A Congolese national has been attacked around Vasant Kunj, he was beaten and attacked with stones. He was taken to the hospital only to be reported dead on arrival. Name: OLIVIER MASONGA

We’re gathering up the details of the attack and we’ll be working closely with the Congolese students Association and The embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo. from 2008 to 2016 in total 6 Congolese students were killed in India, more than 10 Nigerians, One Ugandan and so on… 2340 cases of anti African racism included  attacks on African students, businessman…
French Version : OLIVIER MASONGA née à kinshasa le 21 mai 1988 (28ans) licencié en comptabilité à l’université de delhi. Enseignant aussi le cours de francais, qui a connu la mort la nuit du 20 au 21 mai 2016 aux environs de 23h30 à 00h00 à vasant kunj (Kishangarh prêt du CNG Petrol pump ) pendant qu’ils rentraient (lui et un ivoirien au nom de SAM, vieux le père pour les intimes ) Attendant le transport à l’arrêt de bus (kishangarh red light) le monsieur ivoirien s’était deplacé pour trouver une cigarette notre ami Olivier(Photo ci-dessous ) s’est vu entourer par des indiens qui lui ont attaqués par jets des pierres et lui à causé l’hemoragie au niveau de la tête ,tellement qu’il avait perdu beaucoup de sang il a succombé à l’hopital ( JPNATC ) . NB : selon l’ivoirien SAM, il avait prit fuite en voyant son ami s’être attaqué par un groupe d’indiens ,pour revenir après qu’olivier était déjà par terre entourer par la police . Et notre ami était déjà en état d’inconscience il avait avec lui son téléphone Asus Zenfone de couleur rouge ayant deux sims Vodafone et Airtel, une carte memoire SD de 4GB et autres…. Nous signalons que la police a pu arreter un des assassins d’olivier grace à la vidéo prise par la camera de surveillance CCTV sur le lieu du crîme. En attendant le travail qui est en cours avec la police en collaboration avec l’ambassade de la RDC en Inde touche à sa fin nous serons informés des details dans les heures qui suivent. @CIC’S President
Mr. Okito said : “It happens sometimes to Africans student beaten to death and left in hospitals without knowing  what really happened”
African student from Nigeria, got assaulted just after 2 days of his arriving to India
Welcome to India, 2 days after reaching India, this Nigerian student were assaulted  in Delhi khanpur
Few Months ago, on 7 th February 2016 evening a Sudanese man driving in Bangalore ran over an Indian women, killing her. Half an hour later, four Tanzanian students stopped by the accident site to see what had happened.
The angry locals assumed the young students were somehow involved in the incident and dragged them out of the car.
The three men managed to get away but the young woman was trapped by the crowd. They beat her, molested her and stripped her. She
later told police that she had tried to get onto a bus but that the people inside pushed her back into the mob. There were also reports that there were police on hand, who failed to help her.
This incident happened Sunday but wasn’t reported until Tuesday, apparently because the young woman was traumatised.
“Right now, she [the victim] is with authorities,” said Christophe Okito, the former head of the Association of African Students in India (Actual General Secretary of NGA)  , who travelled to Bangalore when he heard about the incident. “The authorities are saying no one took her clothes off. But we have witnesses who can prove it.”
A senior police official denied that a sexual assault had occurred. Others denied that the act was racially motivated.
NGA Member react to that incident on YouTube
The shocking story of Yannick Ahanza, a Burundian student who has been seriously assaulted, and beaten to die during a football match opposing African students and Indians in Punjab, the charges have not been established yet and those who carried the operation are still running.The football match turned to a bloody fight and African students paid a heavy cost. The victim (Yannick Ahanza) was beaten to death by more than hundred-fifty Indians carrying weapons such as cricket arm, stones, knifes and others. The brave man went since in a deep coma, for almost nine months, Yannick has shown no sign of returning to life. Late in January, local Medias reported that Yannick has started coming back to life. African community is still hopeful that Yannick will survive and will be a monument for this generation of African students in India.
Yannick African student from Uganda beaten to death in Punjab India

Yannick’s brain has been affected and destroyed, even if he may survive, he won’t be able to afford study anymore. According to Yannick’s father mister Nestor Ahanza, who came here in India to claim justice for his son, his heart was broken and his hope stolen. In Yannick Ahanza’s case as in many case engaging Africans, the local police has shown it weakness to intervene and stop that cruelty. Yannick was beaten to die and this story has weakened the moral of Africans in India who are still trying to find a way to survive.
Yannick’s case was first brought to media by NDTV throughout a documentary and an article. Many Indians have shown their solidarity to Yannick and asked for justice. Indians youth launched petitions on www.change.org and others to support Yannick Ahanza fighting to death. Indians youth said nobody should deserve such treatment, no matter where you came from or what you look like.NDTV played a very important role; it has followed the story till the end, updating news about Yannick’s health. Africans are very grateful and thankful to NDTV and the Indian government who took action and offered medical assistance to Yannick. Meanwhile, Yannick is still fighting to death; he is still lying in hospital. Africans keep praying and are hopeful that their hero will overcome the death.

After the Yannick’s case, so many stories happened but have not won any media attention and have not been mentioned in any newspaper and not followed by local press.
May 2014, this girl is an African student beaten to death, we found her in hospital , no body knows what happened to her 

A Congolese student, Lionel Lepanier has been seriously assaulted and injured in the city called Dwarka along his friends and a pregnant woman. The attack happened when Lionel and his friend were seating inside their friend’s house. They faced more than hundred-fifty men and all of them carrying weapon such as cricket arm, stones, etc. Lionel Lepanier tried to protect the pregnant lady and paid a heavy cost. He found his legs broken and serious injuries in his body after he has been massacred by more than hundred-fifty people, with no hope to survive. When other Congolese came to rescue them, it was almost late and Lionel was laying down, his legs broken and unconscious. They have immediately alerted the local police but the cops didn’t give any special attention to the story. Lionel hasn’t enjoyed any media coverage; he was lying to hospital for over two weeks. Lionel, who came in India for study, lost his leg and any hope for a better future. He is very disappointed and revolted against the Indian justice system and local cops who are not giving them any protection as foreign students.
When Africans approach the local police, they usually enjoy no attention and the story do not gets any special mention. The local police mostly find worthless their plea. They have no assistance and are left by their own; it becomes then difficult to afford living in India as African student.
Another African student, has been assaulted and stoned by a group of unknown people, they carried mask on their faces, the man was seriously beaten to die that night, and has received any sort of racist insults. The man was drawn to hospital and entered the coma. Once the man retrieved from death, his mind was affected and his brain destroyed, he could not recognize anyone and this fact still going on. He therefore, lost any chance of going back to university, he became a disabled. This story is very shocking when parents spend thousands of dollars in Africa to send their children in India for study.
Many Africans in fact are accused to be involved in drugs affairs in India and because of this fact, every African is seen as a drug dealer and they do not enjoy any affection from Indians. It’s really bad to spoil a country with drug activity, and this is a condemnable act. The Indian government should instead of tolerating violence bring justice to those being accused. The judicial system shall be independent to carry true and fair judgments. Nobody can support such kind of misbehavior; it’s a real shame that our community is accused of doing so. But coming back to the line, it is important to notice the presence of Indians dealers from these kinds of activities. Thus, the justice shall be equal for everyone and should be the same, no matter who you are; Indian or non-Indian. This conflict cannot be brought at a public level, engaging people and dressing them against each other in the society. This is why violence against Africans is increasing in the country. African suffers for their skin, but this is a misconception from our Indian brothers. Every Nigerian is black but every black is not a Nigerian, and if one Nigerian is found guilty, this is not to say that every Nigerian is a drug dealer. People should carry these differences in mind to promote peace and brotherhood with Africans, who are mostly students and are being victimized.
On 20th April 2014 and incident occurred, two Congolese students after visiting their friend Zachari Dende at Shatarpur, have been attacked in the midnight by an unknown group of Indian. At least three people of Indian origin approached the two friends, and they aggressed them. They forced the two to give them their phones. The young Congolese resisted and then the fight began. They took a very risky decision, but according to Congolese, the attackers had weapons. They had no option but to fight for their life, self-defense was the only solution at the moment. The story happened late on 20th April, the Congolese students were beaten to death while Indians were increasing in number. The two called their friends and informed them that they were to die, and then the six friends came to rescue them. But, once they arrived, it was almost late; the two were molested and beaten to death. Thee six tried to interfere and were also seriously beaten by more than hundred Indians. The foreign students were violently assaulted and decided to find refuge at the LILI White hotel when the situation was going critical. They entered LILI White hotel, and entered an Indian event where a family was doing a marriage ceremony. But the Indian family, from Sikh origin could not understand that the men were looking weak and was in a search of rescue. For Congolese, it was about life or death. The Indian family along with the aggressors started beating these students as snakes. They were seriously injured and beaten and some of them transferred to Safdarjung Hospital are in a very critical situation. The students entered the event with the hope to receive protection, but instead of assisting them the family decides to take part to the massacre of these young students.
Mister Zachari Dende one of the Congolese assaulted, alerted the Police of the situation through a phone call, but once cops came they gave them no assistance but start blaming the young men. It is very sad when the Police which are supposed to promote general will and remain independent took part to the conflict and gave all the rights to the Indian family.  Enjoying no protection from the cops, the family pursued beating them in front of the cops’ eyes. The cops opened a free trial and find the Congolese guilty and left them alone, they only enjoyed the show seeing the men being assaulted. In India, many cops still carry the complex toward people of Sikh origin due to their wealth and respectable fortune. The foreign students could not imagine that the cops could be so divisive and could not avoid the massacre. They took the decision to call again the Police, and another team of cops came along with a high profile officer to rescue them. The officer handled the situation and arrested some of the aggressors and brought them to a local police jail. The Congolese alerted the embassy which sent them a Congolese diplomat, Mister German to look after the situation. But it regrettable that the cops gave no consideration to the diplomat; they pursued the beating over the men in his presence. The aggressor carried masks and bike, they used Cricket arm to neutralize the students, they are still running and the police promised to carry an investigation to bring them to the justice.
One of the Congolese citizens is still unconscious and his head is blowing with bloods, suffering a loss of bloods inside his head. Is situation is very critical and can be compared to Yannick’s case. We call for justice! The man is lying at Safdarjung hospital; doctors are fighting to retrieve him from death.
We are hopeful that the story will enjoy proper media coverage and won’t be defaced to put the shame on the head of African students as usual. A diplomat has witnessed and we are patiently waiting for a result from the investigation. African living in India are usually victim of racism and they are not accepted anywhere in India. They are assaulted, injured and insulted everywhere they go. Indians don’t use any cooperative way with African students, it’s sad because most of the students are eighteen or twenty, they need affection, they need India to be their mother and their father, and they want some good memories from the country.
The country India, is well reputed in Africa for it high level educational system. Africans are passionate about learning the IT, and they really love mother India. India and Africa are not distant from cultures and the way of living. Even when staying in India, Africans have the feeling of being home, the environment looks African. Let the justice work and let Africans and Indians be brothers and together work for a better future. India is too much involved in Africa, and these shames will surely left unwanted consequences.

African Nationals need protection
In reference to the above subject, we African nationals demand a peaceful demonstration around Bangalore to inform the native country of the assault that occurred on the 9th of July 2013, in Basbusa Palya, Bangalore.
Mr. Wandoh Timoty, a resident of Chelekere, Poojapa Layout, 12 Jabneel House, spouse of an Indian citizen, named Beaula Wandoh and father of two girls: Sya, 2 and a half year olds and Abigail aged 10 months; PIO Holder No: PO 56566, IT worker, a national from Chad was been publicly assaulted on the street of Babusa Palya, Bangalore at around 3pm and none of the witnesses came to his rescue. This 44 years old man was brutality beaten up by a group of 12 Indian men to the stage of coma. There have been series of similar cases happening in Bangalore and all around India.
There was a case of a Cameroon student pushed off a bus by Indians, this young man died at the hospital and nothing was done by the police, in fact there are no traces of the culprits who committed this awful crime.
There is another case of a young girl from Cote d’Ivoire who has been a victim of some Indian men who tried to rape her and in the course of her escape, she fell and broke her arm. The victim filed a case to the police, which stated that the case was forwarded to court but up till date nothing has been done.
Another national from Cote d’Ivoire, a boy this time, was been beaten up by an auto rickshaw driver and his friends. The driver claimed an extra ten rupees from the victim when the latter had already paid what was due to the driver.
The most common cases are those faced by almost all Africans in India at the level of the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO), where they are always threatened, ill treated and most at times not attended to.
In lore to these, we all Africans of Bangalore are going on peaceful walk on Friday 19th July 2013.
We are walking in order to express our discontent towards the becoming constant occurrence of such events to the Africans residing in Bangalore and as a whole in India.

Released by Okito The Ex President of the Association of African Students in India, the Actual Secretary General of the New Generation of Africans ( NGA) okito@ngafricans.net
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