested for pouring urine in her boss’ cup. She told police that “according to the beliefs in her country, one could control the family after the boss drinks her urine, and she did so for a higher salary.”

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