Secret exposed! Meet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's love child that broke his marraige from ex wife Anita...photo

The above picture is that of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's love child, Ashley. She is Christine Davidson Eke's daughter for Chris. The ministry covered up this story and claimed it was another mistress of his, Yemisi Kudehinbu that caused the break up but infact it was because of this love child he had with Christine Davidson that ended his marriage with Anita.

Yemisi Kudehinbu was one of his mistresses which the ministry is aware of but they used her affair with pastor Chris to cover up this love child. Below is a photo of Pastor Chris with Yemisi...

We can also confirm the resemblance of Pastor Chris's mum with this child, you can tell Ashley is the image of the grandmother. Below are photos of his mum.
The above photo is Christine Davidson Eke and daughter, Ashley she had for Pastor Chris. The truth is out there now and we will continue to reveal more of his atrocities...big shame! 

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