30 Oct 2016

Meet one of the survivors of 2006 ADC plane crash in Abuja which killed 96 people tells his amazing story ...photo

On October 29th, 2006, a Boeing 737 operated by ADC Airlines crashed near the Abuja airport shortly after takeoff, claiming so many lives, including that of the then Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammadu Maccido.

The flight carrying 100 passengers and five crew members departed Lagos to Sokoto with an intermediate stop in Abuja.

Shortly after taking off from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, the plane crashed, broke up and caught fire in a corn field. 96 people died, including a woman working on the field, who was reportedly killed after being struck by debris from the crash.

 The primary cause of the crash was bad weather but the immediate cause was the pilot's refusal to acknowledge warning given to him by the control tower not to take off due to wind shear alert.

Amid the carnage and other people who perished, nine others miraculously survived, Peter Onuka (Pictured above) was of them. Now, exactly ten years after the disaster, he has spoken for the first time about his experience. Taking to his Facebook page yesterday, October 29th, he posted photos from the crash scene, writing:
"Exactly10 years today, I was involved in a plane crash. The plane, a Boeing 737 operated by ADC Airline, was on a passenger flight from Lagos to Sokoto, via Abuja. After a short stop at Nnamdi Azikiwe airport, Abuja, the plane took off again, heading to Sokoto with 100 passengers and 5 crew members. But some seconds or a minute after take-off, the plane began to loose altitude, crashed and burst into flames.The pictures below show the remains of the plane. At least 96 people died in the crash, my heart goes to these people and their families however, out of this wreckage God brought me out alive without serious injuries. How God saved me in this crash I can't explain but I am grateful. Today, I raise an altar of praise to God. please do me a favour if you are reading this, as you take a few seconds to lift a voice of praise and thankgiving to God on my behalf. Thanks be unto God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ"
 Photos from the crash below...

Obasanjo tells African's richest woman, Folorunsho Alakija - I made you a billionaire

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday told Mrs Folorunsho Alakija who is Africa’s richest woman, that his administration made her among the many billionaire Nigeria presently has. 

The former President who was a guest speaker at the 2016 Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Forum, said this while reacting to claims by Alakija that the Obasanjo administration frustrated her moves to explore the oil sector after getting her oil license from the lae military dictator, Sani Abacha.

According to Alakija who was also a panelist, the Obasanjo administration illegally took an oil block allocated to her company after her family had invested all its savings to strike oil in commercial quantity. Vanguard quotes her as saying
“This oil block is in 5000 feet depth of water and was extremely difficult to explore. It took 15 years from the time that we were awarded the licence in 1993 till 2008 when we struck the first oil When this event happened, 60 per cent out of our 60 per cent equity in the business, was forcefully taken from us by the government of the day without due process. We had to fight back by going to court to seek redress and it took another 12 years for justice to be served in our favour. In all those years it was my trust in God, my perseverance and the support of my family that got me going,” she said.
Obasanjo replied Alakija when he was given the microphone to speak at the event. He said 
“There is a saying in my part of the world that when a proverb touches you and you failed to reply, then you are a coward. For you to come here and say that, for no cause whatsoever, you were denied what was rightfully yours, is not fair. I do not know you from Adam and there is no reason I would have denied you what rightfully belonged to you. So, you have struggled, and you have struck oil. God bless your heart. My delight is to be able to create Nigerian billionaire and I always say it that my aim, when I was in government was to create 50 Nigerian billionaires. Unfortunately I failed. I created only 25 and Madam, you are one of them” he said

Photo of six teenage thieves caught in Oshodi, Lagos ...photo

The operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested six teenage mobile phone thieves in Oshodi. 
The suspects were all apprehended in Oshodi Oke on Friday morning, October 28th, while brazenly dispossessing commuters of their belongings. 
They are: Ganiyu Rahman Sadiq Adebayo (15); Timilehin Oluwaseun (14); Ogundare Moyinoluwa (18); Toheeb Tijani (19) and Adeleke Sodiq (17).
When interrogated by the RRS, one of the suspects, Ganiyu Rahman, said:
 "we are over 50 boys. We are always in Oshodi-Oke, from morning till late night.... Some of us genuinely help people to carry their loads while a lot of us are there to snatch handbags, phones and other valuables from people. At times, we pretend to be helping them but our focus is their valuables. Most times, we work in groups. While the other is helping out, another person is stealing the victim’s valuables either from bag or pocket.... There are some other guys who forcibly dispossess passers-by of their belongings. These gangs operate early in the morning and late at night when their victims are helpless," he ,
 Rahman also disclosed that he is a product of a broken home which has seen his parents remarrying:
"I have been sleeping in Oshodi Under Bridge since 2013.... I work as conductor and whenever am not, I am with my peer to rob and snatch valuables in Oshodi. We were three when we stole the Microsoft phone from a lady’s bag. We pretended to be helping the lady to get a bus, meanwhile, our intent was her phones. I have been committed to 13 month rehabilitation by the Lagos State Taskforce but my home is in Oshodi Under Bridge," he stated.
His victim, Sarah Obende, an undergraduate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), disclosed that "I thought I had lost the phone.... I discovered it was missing immediately I boarded a bus in Oshodi. I received a call in the evening that I should come to Alausa to collect my phone."
Another suspect, Sadiq Adebayo, who was allegedly in company of two other boys while stealing an iPhone and a phantom Techno phone from a car, disclosed, "Osas and Janbele stole the two phones in my presence.... We have sold the two phones along with seven other phones to Tuwo in Idi Oro, Mushin. They gave me N7,000 from the proceeds."
Four of the remaining suspects, namely: Timilehin Oluwaseun, Ogundare Moyinoluwa, Toheeb Tijani and Adeleke Sodiq were all separately apprehended while stealing phones and purse from commuters in similar circumstances.
The onslaught on criminals has been stretched to various black spots in the state. Responding to the development, the Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Dolapo Badmos, said Police would leave no stone unturned in getting rid of criminal elements within the State, urging parents to monitor the activities of their wards and children. The suspects have been transferred to Lagos State Taskforce.

Check out Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe ...photo

The beautiful actress and mother of two wore this to church...we like!

Donald Trump orders security to throw black man out of his rally...

A black Trump supporter was thrown out of a campaign rally after he was accused of being a protester. C. J. Cary , a long time supporter of the Donald, attended the rally in Kinston, North Carolina on Wednesday. Trump was mid-speech when the crowd began booing, waving their Trump Pence signs and pointing at Cary.

'That's all right, leave him alone,' the Republican presidential candidate told the crowd, according to the News Observer. But he swiftly changed his mind. 'We have a protester,' Trump declared. 'By the way, were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?' he asked, scanning the crowd. 'Where's the protester? Where is he? Was he paid?'

'You can get him out, Trump said, addressing his security. 'Get him out.' Cary was then escorted from the event by security as the audience cheered. Trump has previously accused Clinton's campaign of paying protesters to disrupt his rallies. But Cary was not a protester. He is a yuge Trump fan.

The former Marine claims he has been corresponding with the real estate mogul since 1992 when Trump replied to Cary's letter during his first divorce. Cary, who was wearing sunglasses and a suit jacket at the rally, said he had been hoping to give another letter to the Republican candidate.

He was just 20ft from the stage, shouting 'Donald! and waving his letter, when he was escorted outside. 'Everyone else is waving Trump signs and I'm waving this white letter,' Cary told the Washington Post. He also thinks that he thinks his sunglasses - worn because of his sensitivity to light - may also have made people suspicious. 

As he was led out, the security agent noticed that Cary was wearing a GOP badge. He told Cary that while he wasn't a protester, the crowd had turned against him and he should probably leave the rally. Although he was able to pass on his letter to give to Trump. 

That eight-page letter urged him to be more accepting of minorities before urging: 'You must defeat lying Hillary and lying Obama. These characters are bad really bad.' Cary says he has not yet heard back from the Trump campaign but a surrogate has reached out to him.

The 63-year-old said he was disappointed to have been ejected, but that wasn't going to stop him from voting for Trump. 'I was a little sad [that I was escorted out] but was more happy than sad because my purpose for being there was to give that document to Donald,' Cary said. 'My mission was to make sure I got it in the right hands, because someone could have just easily tossed it or dropped it.'

Omg! See the Obituary of 6 children of same parents poisoned to death in Anambra state set to be buried next week

These six siblings, who were poisoned to death in Ekwulumili, Nnewi South LGA of Anambra State are set to be laid to rest on Saturday, November 5th, 2016The children died after consuming food poisoned by unknown person on July 16, 2016. The parents are believed to have attempted suicide following the tragic death of their children. Posting their obituary announcement on Facebook, Ewenike Ogechukwu wrote:

"Very painful. What a remarkable sorrowful event? A question were asked " what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose the kingdom of the life maker our God? " 
what a deep scar to the living future hope of the town? It's time we battle, fight and overcome atrocities and abomination in our various towns.
Say "NO" to outrage, disgrace, scandal, eyesore, atrocity, horror, hate, anathema, aversion, curse, detestation, evil, nuisance, plague, shame, torment, hatred, dislike, repugnance, loathing, revulsion, abhorrence, disgust , wrongdoing, crime, offense.
So my GoOd fellow Youths; If the painful death of this SIX CHILDREN of the same womb touches you, try and attend their burial which have been announced to be On Saturday 5th November, 2016. May their innocence souls be acceptable in the bosom of Almighty, Amen"

Photo of woman whose Kenyan husband poured hot water on her private part... photo

A 30-year-old mother of two from Kianamu Village in Embu County, Kenya, is nursing serious burns on her thighs and private parts after her husband poured hot water on her.

Catherine Wakere was taken to Siakago Level Four Hospital last Wednesday, two weeks after the attack. Her upper right thigh and her private parts had started developing infections when she was taken to the hospital.
According to the hospital’s Nursing Officer Secinta Nyaga, the woman was only taken to hospital when a neighbour learnt of the cruel assault. Ms Wakere said her husband, Charles Njiru, 36, had without any provocation, poured boiling water on her. Around 11am on that fateful day, she was heating water for him when he suddenly grabbed a bowl, scooped the water and threw it on her thighs and private parts.

"He just scooped water that was boiling and splashed it on my thighs. He had aimed at my private parts, which were partly scalded," she said.

Ms Nyaga said the wound had deteriorated due to the lengthy stay without medication but her condition has since improved.

"Hers is a case of gender violence, which we reported to the police before treating her. The wound was in a very bad state since it appeared to have stayed for two weeks without being treated. If it was a fresh would it would have healed. She is now in a stable condition." she said.
Ms Wakere’s left thigh also bears another scar of a healed burn injury while she has two broken fingers, all said to have been inflicted by the husband. She had also told doctors that her fingers broke when she fell.

The hospital has also alerted the Children's Department to take care of the victim's children, a two-year-old girl and a boy, seven. Her mother, Daisy Muthoni, who is looking after her in hospital, said she was afraid of visiting her daughter’s home due to the cruelty of her husband.

News of the assault caused uproar among women leaders in Embu, with county assembly gender committee chairperson Peninah Mutua calling on police to crack down on perpetrators of gender violence. Mbeere North Assistant County Commissioner, Benjamin Birech said the man has been arrested and will be taken to court once his wife files an official complaint. He said the woman had reported being repeatedly beaten up and sexually harassed by the man.

"We will charge him with causing grievous harm. She says that the man beats her regularly. He is reported to be a habitual user of bhang and miraa," said Mr Birech, adding that the man could have been under the influence of drugs when he poured hot water on his wife."

Source:Standard Media

Tiwa Savage's ex husband, Teebillz spotted with their son, Jamil ...photo

Teebillz was pictured with his son,  Jamil. And he shared the photo via Instagram and wrote: "A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body....❤️"

Update! Mariah Carey claims she never slept with ex fiance for the 10 months she was engaged to him

Mariah Carey met billionaire business man James Packer in 2015 and they got engaged in January 2016. For all the time they were together, over a year, Mariah's camp says she didn't sleep with him as she doesn't do pre-marital sex. Read the report from TMZ below...
Mariah Carey has the ultimate defense against claims she was banging her choreographer -- namely, she doesn't bang before marriage, and yeah ... that includes James Packer.
Sources close to Mariah tell us rumors about her relationship with Bryan Tanaka are completely false. We're told Mimi has a long-standing rep as a "traditional girl," and wouldn't blow that for anyone.

That stance extended to her now ex-fiance. We're told even though they lived together and spent weeks at a time on his yacht, they never got sexual. They always had separate rooms in their homes and on their boats.

Mariah's ex, Nick Cannon, can testify to her puritanical values. He's admitted in interviews he had to wait 'til they got hitched to round the bases.

Our Mariah sources say she and James were more like lovesick 12-year-olds -- they made out plenty, but never sealed the deal -- and that's one reason he was pushing hard to get married ASAP.

Omg! A Woman who allegedly killed her children attempts suicide in court ...photo

Hasifa Nakato, 30 yr old is accused of killing her two children in Kamuli district, Uganda tried to kill herself by trying to jump into the latrine during her case hearing last week.

She feigned stomach upset and just before her charges were read to her, asked the magistrate to let her use the latrine. The magistrate granted her a 5 minutes recces and some police officers took her to the latrine where she attempted to jump into the pit toilet.

“When we escorted her, she tried to force her legs into the opening of the latrine which is unusually wide. I think she had an intention of committing suicide so that she can block justice” said a female police officer.
Her case has been adjourned to November 6 2016 ...

Photo credits Opio Sam Caleb

Shocking! A54 yr old Nigerian cleaner jailed for using forged passport to claim over £34,000 in benefits...photo

A 54-year-old Nigerian man, who fraudulently claimed more than £34,000 in benefits with a Nigerian alter ego, was on Friday, October 28th, sentenced to 10 months in prison. Adebola Adesanwo, is a naturalised UK citizen but as a dual-national, also has a Nigerian passport. 
Newport Crown Court heard how the former cleaner, had a second alias under a false, forged passport under the name of John Adepujo.

He had previously pleaded guilty to charges of possession an identification document with intent and two counts of failing to disclose information to make a gain.

Prosecuting, David Pugh said that border agency officials became suspicious of the defendant after he submitted a claim for sick pay but was unable to provide certain documents, alerting the border agency.

"On April 22, 2016, border agency officers went to an address in Newport and they were looking for John Adepujo," said Mr Pugh.

After leaving the property without finding the fictitious Mr Adepujo, they returned three days later believing that Adesanwo was the man that they had previously looked for.

"On April 25, they went back. The photographs were matched and he was arrested," said Mr Pugh.

The period of offending was separated into two timeframes – August 2007 to June 2008 and September 2009 and November 2015. During that combined period, the defendant falsely claimed £34,205.30, despite working at a cleaner in Newport at the time.

Defending, Matthew Cobbe said that while the defendant’s action were illegal, he was not committing the fraudulent acts for person gain or greed.

"He was sending the funds back to his parents in Nigeria. As the eldest son, he felt compelled to do so," said Mr Cobbe.

Adesanwo's parents were both sick , and before his appearance at magistrate’s court earlier this month, he found out his father had died from cancer.

Concluding, judge William Gaskell labelled the offences as ‘sophisticated’, adding that the defendant was claiming benefits on a forged passport, despite being a UK citizen, which would have entitled him to benefits any way

However, the judge gave the defendant full credit for his early pleas of guilt, and agreed that Adesanwo had not used the money for his own use, but to help his family in Nigeria.

He will spend half in custody before being released on licence and will pay a victim surcharge of £100 on his release.

Source: Southwales News

Tragic! This father strangles two of his children to death as sacrifice to his dead father ...photo

A 35-year-old Thomas Matthew who lived at Mountain village opposite Dantata Camp, Asokoro, Abuja, claims his late father initiated him into an occult group. He also claimed that his father appeared to him and commanded him to sacrifice his children to him on different occasions. On October 7th, Mathew found fault with his wife, Bola, who is deaf and dumb, beat her up, then chased her out of the house.
He had previously killed their 2 month old son by strangling him to death last year and October 7th, 2016, he strangled their his four-month-old daughter, Mary Matthew to death.

According to the Commissioner of Police, of the Federal Capital Territory Police Command, Mr. Mohammed Mustafa the suspect was apprehended this time after his wife made a report at the Police station that he had killed their baby.

The wife also explained that he had tried to kill their 9 year old son in the past and luckily she caught him in the act then sent her son away to her mother's home for him to be taken care of there.

With the help of a sign language expert, the wife, Bola, recalled how the suspect tried to kill their first son.
She said: 
“I didn’t know that my husband is a cultist. I remember when he first tried to kill our first son, I reported the matter at the Garki Police Station. It was my mother who took the boy away from the house and he is still staying with her in Mararaba, Nasarawa State. Then I had another son last year. When he was two months old, he became sick. My husband killed him in September 2015. I didn’t know until he confessed. This year I had our daughter.
In the night of October 7, 2016, we were together in the house when suddenly he started beating me. I got injured and ran away to his elder sister’s house. Before I came back with his sister, he had strangled our baby to death. He locked the door and ran away. It was policemen from Asokoro Police Station, where I reported the case that broke the door and found the baby. We rushed the baby to Asokoro General Hospital. The doctor said the baby was dead. Now I have only one son left, Josiah Matthew. It was only God who saved me from the power of darkness.”

When interrogated, Matthew who hails from Kwande Local Government Area, Benue State said:
“I got married to my wife, Bola, and we were blessed with three kids. My father is a cultist and he initiated me into the occult. My father asked me to offer the children as sacrifice and mark of honour to him, promising he would make me become rich.
“It was a covenant that nobody knew, even my wife. My father gave me conditions that if anybody got to know or I revealed the covenant, that the covenant would be destroyed. From the time I had my first child, my father began disturbing me to offer my child to him as a sacrifice.
“I tried to kill my first child by strangling, but my wife caught me and reported to the police and her mother came to take the child away from the house. He has been staying with her in Mararaba, Nasarawa State.
Later my father appeared to me after I had my second son, John, who became sick. I strangled him to death in 2015. On October 7, 2016, my father appeared to me again that I should kill my only daughter. I was with my wife and then I started beating her and she ran away to my elder sister’s house and I locked the door and strangulated my four-month-old baby girl and she died.
I locked the entrance of the house and ran away. It was the youth in my area that arrested me and handed me over to the police. I wanted to kill my younger brother according to my father’s instruction. My father is still alive and he is in the village in Benue State.”

The police commissioner who confirmed the incident said the suspect would be charged to court soon.

Source: Sunday Sun

800 Herdsmen arrested for violent attacks- VP Osinbajo

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Security agencies in Nigeria have arrested about 800 suspected violent herdsmen across the country, according to Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

Osinbajo made this disclosure in Houston, Texas in the US on Friday at a Townhall event where he interacted with US-based Nigerians who asked questions at the event and also via the Internet, according to a statement issued by his spokesperson Mr. Laolu Akande.

The Vice President fielded about thirty questions at the townhall event moderated by Mr. Rudolf Okonkwo of Sahara Reporters and Prof. Nimi Wariboko of Boston University.

Asked about the issue of Fulani Herdsmen attacks in certain states across the country and what the
Federal Government was doing to curb the problem, the Vice President said “the President has given firm instructions to the security agencies to arrest not only herdsmen who are attacking communities anywhere in the country but anyone of them or anyone at all in possession of firearms.”

He added that “there are about 800 of suspected violent herdsmen in the country that are currently in custody.” The Vice President however decried the slow pace of the criminal justice system which is affecting the prompt trial of such suspects.

Eight SANS summoned by the EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is extending the war against corruption in the judicial arm to the bar. It has  invited eight Senior Advocates of Nigeria( SANs) for interrogation over alleged payments into judges’ accounts.

This is coming three weeks after the Department of State Security (DSS) raided the homes of several judges, including two justices of the Supreme Court, and arrested them for alleged corruption.

But the EFCC,after  intercepting  test messages, have now extended the scope of the investigation to the bar, summoning eight senior lawyers suspected of corrupting judges.

Four  of the SANs have already been questioned  by the anti-graft commission.

All the SANs  have  denied the EFCC allegation.

They said in their written statements to the commission that at no time did they remit money into the account of any judge for the purpose of perverting justice.

EFCC sources said it had uncovered “curious payments”  into judges’ accounts by the SANs after screening the call logs and text messages of a SAN.

It was gathered that one of the payments was made into the account of a judge of the National Industrial Court (NIC) who was invited by the EFCC for questioning.

A well-placed EFCC  source said: “We have summoned eight judges for interrogation over suspicious payments into judges’ accounts.

“Four of the SANs have made what I may term useful statements on oath at our office in Lagos. We have granted them bail but investigation is still ongoing.

“It is too early to presume them guilty or not until we have concluded the ongoing probe.

“When we analyzed the call logs and text messages of one of the SANs, we retrieved evidence of remittance and text messages acknowledging some payments between him and a judge of the National Industrial Court( NIC).

“The  affected judge was invited for interrogation during the week. We are still forging ahead with our investigation.”

Asked to release the list of the four remaining judges, the source added: “We will let the public know after they have appeared before our team.”

As it stands, security agencies are currently probing  six  judges and 10 SANs.

Some of the judges had earlier reported to the commission.

Two of the five judges are alleged to have received over N2.75million bribe from two senior lawyers, Rickey Tarfa (SAN) and Joseph Nwobike (SAN).

The EFCC had on March 9, 2016 arraigned Tarfa and Nwobike before Lagos High Court on allegations of bribery and offering gratification to a public official.

“Nwobike and Tarfa are facing criminal prosecution for allegedly offering gratification to Federal High Court judges to refrain them from exercising the duties of their office.

“Subsequent investigation revealed that the two Judges allegedly received sums of money from the two senior lawyers severally.”

The allegations against the two SANs are as follows:

That you Rickey Tarfa SAN on the 29th day of January 2014 in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honourable court intentionally gave the sum of N1, 500,000 to Hon. Justice Nganjiwa Hyeladzira Ajiya of the Federal High Court directly from your Zenith Bank Account No. 1002926967 in order that the said judge refrains from acting in the exercise of his official duties.

That you Rickey Tarfa SAN on or about the 15th day of December, 2015 in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honourable court intentionally gave the sum of N500, 000 to Hon. Mohammed Nasir Yunusa of the Federal High Court indirectly through Awa Ajia Nigeria Limited’s account No. 0000971941 domiciled in Access Bank Plc belonging to Hon. Justice Nganjiwa Hyeladzira Ajiya in order that Hon. Mohammed Nasir Yunusa refrains from acting in the exercise of his official duties.”
That you Dr. Joseph Nwobike (SAN) on the 28th day of March 2015 in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this honourable court intentionally gave the sum of N750,000 to Honourable Justice Mohammed Nasir Yunusa of the Federal High Court directly through your United Bank for Africa Account No. 1002664061 in order that the said judge refrains from acting in the exercise of his official duties and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 64 (1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State No. 11 of 2011.

The Nation

VP Osinbajo - Why we’ve not arrested Goodluck Jonathan

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has responded to calls by some Nigerians for the arrest of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, because almost all those arrested have mentioned Jonathan's name.

VP Osinbajo said the Buhari administration does not arrest “anybody, anyhow”.

Answering questions at a session in Texas, US on Friday, on when Jonathan would be arrested by the government to answer for "looted money" under his watch, Osinbajo said the Buhari administration believes in empowering the security agencies and anti-corruption agencies to do their jobs, without the administration trying to teleguide them.

He also added that the fight against corruption in the country was not fought on ethnic, hasty or pre-mediated grounds.

“Corruption is not an ethnic thing, there is an equal representation in the stealing as no one operates with his/her ethnic group alone. The culprits are in every case seen so far, united by greed to steal and not by ethnic or religious interest,” he said.

He frowned at a situation where Billions of Dollars disappeared from the national coffers into private pockets, saying no responsible government would wave that aside so as not to offend people.

Tragic! 11 yr old brain cancer survivor girl shoots herself dead after being bullied for having an uneven chin ....photo

Bethany Thompson, 11 yr old, who is a brain cancer survivor from Cable, Ohio, got off a school bus last Wednesday and shot herself dead with a gun on the back porch of her home. 
Her mum, Wendy Feucht believes her daughter had been bullied because of her uneven chin which was caused by a tumor that was removed. Feucht said her daughter's best friend often told her that Bethany and her often got bullied by their peers in school.
Feucht said:

'I think that she was just done. She didn't feel like anybody could do anything to help her. 'People need to know that even the littlest things can break someone.'
The mum said Bethany told her best friend what she was going to do when she got home.

Feucht continued:
'She told her she loved her and that she was her best friend forever, but that she was going to kill herself when she got home.'
Bethany's father and Feucht's ex-husband Paul Thompson said in an interview that his daughter had survived brain cancer in 2008.
He said that his daughter's uneven grin was caused by a tumor that was removed. The father said fellow students noticed and several bullied Bethany.

He said:  'I think that's why she took her life.'
It's unclear who the gun she used belongs to.

The Superintendent at Bethany's school, Chris Piper confirmed that Bethany was bullied the previous year and it was settled.
He said:
'There was no evidence of a pattern of bullying this year.' Piper revealed there are endeavors 'to change the school climate ... and re-evaluate our anti-bullying educational side so that we are able to determine when things go from normal misbehavior to a pattern of bullying and to deter and stop misbehavior'.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

Obama's brother slams him and Hillary Clinton on Twitter, says he will vote for Trump

President Obama's brother Malik Obama announced that he has been verified on Twitter and took several digs at his half brother, Barack, he called him a liar and claimed that Barack mistreated his mother when she visited the White House. 
He also accused Hillary Clinton and her campaign of lying and deceiving the American people. Asking people to vote for Trump. Read his tweets after the cut...