Man slashes 18-year-old girlfriend throat because she served him one piece of meat on Christmas day

An 18-year-old hairdresser, Theodora Ansah has had her neck slashed by her angry boyfriend, Raymond Boabey, a construction worker at Likpe Mate, a suburb of Hohoe in the Volta region.The victim, who is a mother of two, a three-year-old and a one and half-year-old daughters, however, escaped death from a near butchering incidence.
The victims went into a fight with the boyfriend whom she is cohabiting with, around 7 pm yesterday after a fight which begun on 25th December over one piece of meat she served him.
According to Theodora, she didn’t have enough to prepare her Christmas meal so she served him rice with one piece of meat which the boyfriend wasn’t happy about, so he confronted her angrily and slapped her in the process and kicked the lady out of his home.
On Thursday, 28th Decembers, he visited the lady to apologize and asked her to let him go home with her daughter from another man which she obliged. Hours later she went back for her daughter from him and he requested to have a chat which she agreed.