Nigerian singer, Pasuma reveals a shocking truth about himself ...

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Fuji act, Alhaji Alabi Pasuma Wonder has said there are tendencies of him getting married legally some day, but the woman in question must be educated, homely and even have some EXTRAS. He also spoke about being very close to Yoruba actresses and dating some of them in the past.

Why have you decided to remain single?

I am not single. I have children out of wedlock. I am married to my children and I am happy with them. That does not erase the fact that I may decide to get married tomorrow. Continue...

What kind of woman are you interested in getting married to?

I want a woman who has the fear of the Lord. She has to be educated and homely. If I find a woman who has all these qualities and a few extras, you would be the first to know.

How come you like to date Yoruba actresses?

They are all my friends and we are in the same industry. That makes it easy for us to understand each other.

Does that mean you might end up marrying an actress?

I can’t tell. When the time comes, I will know and you will know.