Babymama Fight: Yoruba Actor Mustapha Exposes Lady Who Started The Mess

When big girl Seyi accused Yoruba actor Mustapha Ololade of having three kids from different ladies and also impregnating and abandoning her with 5 months pregnancy, I told you guys that the saga is not as straight as she was painting it. Well, there is more to the money, s*x and pregnancy drama...

Seyi was using different names to comment against Mustapha. He finally replied her. The actor has exposed the lady making accusations to tarnish his image. It seems they had an affair that produced a son but she denied him and now using the child against him. Her name is Juwon Quadri, she is an actress.

This woman is far older than that boy. I wonder what she was thinking before opening her legs for him. This is
why I always advise some "I-too-know" girls to try and keep calm with their man while they are young, sort out your issues in love and enjoy life inside your marriage, responsibly. Otherwise, you will get older without a husband and start messing around with small boys in your late 30s, 40s and 50s.

Pregnancy or not, the parents of a boy in his 20s won't allow him marry a woman that is well above 30.
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