2 Oct 2016

Photo of club girl and her lover who withdrew N300,000 from stolen ATM card...

Operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of Lagos State Police Command on Friday apprehended a young lady, her boyfriend and two others for stealing an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card which belonged to one Musa Alli and withdrew over N300, 000 from the account.

The lady, Bamigboye Imoleayo, 24, was arrested by the operatives at a club house (name withheld) in Surulere area of Lagos over the crime before arresting three other accomplices, including her boyfriend, Adeyinka Ayodele the same day at Itori, Ogun State.

The victim, who reported the case at the RRS’ office in Alausa, said that he met the suspect at a club in Surulere last week Friday.

He added that the lady had earlier stolen his ATM before memorizing his Personal Identification Number (PIN) during online transfer of funds into his friend’s account.

“I thought I had misplaced the card not knowing that the lady had stolen it and thereafter glimpsed at the PIN for withdrawal”, he noted.

He said that he was shocked on Saturday afternoon when he received alerts amounting to N90, 000 withdrawals.

He explained: “while I was still contemplating on how to deal with the issue, I got another debit alert for buying two Infinix phones totaling N84, 000. I was confused and shocked. I didn’t know what action to take on a Saturday evening.

On Sunday, there was another debit. I couldn’t pin the crime to the lady I met at the club. I lodged a
complaint on Monday morning at my bank and I was told that the withdrawals and shopping were legitimately made by me.

“I reported the incident at the RRS’ office on Monday after informing my bank. My emphasis to the police were the withdrawals and shopping totaling N300, 000. It was unbelievable for me when I was face to face with the suspect, the lady I met at the club and she explained everything,” he stated.

Sources at the RRS’ headquarters disclosed that after the arrest, the lady, Bamigboye Imoleayo, owned up during interrogations that she pocketed the victim’s ATM card when the owner slept off during their conversation at night at the club.

“I managed to steal the card when Musa (victim) dozed off during our conversations. Initially, I had spied on and crammed his PIN when he was sending money to his colleague via mobile app.

“I committed this offence because I was so desperate to re-stock my shop at Wasimi in Ogun State, and also to take care of my only daughter. I never had a rethink while committing the crime. Although, I regretted my action now”, she stated.

She further narrated how she in company of her lover withdrew and expended funds from the ATM.

She explained, “after I spied on his PIN during a particular banking transaction on his phone, I intended to only withdraw N20, 000 out of his bank account and then destroy the card. However, when I withdrew the money, and checked the account balance, I was shocked to see his balance.

Afterwards, I withdrew another N70,000 again making N90,000 that day.

“Then, the following day, I called my boyfriend, who instructed me not to destroy the card, but that I should come straight to Itori, Ogun State, where he resides. On getting to him, he called two of his friends, Abimbola Akintanna and Owolabi Bamidele, to use the ATM at any nearest bank”.

He added that they took the card to a shopping mall in Abeokuta where they bought phones and clothes.

“The following day, we went straight to Abeokuta to use the card. We thought by going this far nobody could trace us. We bought two android phones for N84, 000 at a phone store.

“We proceeded to a boutique where four of us bought clothes worth N126, 000. I recharged my phone with another N2, 500 worth of recharge card. The money spent from the account was over N300, 000.00”, she revealed.

Two Android phones, 8 pairs of trousers and shirts were recovered from the suspects during a thorough search of their residents.

Confirming the arrest, the image maker of Lagos State Police Command, Superintendent of Police, SP Dolapo Badmus, urged members of public to always protect their PIN during banking transaction at any point in time.

The suspect and exhibits recovered have been transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, for prosecution.

Wow! Meet Twin sisters who graduated with First Class and set to wed same day...photo

These beautiful twin sisters, Eno Ekerete Ukere and Ekom Ekerete Ukere, are set to marry their heartthrobs on October 20th. 

The sisters graduated with first class degrees from the Akwa Ibom State University. Congrats to them!

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Lobatan! Married woman caught with lover and escapes through the window...photo

Residents of Fedha estate were treated to a shameful drama after an adulterous wife was caught with a man right in her matrimonial home.

The woman jumped from their bedroom on the first floor of the building after she was caught by her husband, who came back suddenly after receiving a call about his wife's escapades.

Jessy (the wife) did not care about breaking her legs as her enraged husband, Steven Odero forced the door open with three other men.

The wife's alleged lover, Ben (pictured with her) was rescued by the Kenyan police, but not before he was given some serious punches. When they got to the station, the man claimed he had no intention of sleeping with the woman, but that she was the one who invited him to come fix television...hmmm!

Photos of Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta's wedding, who weds for the third time today...

Ibrahim Chatta, got married for the third time today. His wedding ceremony to actress Lizzy Berry took place yesterday October 1st. Ibrahim has been married twice before and divorced. 
His first marriage was to Olayinka Solomon, which ended some years ago, then he married the daughter of the former governor of Kwara state, Shaaba Lafiaji, Salamatu, which packed up two years ago. 
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This woman was almost beaten for physically abusing her housemaid in public...photo

The woman pictured carrying a child was nearly pounced on  by market women at Kano street in Onitsha, for physically abusing her housemaid in public. It was also gathered that she had stopped the victim from going to school. According to Martins Sammie, who posted the photos on Facebook:
"If not for the prompt intervention of the White House Security; the woman pictured would have been lynched by the Market Women of Kano Street Onitsha for abusing her maid in the open. I learnt she stopped the maid's schooling and abuses her at will."

Photo of 348 cleared Boko Haram suspects handed over to Shettima by army for rehabilitation and reintegration

Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima on Saturday, October 1st, received 348 Boko Haram suspects who were cleared by the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army for onward rehabilitation and reintegration with their families.
The governor congratulated the people of the state and the nation for its 56th Independence Anniversary and thanked for peace and harmony.

"In this auspicious day of our 56th independence Anniversary of our nation, it is my singular honor and privilege to congratulate the good people of Borno and thank the God Almighty for giving us this opportunity to celebrate this occasion in peace and harmony," said Shettima. 
"Two years ago, nobody will have thought we can gather in an atmosphere of tranquility, peace and serenity of mind for us to celebrate this occasion. We want to register our profound gratitude to the Nigerian Army and all other security agencies that played active roles in ensuring of restoration of peace in our state. It is gratifying to note that the last back shade of the insurgents have been finally liberated and we want to thank the Nigerian Army for handing over 348 people to us. It is noteworthy that this is fifth time the Nigerian Army is releasing such people to us. This bears testimony to the fact that the Nigerian Army sticktly adheres to rule of law, equity, justice and fairness. 
"Be rest assured that these released suspect will be adequately rehabilitated and resettled with their families and for the younger one who are under the ages of 5-10, we should immediately explore a means of taking them to our rehabilitation facility. Once again I will like to congratulate all Nigerians on our 56th independencenAnniversary and on behalf of all people of Borno state I wish to thank all security agencies in the state for the prominent roles they have played in clearing scourge of insurgents," Shettima further stated.
Earlier in his welcome speech, the acting GOC of the 7th Division Brig. Gen. Victor Ezugwu said the overall goal of the releasing is for the sake of doing to innocent Nigerian.
"This event is the fifth of such which the 7 Division has conducted since assumption of this command and the overall goal is that the just and innocent citizens of Nigeria do not suffer injustice," said Ezugwu. 
"There are some other suspects who are not released today because they committed crimes that are civil in nature and as such, would be handed over to the Nigeria Police and Department of State Services for further action. Amongst them are also 6 foreigners who illegally entered Nigeria. They consist of 4 Cameroonians, one Chadian and one Jamaican and would be handed over to the Nigerian Immigration Service for deportation.  
"I wish to use this opportunity to thank the Borno state government under the able and dynamic leadership of Hon. Kashim Shettima for giving political impetus to activities of the military and other security agencies in the state," Ezugwu said.
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This Unilag Student who was rusticated says his life is in danger...photo

A 400level student of the University of Lagos, who was rusticated over a Facebook post, Olorunfemi Adeyeye, talks about issues raised by the authorities of the varsity in a statement and his recent arrest on the premises of the university with The Punch's Gbenga Adeniji. Except:

We learnt that you were recently arrested by security operatives on the premises of the University of Lagos. What really happened?

It was a minor issue which was blown out of proportion. I and three of my friends were discussing and moving towards the school. At the small exit gate of the university’s main gate, I was exchanging a contact with one of them from my phone. We were moving at a slow pace and one of the security officers told us not to loiter in an unruly manner. I nodded at him to show my acceptance of his order and also pleaded with him to be patient with us as we were almost through with the contact exchange.

To our surprise, the officer replied by launching into a verbal attack. He called my friend unprintable names. They started exchanging words. The officer manhandled him and this left my friend with a scratch on his body. It later resulted into a heated argument and noticing the gathering of students to the scene, I and my other two friends advised that we should move to the security unit to resolve the matter amicably.

My friend was dragged to the security unit and we all went there with another officer. When we got to the unit, we were told to make a statement which we did and we learnt that the university’s chief security officer had been informed of the incident.

While giving a statement, some of the officers kept making some comments directed at me. One of them pointed at me saying, ‘‘Were you not the one who insulted the vice-chancellor? The VC has caught you.”

One of the officers also said “You do not want to graduate; you are the Sahara agent, right?” I was taken aback and wondered the link between the matter and my rustication.

What did you do next?
We were at the security unit all through waiting to be attended to but nothing happened. We started making contacts to reach the CSO to resolve the matter. We did not hear from him and we were not released. We slept at the security unit. At about 5.45am, some policemen from Sabo Police Station came to take us to the station. Our shirts were tied to each other in twos. At the station, we made a statement and we were interrogated by a police officer. He insinuated that we should give a statement that we were cult members, planning to attack the school.

We vehemently refused to make such a statement. After that, my friends were given their phones but I was not given mine. They called mine an exhibit because I took the picture of the officer manhandling my friend with it. I took the picture to have a pictorial evidence of what happened and not for any other reason as the police officer alleged.

We were later locked up in a cell. Some student leaders later arrived at the police station. At that point, we were taken to the office of the Divisional Police Officer where the matter was resolved after the intervention of the CSO.

With the incident, are you in any way scared for your life?
On ethical grounds, I know I am no longer safe. I had received a lot of advice concerning safety.

The university in a statement said you and other rusticated student leaders were not victimised because of your involvement in a protest on campus. It stated that you were found to have breached a part of the regulations in the university’s 2015-2016 student information handbook. What is your reaction to this?
It was rather disheartening that the university came out to say that. It is an untrue statement. I and other student leaders were invited to a panel. The panel was known as, ‘Special senate disciplinary committee on recent students’ protest.’

I have the letters with me and they indicated that we were rusticated for our participation in the protest. Everything I wrote in the article I posted on my Facebook page pointed to the fact that the resolution of the Senate was not a product of a democratic process especially with the student leaders who participated in the protest. As of the day I was admitted into the university till the day I was rusticated, there was no regulation in the university’s student handbook that stated “unauthorised use of university name, logo, etc in a manner that would bring the university to disrepute.”

I saw the “emergency” handbook a day after I was rusticated with a student who claimed that only three of them were issued the book in a class of 78 students.

This affirms that it was a “kangaroo” verdict. It was premeditated and retroactive because I went to the panel with the latest handbook i.e for the 2014/2015 academic session and there was nothing of such in it.

Most students, especially freshmen, do not have the ‘emergency’ handbook. I can say convincingly that the handbook was ‘prepared’ to nail me. It is laughable because the university cannot attach that sub-section in clear legal terms in its allegations against me.

What is your position on the university’s submission that you abused the vice-chancellor yet expect to receive the university certificate?I am of the opinion that the university is a place for engagement of intellectual minds. It should be a breeding ground for managers; people who will be able to manage issues with all sincerity. A Nigerian graduate should be a leader who has undergone a certifiable training and must be open to criticisms and scrutiny. I have noted in one of my articles that if certificates amounted to civilisation and development, Nigeria would be the best place to be.

I know some people who have about three master’s degrees and two PhDs. I know someone who enrolled for a master’s programme because of a N10,000 increase in his salary. We are too conscious of certificates and this has brought little or no development to the country. It is high time we became educated and not “certificated.”

By mentioning the vice-chancellors’s name in my article on my Facebook page, I did two things. First, I awoke him to his responsibilities in the nation as a scholar. This is the same with other personalities I mentioned in the article.

Also, I exposed the administrative and managerial failure I noticed in the system. The language I employed might be harsh which I had apologised repeatedly, yet I maintained that the thoughts in the article were my opinions about the university’s Senate and should not be censored. I wonder why university administrators cannot tolerate a newly-reinstated students’ union that was proscribed for 10 years.

Did you organise a ‘group of boys’ as alleged by the university to cause commotion and chaos at the university gate?It was surprising to read such. The said ‘boys’ are serving corps members. It was so stated in the statement by the university. I do not think any corps members would leave their states of deployment to come and cause chaos at the gate of a university.

It was a case of trumped-up charges against us. We were the ones who asked the security men to move to the security unit to resolve the issue instead of creating a scene at the gate. I did not organise any group of boys. It is part of the desperation to nail me.

How would you react to the claim by the UNILAG authorities that you were arrested on campus because of your desperation to attract cheap publicity, earn public sympathy and continuously bring the name of the university into disrepute?It is an opinion which I won’t censor as a sensible and civilised democrat though they censored mine. Popularity or sympathy does not define a man. A man is defined by his level of consciousness.

Have you been barred from entering the university?
I have not been declared persona non grata on the premises of the university by the school authorities.

Photo of two Nigerian men arrested for fraud in Delhi, India

Two Nigerian men were arrested on Friday, September 30th by a joint team of Delhi and Goa Police for cheating several people after befriending them on social networking sites. 

The suspects identified as Chukwuma Collins, 35, and Nicodemus Obinn, 27, used to befriend people on Facebook and then ask for money to send "necessary items" to their family members in UK. 

Police said that the two used to cook up stories about the poor conditions of their family members living in western countries and ask the victims to help them with money. After receiving the money they broke all contact with the victims.  Both have been involved in several cases of fraud and an FIR was registered against them in Goa cyber crime cell. 

Bridget Fernandes Rai, a victim made a complaint to Goa Police, claiming to have been cheated of around Rs 8 lakh by the duo. She said that she had befriended Collins on Facebook and after a few days of chatting he started calling her. 

Rai told the police that Collins started referring to her as his sister and asked for Rs 8 lakh to transfer some money and jewellery through a courier to his relatives. He claimed that the courier was stuck in legal processes at the customs department in Goa and he needed to get it delivered quickly as his wife had expired.

Rai agreed to transfer the money to his account. As soon as the money was transferred, Collins disappeared. After some time, Bridget received a call from the custom department, which raised questions regarding the parcel she had sent, and realised that she was duped.

"A team from Goa Police approached us in Delhi after a technical surveillance pointed to role of some people operating from here. A joint team was formed to track the accused. The duo was arrested from Mahavir Enclave in south Delhi," said Ravindra Yadav, joint commissioner, crime. 

Collins and Obinn confessed to their crime and disclosed that they had cheated several others in a similar way. Three laptops, seven data cards, 36 SIM cards and 26 mobile phones, three USB pen drives, were recovered from the duo.

During interrogation, the duo claimed that they had arrived in India five years ago for business and then started cheating people using different techniques. Both accused were produced in a Dwarka court and taken on a transit remand by Goa Police.

Source: Times of India

Disgusting Act! Photo of two disgusting ladies trying to rape a man...

These two ladies can be seen forcing themselves on the guy...with one trying to get him aroused so the other one can have sex with him. You can see the other lady holding his hands down. 
They can also be seen holding his hands down very strongly. He should be strong enough to get them off him or maybe he was drugged and made weak? This is a disgusting act and the ladies should be brought to justice...this is sexual abuse live and direct and even recorded...shame on them!!!

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo reveals what he foresaw and warned about Nigeria’s current recession two years ago...

Image result for images of obasanjo
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says he foresaw and warned about Nigeria’s current recession two years ago, but said he was ignored.

Mr. Obasanjo said he was concerned about recession when he saw how “recklessly” the Goodluck Jonathan administration spent the country’s resources.

The former president spoke on Saturday in an Independence Day message at a lecture organised by the Youth Fellowship of Owu Baptist Church, Abeokuta.

“Whoever that has lived to witness the celebration of today should thank God,” he said. “Things are not what they should be, but we should pray that next year will be better than this year. We thank God for those who are alive, we prayed for the souls of those who have laboured for these country and who have passed on to rest in perfect peace.”

Mr. Obasanjo said one of the major issues threatening the peace of Nigeria now is the high level of unemployment.

“Unemployment is a major problem in the country today and if we don’t take care, it will consume all of us. In fact, the rising unemployment is a time bomb,” he said.

The former president recalled how he got five job offers immediately he completed his secondary school education at Baptist Boys High School, Abeokuta.

He said he received offers from the United Africa Company (UAC) and Moore Plantation, Ibadan, among others. He said the situation is different today in the country.

Mr. Obasanjo said the businessman, Aliko Dangote, told him that six Ph.D. holders were among applicants seeking jobs with his company as truck drivers.

Mr. Obasanjo said the high rate of unemployment was responsible for youth restiveness in the country, warning that the situation should be tackled with all the “seriousness” it deserves before it get out of hand.

The former president said the country cannot develop if it pays no attention to agriculture.

“That is why we have to take it as a key of our development else the many educated Nigerians who have no job are like time bomb, sooner than later, it will explode,” he said.

Advisory to Senior Govt Officials is kidnapped...photo

Following the increase in kidnap cases in the country, the Nigeria Police Force and the Department of State Services have issued a security advisory to top government officers and prominent Nigerians in the country.

Sunday Punch gathered that the advisory listed precautionary security measures which top Nigerians must take to avoid being kidnapped.

The wife of the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Margaret, was kidnapped along the Benin-Agbor Road on Thursday but regained her freedom less than 48 hours after her abductors demanded N100m ransom.

There have been other high-profile kidnappings this year, including the recent abduction of Senator Iyabo Anisulowo  and an attempt to kidnap an oil magnate, Mr. Femi Otedola.

Findings by Punch correspondents showed that the two agencies gave the security advisory through the policemen and the DSS operatives attached to government officers, including ministers and other political appointees, as well as lawmakers.

It was learnt that the advisory came on the heels of the change of tactics used by kidnappers targeting top government officials and their family members.

Top on the list of instructions given to politicians, government officials and other prominent individuals was that they should avoid late-night outings and long-distance travels by road, particularly at night.

The security advisory, it was further gathered, also counselled the dignitaries against divulging their destination and itinerary to non-family members or employees, unless it was absolutely necessary for them to know.

A top police source, who confided in Sunday Punch, said, “I am aware that the two security agencies have instructed these ‘big men and women’ on how to conduct themselves, especially now that criminals are targeting prominent individuals and politicians in the country. Some of them will be asking for more police security but it’s beyond that. They need to watch how they move and who they discuss with.”

He referred Sunday Punch to a statement made by one of the three kidnapped landlords, who regained their freedom after their abduction in Lagos a few weeks ago.

The landlord had told Channels Television, that they (the landlords) were not the real target of the kidnappers but that their abductors were looking for politicians.

The landlord stated, “Their (kidnappers) major objective in Lagos was to kidnap senior politicians or ‘big men.’ We were not big men, so we were the wrong target at the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said.

Some prominent politicians told our correspondents that politicians are now living in fear following the spate of kidnappings. They however refused to comment on whether they would be asking for more police protection.

Shocking! Police arrests man and his friend caught with sister's bones..photo

The Ogun State Police Command says it has arrested a man, Wole Oke, 38, and his friend Wasiu Adesina, 30, for being  in possession of human parts . The duo were arrested at Ijebu, Idi-aro area of Abeokuta while policemen attached to Oke Itoku Division, led by the DPO, CSP Abeni Farinre, were on patrol.

The Police Public Relations in the state,  Abimbola  Oyeyemi, in a statement, said the suspects   took to their heels with a leather bag on sighting policemen and they were hotly chased and arrested. He said: “On searching the bag with them, it was discovered that it contained human bones. On interrogation, one of the suspects, Wole Oke, confessed that they were the bones of his sister who died four years ago.

“He further stated that  one herbalist  sent him to go and bring it for money ritual purpose.

“The Commissioner of Police  in the state, Ahmed Iliyasu, has ordered the transfer of the suspects to the state Criminal Investigation  and Intelligence Department for further investigation. He also directed that the herbalist mentioned  be arrested without further delay. 

Omg! Veteran actor Tunde Alabi will loose a leg due diabetes...photo

The whole entertainment world has also gotten another shock, and it’s about one of their favourites, At the moment, Mr Tunde Alabi is currently at the Lagos General Hospital waiting for funds to carry out a surgery on his leg. 

According to sources, he is a diabetes patient and has been battling it for years. Long story cut short, Mr Tunde has been admitted for days and now needs help from the public to carry out his surgery. What’s more shocking is that sources are saying he is even homeless with no family members around.

However that he is broke is no news, because we all they got paid very little back then. Money that couldn't even sustain them, but they did it for passion, so that’s not shocking. Anyway, one of his colleagues, Paul Julius who has been running around for him has got something to say. We call on his colleagues in the industry to please come to his aid. It;s not about flashing millions online, it’s about helping others and that’s who a real big boy/girl is if you ask me. What Julius said after the cut....

“If there’s a better word to use in place of veteran, then that should come for this old war horse in the world of make –believe.

Uncle Tunde Alabi has been on the acting scene since the glorious days of television drama in Nigeria and he’s today one of the last of that octopus called The Village Headmaster, a television drama that was the in – thing in its days on National Television.

His role in the now rested soap opera ‘PALACE’ produced by Ralph Nwadike was one that viewers will not forget in haste. This thorough-breed professional of the old order who is equally at home with the youngsters of today, impacting knowledge and valuable experience into them whenever he has the opportunity is currently down with ailment which has put his right foot in danger to the point of amputation if urgent help is not given.

He’s laying helplessly at the General Hospital, Lagos waiting to lose his right leg or even worse. He has done his part in putting smiles on faces and happiness in the lives of millions home and abroad, it’s our turn to help him. Nothing is too small…HE will appreciate your candid help. Thanks and God bless “ Julius said.

Bank Details: UNITY BANK PLC
Account No. : 0005647181

Omg! This mum and her 9 yr old daughter stopped by police from jumping in front of train...

Image result for images of 59th St. and Lexington Ave.
A suicidal mom, 43 year old Gabriella Georgescu, holding her 9-year-old daughter threatened to jump in front of an oncoming subway train in Midtown, New York on Friday. According to the Police, Georgesc was raving and ranting about killing herself and her child as she stood close to the edge of the platform at 59th St. and Lexington Ave. just before 5 p.m.

Alarmed passengers and an MTA worker who heard her threats alerted the police. A plainclothes police officer arrived to find Georgescu leaning near the gap as a northbound 6 train rolled into the station, according to cops.

The officer quickly slapped cuffs on her before she could jump, an NYPD spokesman said.

Another officer grabbed the little girl, who had bruises on her back was later taken into the custody of the city Administration for Child’s Services. The bruises on the little girl's back, led cops to suspect that she had been abused.

Georgescu, who is believed to have been visiting a relative in the city at the time of her suicide attempt was taken to Bellevue Hospital in New York to be evaluated, authorities said.

Police say she will be charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Source: NY Daily News

Na wa o! See what Veteran actress Clarion Chukwurah wore to Nigeria's Independence day parade in New York...photo

The actress wears this daring outfit at the Nigeria Independence day parade which held in New York today October 1st. 
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Photo of son who beat his great-grandmother to death and regrets not killing his own mother...

This 23 year old man, Gary Bias has been accused of fatally beating his 82 year old great-grandmother, Ella-Nae Bias,  to death and tying up his mom. Bias told police after he got arrested that he regretted not having the chance to finish off his mother.
Gary Bias’ twisted admission was revealed by prosecutors at his Saturday arraignment as he was hit with murder and attempted murder charges.

The 23-year-old accused killer was ordered held without bail hours after members of his Alphabet City neighborhood called for his head.
A neighbour of the great-grandmother, Moses Ware said:
“If I see the kid I would break his neck”. “That lady was so nice."
Another neighbour said:
"It's a sad situation, I just want to cry and scream”. “It's so unbelievable for a great grandson to kill his great grandmother. When you're 82 years old, how can you defend yourself from your own blood?" 
Police say that Bias went to his Great-grandmother's house looking for money and clothes and when she said she didn't have any money, he duct-taped her wrists and ankles to a chair before beating her to death on Friday inside her apartment.

According to Police, after killing her, Gary Bias then called his 39-year-old mother, claiming that his great-grandmother wanted to see her.

When the mother arrived, Ella-Nae was already dead and Gary was “lying in wait,” a police source said.

As soon as his mother entered the apartment, Gary overpowered her, beat and kicked her and then bound her to a chair and covered her mouth with duct tape.

When she finally stopped resisting about 5:30 p.m., Bias left the apartment.

His mom was able to free herself and bang on neighbors doors, begging them to call the police, officials said.

Police responded and captured Bias as he was fleeing into Brooklyn through the Williamsburg Bridge.

Stunned family members said Bias lived her entire life in the Lillian Wald Houses.
“She lived her whole life in that apartment,” said one of her grandsons, who wished not to be named. “She had all of her kids there and looked after her grandkids there. She was the main branch of the family.”
Bias had six children, but one died at a young age, family members said. Her remaining living children, three daughters and two sons and grandchildren lived close by and would often visit the elderly woman.
“Everyone was close with her,” her grandson said. “If anyone wanted something to be done, she was the one to do it. She was a good person.”

Gary Bias is a career felon who has been arrested 16 times and was last arrested in November when he attacked his 42-year-old step-father with a mini-baseball bat, cops said.

Neighbors said they knew Gary but never realized he could be so violent.
“That kid had a good upbringing, you would never suspect this of him,” neighbor Tyrone Bethea said. "The kid was a quiet, loving kid, but I guess he was a walking time bomb. I don't know what set him off. He looked like he had a lot of things bottled up."

Source: Daily News