Omg! See the disturbing video of mob attack on African national at shopping mall in India

In this disturbing video that has emerged amid rash of racist attacks on Africans in Greater Noida near Delhi, a man is kicked, punched and beaten with steel dustbins by a large group at a mall.

The footage, apparently filmed on a mobile phone at the Ansal Plaza in Greater Noida, has been shared on Facebook by the Association of African Students in India.
A black man is seen curled up on the floor, trying to block with his arms the repeated blows from the mob, which thrashes him with stools, bins and whatever the attackers can grab hold of. No one tries to help the man or stop the attack that appears to take place in the middle of the mall's ground level.

 The video was apparently taken from a hidden point on the first floor.

After at least three reported incidents targeting African nationals, senior police officer Dharmendra Kumar told the media that security has been provided at hostels and colleges.

Many African students study in universities in Greater Noida, a township right next door to the capital. See the video below...