16 Oct 2016

Wow! Chairman of Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board suspended by Yahaya Bello over fraud

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Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi on Sunday suspended Alhaji Sadiq Rabiu, the Chairman of the state Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, over an allegation of fraud during the just concluded Hajj.

The Director-General, Media and Publicity to the Governor, Mr Kingsley Fanwo, who disclosed this in a statement in Lokoja, said Rabiu had been handed over to the Department of State Services (DSS) for investigation and possible prosecution.

Fanwo said that the governor was also not happy with the dehumanising treatment of pilgrims from the state during the 2016 Hajj.

“The travails of the chairman stemmed from allegations of corruption, nepotism and blatant disregard to the welfare of the state’s contingent to this year’s pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Photo of wife caught in bed with lover by husband exposed...

When a woman who's said to be nursing a one-year-old baby is caught in adultery, then you should know that the man who married her got married to something else, not a wife.

According to NEH, a businessman, identified as Paul, found himself in this very frustrating situation as he caught his wife in the act live in another man's bedroom.

The wife, Janet, had been having an unholy affair with a colleague to the extent she was neglecting her family; the couple have two children, one of them is barely a year old.

He got to know that his wife's disrespect and disregard at home was because she was sleeping with another man. Following a tip off, he and his sister stormed the house of the man his wife is alleged to be having an affair with and, shamelessly, she was caught red handed.

Lobatan! Governor Fayose launches a book...photo

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose yesterday launched a book titled “Trials Travails and Triumph of Ayo Fayose”

The book talks about the governor’s life in and out of office. More photos below...

Photo of 'Released Chibok Girls' meeting their family for the first time...

Tears of joy flowed freely today as the recently released 21 Chibok girls reunited with their parents at a thanksgiving service which held in Abuja. 
The girls were overjoyed to be reunited with their family members after spending over two years in captivity. 
See more photos from the reunion below...



Chesterfield striker Ched Evans has revealed that he won't apologize to the girl who accused him of raping her

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Chesterfield striker Ched Evans has revealed that he won't apologize to the girl who accused him of raping her as he has been innocent the whole time.
Evans was found guilty of raping a 19 year old girl in 2012 and sentenced to 2 and half years imprisonment, but the conviction was quashed in April after judges found out evidence relating to the complainant’s sexual history could be included in the second trial. 
The second trial ended on Friday and the footballer was cleared of all rape charges.
On Saturday night Mr Evans admitted he had been "young and stupid" at the time of the incident.
"I have maintained my innocence from day one, so I can never apologise directly for what happened," he told the Mail On Sunday
I think it was a situation that got taken out of our hands from an early stage. She never said anybody raped her. She said she had a blackout but that didn’t mean, like it was said in court, that she didn’t consent."
Police in North Wales are investigating fresh threats against the girl complainant and a number of individuals who have named her on Twitter, which is against the law due to her being afforded lifelong anonymity as the complainant in a sex assault case.
But Evans has distanced himself from people threatening the girl on social media, (the girl has had to change her name 5 times since the incident) saying everyone should move on from the case.
“The social media stuff, I don’t condone whatsoever. I don’t agree with it. It’s not been easy for her. I know that. I think it was a situation that got taken out of our hands from an early stage. She never said anybody raped her. She said she had a blackout but that didn’t mean, like it was said in court, that she didn’t consent. My behaviour that night was not acceptable – but it wasn’t a crime.”
 The footballer, who was 22 at the time of the incident in 2011 and one of Sheffield United’s best players, said he has matured since then.
“We could have had any girl we wanted ... We’re footballers.” 
“I have got an idea of what goes on in prison,’ he told the Mail on Sunday. “It was a situation I found myself in. A crime was not committed but nevertheless I was in a situation. I know 100% that lads and girls get themselves in that position. Until something comes of it you never think something will happen to you.” 
“I was young at the time and I was stupid and I wasn’t aware of the situations you could potentially find yourself in that would land you in trouble. I have never been taught about anything like that. You get your gambling and drinking training but nothing else on top of that. In this day and age people need educating on alcohol and consent. 
“I read somewhere you would have to get signed consent. That wouldn’t be realistic but someone needs to come up with something. The best thing is just to be educated. And when they are drunk to think twice about it. How would it look in a court of law?”

Donald Trump challenges Hilary Clinton to a drugs test before next debate

Republican party presidential candidate and Billionaire businessman Donald Trump on Saturday  has challenged his rival, the democratic party presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton to do a drugs test before their next and final presidential debate on Wednesday in Las Vegas.
The comments come after a Washington Post publication last week of a 2005 recording in which he made obscene remarks, which sparked a string of sexual assault claims by ten women this week, which Trump has dismissed as an attempt by the Democratic party- which has Obama as it's highest member, to rig the election..
Trump alleged Clinton took drugs before the last debate which made her 'pumped up at the beginning'
"I don't know what is going on with her," Trump, 70, told a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 
"At the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. At the end, it was like, 'Take me down,' she could barely reach her car. Athletes, they make them take a drug test. I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. Why don't we do that?"

Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo reveals why he had a private wedding

Here’s the reason the actor said he had a private wedding after divorcing his first wife 8 years ago.

This decision is best for us as I have been on the lane before and my wife has never been. I have to protect her privacy at all costs. Please,  we pray for understanding of our friends and my beloved loyal fans, I appreciate you and plead for your prayers and support.

Omg! Watch video of this 23yr old Nigerian lady blackmailing a married man with his nude photos for money

The video clip which shows faceless police interrogating a young lady arrested in Abuja has been making the rounds on social media. The lady identified as Jessica, 23, secretly filmed her married lover after a sexual encounter in a hotel and then blackmailed him for money and iPhone. Jessica threatened to send the video to her victim's wife if he did not pay N180,000. After the initial payment from the man, she went on to make another demand of N50,000. Watch the video after the cut...

Read what Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo revealed about looking for happiness...

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Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo shared some words of advice, warning people to be cautious and not just sacrifice their happiness for anybody, especially people who make you miserable. Read below
"I dont get it too, why do i have to be with someone who makes me so unhappy all in d name of love?  Loneliness? Bcos of wealth? Status? Family? Society? Hell! No!! my happiness comes first always.
I'm sure if i wasn't happy i wont be able to give my kids n those around me so much love n happiness. Even my adopted kids love me silly & i love them too, it's bcos am happy thats why i can give happiness thats why i can show so much love 😉this is living!!!
Build great & sweet memories thats ur moment & thats all u own, Love ur God, ur self n those who love u. Run away from people who make u miserable & very unhappy, life is just too too short to waste or think of what pple will say about u, pls tell me, who made them judge over ur life, no one has d right to make u unhappy, when & if u find that root hold on to it & love it with all ur heart but if u dont pls pls dont stop living, do things that bring joy & gladness to ur soul, u will 4ever be young @ heart, note! no one is going to die with u or 4 u, learn to guide ur heart jealousy, A broken heart is like a sinking ship!!! Be careful who u sacrifice ur happiness 4!"

Shocking revelation of one of the Judges arrested by DSS

Justice Adeniyi Ademola who was among the judges that were arrested and detained last Saturday by agents of the Department of State Security, says he was made to sign a confessional statement at the DSS office with a gun pointed at him.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Ademola alleged that the sting operation carried out by DSS at his home in Abuja, was a personal vendetta against him masterminded by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami.

According to Justice Ademola, Malami is trying to get at him because while he was serving as a Federal judge in Kano between 2004-2008, he ordered the arrest of Malami for being involved in professional misconduct. In the letter addressed to the CJN, Justice Ademola stated that the DSS operatives held guns to his head to sign a document detailing items allegedly found in his house as well as confessional statements.

DSS in a statement released after the arrest of the seven judges in various parts of the country, stated that it recovered over N362 million during the operation. The arrest and detention involved two Supreme Court justices, Sylvester Ngwuta and Inyang Okoro, and two judges of the Federal High Court, Ademola (Abuja Division) and Muazu Pindiga (Gombe Division), was widely criticised.

Justice Ademola's letter to the CJN reads in part “Contrary to media report being circulated, I have never confessed to any crime or implicated anybody, including judges, in my statement obtained from me by the DSS. What is more intriguing in this whole episode is that I see it as a vendetta/revenge from the Hon. Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Mallami, SAN, (who) whilst I was in Kano between 2004 and 2008 as a Federal High Court judge was involved in a professional misconduct necessitating his arrest and detention by my order. However, with the intervention of the Nigerian Bar Association, Kano Branch, the allegation of misconduct was later withdrawn by me. Consequently, the National Judicial Council referred Abubakar Mallami to the NBA Disciplinary Committee for disciplinary action. It was a result of this he was denied the rank of SAN by the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee for the period of four years, until when he produced a fake letter of apology, purportedly, addressed to me. It was then he was conferred with the rank. Since the above incident, Abubakar Mallami has threatened to revenge and swore to do anything to bring me down. My Lord, with this infringement of my fundamental right, I seek for the leave to commence an action against the DSS to encore my right that was breached,” he stated.

Justice Ademola also alleged that he was arrested by the DSS because he granted bail to former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, and also freed the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

“For and interest of my life, and unknown persons with mask on their faces, I collected the written items and signed the document. Upon signing the document, they told me that I am under arrest and ordered me with guns still pointed at me to move outside. As I was going, they told me they were taking me to their office, Department of State Services office, without showing any warrant of arrest. I obeyed them and about six o’clock in the morning, I was whisked away from my residence to the DSS office without any warrant of arrest or reason for my arrest. From the time of my arrival at the DSS office, at about 6:45am on 8/10/2016, I was not told what my crime was for over 24 hours till the evening of 9/10/2016. A DSS official finally informed me that the search of my house and arrest were based on these three allegations: petition of Hon. Jenkins Duvie dated 4th of April 2016 to the National Judicial Council; granting bail to Col. Sambo Dasuki and the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu; and using my office to secure my wife’s appointment as the head of civil service through Senator Bola Tinubu.”

Check out Nollywood actor Mr Latin celebrating his 50th birthday party...photo

Popular actor, Bolaji Amusan, popularly known as Mr Latin, was honoured by many actors in the Yoruba movie industry as he celebrated his 50th birthday. 
He was also privileged to receive the presence Governor Abdul Fatai Hammed of Kwara State. See more photos below...

Ex-Head of State Gowon says 'Nigeria Is Now In The Wilderness'

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Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon (retd.), reflected on the state of the nation and came with a verdict that Nigeria is “walking in the wilderness.”

He however expressed optimism that the challenges currently facing the country would be temporary because God’s promise was that joy cometh very soon.

Gowon, who spoke in Abuja on Saturday during the thanksgiving service to commemorate 20th anniversary of “Nigeria Prays”, a prayer movement for the country, advised all to continue to pray.

According to him, the first rally by the Nigeria Prays was held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja on October 1, 1996, when the ship of the Nigerian State was experiencing great turbulence for which the nation needed effervescent prayers of righteous souls to move God’s right hand to calm the storm.

He said, “When you ask what prayers has God been answering, you think of all the problems and crisis that we have had in the country and the way the good Lord has been able to ensure that they all are peacefully resolved until we create another problem for ourselves.

“Since God inhabits the praises of His people, God knew Nigeria would continually need Him to see the nation through difficult times in much the same way as He was with the children of Israel, particularly during their walk through the wilderness. Nigeria is currently walking in the wilderness but joy cometh very soon. This is the promise of God for our beloved country after rallies and prayers in different geo-political zones of the country.

“We cannot stop praying for Nigeria especially in the light of mounting challenges that have continually caused citizens to question their identity and the survival of the nation’s democratic structure.”

According to NAN, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, said although Nigeria had people who could pray, they lacked commitment to righteousness.

According to him, there is the need to pray to God always but it is more important that Christians turn away from evil in order to make the country great.

Father of 14 yr old forced into marriage wants President Buhari to help get his daughter back...photo

Seventy-year-old Tanko Isiyaku in this interview with Friday Olokor tells the story of his daughter, Habiba’s marriage to one Jamilu Lawal said to be an aide to the Emir of Katsina, Alhaji Abdulmumini Kabiru Usman. Habiba is believed to have been forced into marriage despite her parents kicking against it. she is 14.

Kindly tell us about yourself.

My name is Isiyaku Tanko. I am from Warkaza community in Kudun Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina State. I am a Christian and belong to the ECWA denomination. I am 70 years old.

When did you hear about the marriage of your daughter to Jamilu Lawal, believed to be an aide to the Emir of Katsina?

It was when she left home that we heard about it. She left home on August 16.

When was the last time you saw her?

It was when I went to see the state commissioner of police about the matter that I saw her last. I have forgotten the date.

Did you marry her off to him?

I did not do that. She was forced into marriage.

Do you know Jamilu Lawal?

Yes, he lived close to us in the community.

When you said he lived close to your family, was he a friend to your family?
No, not at all.

Do you know if there was an affair between him and your daughter?

Honestly, I do not think anything like that happened.

Before she was taken away, did you notice any change in your daughter’s behaviour especially her religious beliefs?

No, there was no such thing. She did not change in any way, not even in her religion. She is a very dedicated Christian who believes in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Is it true that you wrote the emirate council to apologise for any embarrassment you might have caused it on the issue of your daughter?

No. I was given a prepared form. I was only told to sign on it and with a threat that if I did not do so, they would kill me.

Did your family receive any money, precisely N50,000, as the bride price for her marriage to Lawal?

(Laughs).It is a lie from the pit of hell.

What would you want the government to do?

They should please help me and bring back my daughter. I want her to remain as she was before she was forcefully taken away from us. My daughter was a virgin before her abduction to the emir’s palace.

Is there a threat to your life and that of your family members because of the development?

I believe that I am fine. I believe that everything is alright; if God be for me, nothing can be against me.

What are you doing to get your daughter back since you said you did not give her out in marriage to Lawal or anybody?

I was forced to sign the form. I would not have allowed them to take her away from me. I was forced. I really want the Federal Government to support me because if they leave this battle for me, I won’t be able to do anything.

How old is she?

She is 14 years old.

Your daughter was asked three questions by the Kaora Katsina on behalf of the Katsina Emirate Council on whether she was forcefully converted to Islam, whether the emirate council or any other person forced her into the marriage and whether she was already menstruating at the time she met Lawal. She answered yes to the questions. Were you in the palace on that day?

Yes, I was. When they asked her to stand up and follow me, she refused saying she would not follow me. I believe that my daughter was charmed. The way I saw her that day was not the way my
daughter was. She has never disobeyed me.

Is it true that when you went to the palace you were threatened?

Yes, I was molested. I faced serious threat, they even wanted to beat and mob me.

Did you go to the palace alone?

No, five people accompanied me there. They included Yahaya Umaru, Jiamakan Gabriel, Yusuf Haruna, Reverend Bankuru and Lubulumu.

How many children do you have?
I have eight children.

Are they all from the same woman?

Yes, from one woman. Habiba is my seventh child. I have four boys and four girls.

Has there been any of case of abduction of  young female children for forced marriage in your community?

I have never seen any in my community. This is why I am very disturbed.

Are you not afraid your daughter could have been impregnated?

God will take control. I really do not know what to say as I am very disturbed at the moment. I pray such does not happen. She is still a small child. Before my daughter was taken away, she was a virgin but I do not know what is happening now. I want them to return my daughter to me as a virgin. That is what I want.

Has she started menstruating as the emirate council claimed before she met Lawal?

Honestly, I have never noticed anything of such.

What do you seek from President Muhammadu Buhari who is also from Katsina State regarding the matter?

I want President Muhammadu Buhari to assist me to get my daughter back. I desire nothing more.

Where is your wife?

She has travelled out of the community because the abduction of her daughter traumatised her. She has not been feeling well. I am also not feeling well at the moment because of the issue.

How did your other children receive the news of what happened to their sister?

Everybody is worried especially the last child who is a boy.

How old is your last child?

He clocked 12 years on Friday.

What class was your daughter before she was taken away?

She was in Junior Secondary School 3.

What has been the role of the police in the  matter?

The Katsina State commissioner of police tried. He spoke strongly about the matter, telling them to give me back my daughter because she is a minor and still under her parents. He told them to allow her to go.

Lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed reveals Buhari traveled to Germany for medical treatment

A Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, has stated that the President’s recent trip to Germany was for medical reasons. Mohammed, a Russian-trained medical doctor, revealed this in an interview with Sunday Punch.

Mohammed said, “The reason the president travelled to Germany was not what it was advertised to be. The trip is basically a medical trip. It was undertaken for medical reasons. It was only converted to a state visit as an afterthought and that tells you the level of contempt the handlers of the president have for Nigerians. We blamed the handlers of Yar’Adua for the way they kept his ailment secret.

“Now, Nigerians have a big surprise awaiting them. They have not been told the truth about the real state of the man’s (Buhari) health. He is our president. Nigerians elected him into office and we must never allow individuals to play with our intelligence and do something stupid and dangerous to our country. I hope and pray that next time, the Nigerian people would be told the truth. It’s a medical trip; they (handlers) issued statements to camouflage the real reason behind the trip.”

University of Ibadan launches first major Solar Power Plant in Nigeria

President  Buhari on Saturday, while represented by the Minister of State for Education, Prof. Anthony Anwuka inaugurated the first major solar power plant in the country at the University of Ibadan.

While speaking at the inauguration, Anwuka said, “Today’s groundbreaking ceremony is a culmination of more than two years of negotiation involving UI, the Federal Government and German government. This is why the FG, through TETFund, has committed itself to this project with the provision of funds.”

The plant has the capacity to supply 10 megawatts of renewable electricity to the university community and its environs when completed.

Wow! Nollywood actress Funke Akindele reveals the shocking things her new hubby does for her...

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Funke Akindele- Bello in a chat with Sunday Spice has revealed her new husband, JJC Skillz does not allow her to cook. She says their cook leaves on Saturday mornings to go and see his family, and when he leaves she makes the move to cook, but her caring husband stops her from doing so and encourages them to eat out. She also said she works on Sundays before now, but that has also stopped because he has advised her to use that day to always rest. Her words;

“Before I met my husband, I used to work on  Sundays, but he always says that I need to rest. Our chef leaves on Saturday  mornings  to see his family, so whenever  I want to cook, my husband tells me not to do so and we eat out.  We  do that very often. Now, I enjoy my life and  I rest.’’

This Catholic church was fined $50, 000 for s3x abuse

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A court in Buenos Aires on Saturday ordered the Catholic Church to pay $50,000 to a former seminarian who alleged he was sexually abused some 25 years ago by an Argentine archbishop.

The breakthrough ruling is the first civil court judgment against the majority Roman Catholic church in Argentina, legal experts said.

The court issued the judgment of 756,000 pesos against the church in the case of a theology student in the province of Santa Fe, who claimed to have been victimized by late Archbishop Edgardo Storni.

Seminary student Ruben Descalzo filed a lawsuit claiming he was sexually assaulted by Storni in 1992.

A court in 2009 found Storni guilty of the sex assault charges against him and sentenced him to eight years in prison, but the sentence was overturned two years later by an appeals court.

The sentence was sent back to the lower court which was instructed to issue a new sentence against Storni, who died before the court could act.

Storni died in 2012, at the age of 75 without ever confessing to the crime he was accused of.

He gave up his position in 2002, and secluded himself at a property owned by the archdiocese.

Saturday's court ruling ordered the court to make payment of the fine within the next 10 days.

It was not immediately known whether the church planned to file an appeal.

See what Actress Cossy Ojiakor wore to her birthday party last night...

She turned a year older yesterday and she stepped out last night to celebrate with friends. And, of course, had her cleavage on display in a low cut short sequined dress. 

More photos below...

Wow! Check out photos of the 'Released Chibok girls' looking very beautiful...

A group photo was obtained by a Nigerian Public Affairs analyst on Twitter, shows the 21 newly rescued Chibok girls looking all cleaned up, in a group picture with Senator Ali Ndume in Abuja. 

This is only three days after they were released by Boko Haram group.