Mistresses of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church exposed...photos

The lady above in the photo is Christine Davidson-Eke with her daughter, supposedly Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's daughter. which broke down his marriage to ex wife Anita. The whole ministry of CE knows this secret and its out in the open now. 

Even if it was originally believed and sold to the world that it was Yemisi Kudehinbu that caused the separation. But our source from their Lagos church said these women are also his mistresses. There are many more with kids whom he has adopted to hide his promiscuous ways.

His members and pastors will go the extra mile to hide the truth and even start living the same lifestyles as well because they have been brainwashed it's accepted.

A well known South African based CE Pastor Fashina is also rumoured to be living the same lifestyle. Some of his other pastors such as Chidi Ezimako, Lanre alabi, Ambrose Isessile, Raymond Okocha, Tom Amenkhiena, Obi Chiemeka, Paul Obi etc all live this same promiscuous lifestyle of Pastor Chris.

Also, some of his female pastors are not left out of this atrocities, they are just as bad as the male pastors.  Below is another photo of three of his members who are always seen  together, who are also believed to be his mistresses, Deola Phillips, Yemisi Kudehinbu (who are pictured in the photo below) and Ifeoma Chiemeka in the other photo, shameless lots! 

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