Wahala dey o!!! LISTEN to Nigerian woman expose friend in London who had bastard child for Husband...LEARN FROM THIS!!!


Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned the saying goes,but these two Nigerian lady friends Abike and Jibike who shared secrets in the past have taken even that phrase to greater heights.The woman Abike decided to expose her friend known as Jibike Basira Olaribigbe on social media.I have decided to blur Jibike's face here to save her from embarrassment.

The gist of the story is that the two were good friends who knew each other way back from Lagos.Jibike Basira obviously trusted her childhood friend so much as she told her deepest darkest  secrets.The biggest of the secrets was that the child she had in her matrimonial home did indeed belong to somebody else. The husband did not know this.There were also other things Basira confided in her friend that was exposed. It's serves as a deterrent hopefully to many women out there who  place their absolute trust in friends and also women who cheat on their husbands...Happy listening people...  UPDATE-Pt 2 now available Here.