Moshood Agboola's wife Apeke Ade caught in Adultery with KWAM, Afolabi Kekere-Ekun and others

This elderly man promised me heaven on earth. During my youth service, he gave me a car which I was cruising about.
He also rented a flat for me where he comes to pass some nights and I have sex with him. He kept promising that he would still marry me. I did not know I was the third lady he used to like this. What I now discovered is that the three of us have not been able to get married nor pregnant even 15 years after. It was an occult sexual relationship. Only God will set me free. He used my womb for a money ritual. My dear sister, don’t fall into the hands of Satan. Sex before marriage is a SIN. The meaning of sin is SATAN’S IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. The moment you carry this number, the door of God’s favour will be locked against you. One of my classmates told me that since she got engaged in pre-marital sex, she began to go down academically. Sin deflates. BEWARE.