Man shocked to find newborn goat with face and body like human baby

The owner of several goats in Malaysia, said that he and his business partner were shocked to find a newborn with a face and body that looked similar to a human baby.

63-year-old Ibrahim Basir of Kota Tinggi, alerted his business partner, 50-year-old Jamaludin Abdul Samad, to the strange newborn goat after going for a walk on Friday around 11:00 a.m.

At first, they thought about selling the human-looking goat as several people were offering them a large sum of money, but they then decided to donate it to the Veterinary Services Department.

The department will run some test on the animal to determine why it was born with human features. Ibrahim revealed that the goat’s face, nose and legs looked like a human baby, and the skin felt soft.

The goat was covered with brown fur. The goat did not have an umbilical cord. The animal seemed to have been trampled.