Some Silly Ways Guys Act When A Lady Turns Them Down

Some ladies have been warned to be careful with men especially when their proposal has been turned down as some are known to go on a vengeful mission and could be dangerous.

Some Guys can’t take NO for an answer when they want a lady and when they get the NO, they become cruel beings on a revenge mission.
Sometimes, I do categorise those guys as “Immature” buh believe me, most of them are mature enough.
Here are Some Ways Guys Act When A Lady Turns Them Down..
1. Destroying Her Image In Public
He stalk her and does everything possible to spoil her image in public.
Some go on social media to write false things against the lady whom turns the them.
2. He Goes With Classic guys
Simply To Make Her Feel She’s Lost A Loaded Man
He mightn’t be in an excellent connection with those men that are classic, but he’ll mingle with them and speak with them if they are his buddies when he sees the girl around. That is simply to make her feel he mixes with men that are classic.
3. He Acts Like She Does Not Exist
On an ordinary day, when he sees her he smiles and possibly walks towards her, but now he pretends he doesn’t see her even when with his friends and they are pointing at her.
4. He Badmouth Her
To console themselves when a woman turns them down, what most guys do is bad mouth her and talk about stooping low to have asked her out in the very first place. You may hear something similar to “I blame myself to have stooped so low to have inquired such type of girl out in the first instance.” This can be amusing.
5. He Gives Her Telephone Number To His buddy, Who’s great at wooing women.
He gives her telephone number to his friend who’s an experienced toaster, just to punish her
6. He Quits Asking Her Out
Not all men ask a woman out over and over again. When he asks her out, and she refuses, he’ll stop ringing up her. But the funniest thing is the fact that his heart beats in anxiety each time his telephone rings, thinking its her.
7. Envy Overwhelms Him
When she turns him down, he behaves like “Life goes on”. The funniest thing is the fact that, he gets bitter when he sees her with another guy richer and better than him, probably driving a car.
8. He Makes Buddy Along With Her Pals
I do not understand If I am the only one that’s seen this. He makes friends with her close female friends when she turns him down. That is simply to make her jealous
9. He Hangs Around With Other Women
You’ll see him walking with and speaking to a lovely woman whom he’s no intimate relationship with when the lady he was wooing turns down his advances. You are going to watch him holding her hand; this is simply to make her feel he’s got a high-class girl, better than her.
10. Discourage Other Guys From Wooing Her
Only because his advances continues to be turned down, he gives other guys reasons why they need to avoid her, telling them she is ill-mannered and she not worth the pursuit.
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