Yoruba Actor Accused Of Impregnating 3 Ladies, Now Having Troubles With Babymama

Even a fine boy who has money is in trouble without self-discipline, not to talk of the one who 'dances' with just any woman who has money to spend on him. Funny enough, this saga isn't that straight.

Esabod observed that a babymama drama is brewing between Yoruba actor Mustapha Ololade and a big girl Seyi after she claimed he slept with her, she spent her money on him, he got her pregnant [she's 5 months pregnant now] and he's busy celebrating his new baby with another lady.

Who is the other lady? Another big girl, Yoruba filmmaker Adewumi Fatai. She just gave birth to a baby for Mustapha. It's obvious that big girl Seyi is very angry. Consequently, she has been making a lot of accusations online, alleging that the actor, Mustapha, has impregnated three other ladies before getting her pregnant. The saga is just crazy. See the exchanges below...

...the only thing that can deliver you, either a man or woman, from mess like this is self-discipline.
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