13 Oct 2016

Wow! JAMB results now valid for three years says Senate

The Senate today, 13th of October, 2016 passed amendment to the law establishing the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). 
The law now extends the validity of students result from one year to three years. This is such good news for the young people...

Vice President Osinbajo meets released Chibok girls...photo

You know the President has left the country for Germany, so his Vice, President Osinbajo has been mandated to meet the released girls. Here are photos of his Excellency addressing the girls. 
More photos below...

Shocking! ISIS executioners stone two men to death for adultery...photo

ISIS executioners took one of the most brutal decisions by stoning two men to death after they were reportedly accused of adultery in Syria. 

The brutal killing saw over hundreds of people, including children gathered at the city of Abu Kamal, to witness the execution of the victims being stoned with heavy rocks. More photos after the cut.

Na wa o...Photos of some of the 21 released Chibok girls

Photos were taken exclusively by CNN show some of the 21 girls who were released by Boko Haram to the military today. 
The 21 are said to be among the 276 girls that Boko Haram militants kidnapped in April 2014. 
The rescued girls are now on their way to Abuja where they would be received by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Another photo after the cut.

Omg! The Dangote spaghetti factory in Ikorodu is reportedly on fire...photo

This is according to eyewitnesses, the Dangote spaghetti factory in Ebute, Ikorodu, Lagos state, is on fire. No word on whether firefighters have reached the scene. More photos after the cut...

Nigerian singer Omawunmi addresses talks of people calling her fat

Image result for recent images of nigerian singer omawumi
She came online this morning saying she has accepted herself and her body and wants people to leave it like that. She wrote;

This is my b**ch resting face... Which can also mean 'honesty, I can't be bothered'. I have come to own and accept the real me, when/if I have to change my body, I may do it. So till then this my response to 'Omawumi is fat'. So I've added a few kilos, Omawumi is beautiful Jare!!! #wonderwoman #omawonder #ownit #timeless

Photo of Minister on queues and searched before boarding flight at Abuja Airport

Change begins with me? Pictures of the Minister of Environment, Mrs Amina J Mohammed has been making the rounds on the internet after she was spotted at Abuja airport queuing and getting searched like every other passenger. 

Though some people say it’s no big deal, but many have been saying it shows that people in power now do what they preach. More photos…

18 of the rescued 21 Chibok girls set to be nursing mothers

This is according to Sahara Reporters. Meanwhile reports that the 21 girls were rescued in exchange of four Boko Haram prisoners, was confirmed by Presidential spokesperson, Shehu Garba, in a statement released this morning
"The release of the girls, in a limited number is the outcome of negotiations between the administration and the Boko Haram brokered by the International Red Cross and the Swiss government. The negotiations will continue"his statement read

Wow! The Presidency confirms the release of 21 kidnapped Chibok girls, names to released soon

The spokesman for President Buhari, Garba Shehu, has confirmed the release of 21 Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. In statement released, Shehu said: 
"It is confirmed that 21 of the missing Chibok Girls have been released and are in the custody of the Department of State Services, DSS. The Director-General, Malam Lawal Daura just finished briefing the President H.E Muhammadu Buhari. The release of the girls, in a limited number is the outcome of negotiations between the administration and the Boko Haram, brokered by the International Red Cross and the Swiss government. The negotiations will continue. 
The President welcomes the release of the girls but cautioned Nigerians to be mindful of the fact that more than 30,000 fellow citizens were killed via terrorism. Lawal Daura wants the girls to have some rest, with all of them very tired coming out of the process before he hands them over to the VP. The President takes off shortly on a trip to Germany for a state visit."

A Kenyan woman claims her Nigerian baby daddy assaulted her ...photo

A Kenyan woman, Francene Chettle took to Instagram a few days ago to make shocking allegations against her Nigerian baby daddy. Francene, has been dating the Nigerian guy identified as Bola Gold, owner of Gold Empire Entertainment. The couple has been living together for more than three years now and they welcomed a baby in May this year.
Both have locked their Instagram accounts but according to the screenshot obtained by Mpasho, Francene claimed that Bola had beaten her up at a popular club, hacked her account and has been harassing her family.
However, when contacted Bola said they had an altercation and he asked if he could talk to her outside.
"It is not true. We went to B-Club together. I wanted to talk to her.  I asked if I could have a word with her privately, but when we went outside and she spotted a cop, she told him I raped her, and was arrested,"
 He was later released and went home to pack his belongings.
"I told him (police) it wasn't true, he let me go. I went home, parked my things because I couldn't believe someone I had been living with for three years could do that to me. She should release proof that shows I assaulted her."
 See her post on IG below...

Source: mpasho news

Wow! Thailand longest serving king Bhumibol Adulyadej dies at 88...photo

The King of Thailand -- Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is the world's longest reigning monarch is dead. He died in a Bangkok hospital at the age of 88 today Thursday October 13th, according to the bureau of the royal household.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej gave up the ghost today after his family highlighted on Sunday that he had been placed on a ventilator after his medical team had performed kidney dialysis and replaced a tube used to drain fluid from his lung when his blood pressure dropped.

Thailand, a kingdom of 67 million people, with most not knowing any other ruler apart from Bhumibol, will now be ruled by Thailand's 63 year old Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn.
May his soul rest in peace. Amen!

Omg! Baby girl born with massive adult-sized tongue smiles for first time after life-changing surgery...photos

A toddler, Paisley Morrison-Johnson, who suffered from a rare condition which made her tongue to grow more than twice the size of her mouth has had a surgical procedure to correct the condition, and for the first time smiled after the surgery.

The condition was so bad that even after surgeons cut away some part of the tongue, it still grew back and covered her mouth.

Doctors diagnosed Paisley as being born with Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS) – an overgrowth disorder that affects one in every 11,000 births worldwide.

Because of Little Paisley's bad condition, she needed a breathing apparatus for the first week of her life to stop her from choking to death. and ad to be fed with a gastronomy-tube until she was six-months-old - because she couldn't eat normally and needed vital nutrients to keep her alive.

Her parents Madison Kienow, 21, and Shannon Morrison-Johnson, 23, from Aberdeen in South Dakota, USA, paid for her second tongue reduction surgery which had more than six inches of muscle removed after hoping in vain that their daughter's mouth would grow to accommodate her overgrown tongue .

 Madison, a student, said: 
"Her tongue filled up her whole mouth, it was very thick and protruding out of her mouth. It looked she had an adult's size tongue inside the mouth of a baby. Her tongue was constantly sticking out, she was always chewing on her tongue because it took up so much room in her mouth. 
When she was born, it was so enlarged that doctors worried it was going to affect her airways and cause her to suffocate. Doctors told us she had one of the largest tongues they had ever seen and that the sooner she had reduction surgery the better. But after her first surgery it looked like her tongue had grown back to its original size and was really bothering us. During her second reduction surgery a massive amount of her tongue was removed and thankfully now it goes completely into her mouth.  
Since recovering she smiled for the very first time, I couldn't believe it and was shocked by how beautiful my little girl looked. Being able to see her smile is absolutely huge for us and now she's not even having difficulties eating which is a massive relief. She's like a completely new baby - her facial features look different, she smiles a lot and she has even getting close to saying her first words. She couldn't even make the sounds to say words like 'mama' and 'dada' before because of the size of her tongue so this feels like a massive achievement." 
Because her tongue protruded out of her mouth and constantly stuck out it always looked like she was making silly faces. Quite often, strangers would stare at her and some would make comments. They would always ask me why she looked so different and why she had such a huge tongue."
More photos...

Source: Mirror

Omg! 175 African migrants, incuding 65 women and 2 children rescued in the Mediterranean Sea..photo

About 175 people, among which 65 women and 2 children, were safely rescued Wednesday by Migrant Offshore (MOAS) Responder Tuesday night, October 11th. 

The migrants were found crammed into one rubber boat. They are now safe and resting on the deck while the Italian Red Cross provides post-rescue care. More photos after the cut...

Lobatan! Governor Fayose inspects the arrest of cows in Ekiti...photo

Governor Fayose yesterday personally inspected the arrest of some cows at  Ikole Ekiti, to show the seriousness of the state's anti-grazing bill.
He came across herdsmen along Afao Ekiti road, Ado Ekiti ‎and personally saw to it that one of the cows was "arrested" by youths who chased it after the herdsmen ran into the bush upon seeing the governor's security men. 
The remaining cows ran into the bush too. Ekiti Grazing Enforcement Marshall (EGEM) will start work in a few days time.