OMG! See the face of the man who hacked into a bank's electronic mail in

A Nigerian man identified as Godwin Onwuneme Udu was arrested at Haatso, Ghana on July 19, for allegedly hacking into a bank’s electronic mail and stealing  GH¢25,000.

The deputy director in-charge of the Unit, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Eugene Nyavor, said the management of the bank (name withheld) arrested and handed over Godwin to the police.

Godwin allegedly transferred the cash from the customer and transferred it into his personal account at a different bank. He was nabbed by the police and bank officials on his way to withdraw the money from his bank at Haatso. It was also revealed that he been operating with other gangsters and have engaged in another fraud case also being handled by the Documentation Fraud Unit at the police headquarter in Accra. 

According to ASP Nyavor, the suspect hacked into the bank’s email account and transferred the money from a customer’s account into a different account. The bank noticed the fraud and mounted surveillance, which led to his arrest at the Haatso branch of the bank where he had gone to withdraw some money using a check book. He has provisionally been charged for stealing and is being prepared for court.

ASP Nyavor urged banks to consult expects to monitor their control systems to save them from any financial losses.

"Bankers must also ensure that they get authorization from customers before huge sums of money are given out, even when the bearer has a check book,"  he said.
Source: Daily Guide Ghana News
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