Love Keep us together. United We Stand Ewenation writes Varile Pete

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You are free to walk away when the going gets tough. When you love someone, you love them wholeheartedly. They are not perfect, because they are human. Nobody said things will be perfect all the time.
Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest, or who laughs with you. It's about when the chips are down and you've got to stick together as a team. Who told us Alashabi is perfect? Is she bound to make mistakes? Oh yes!!! The reason being because she's human and sometimes she might get things wrong.

Does she deserve your loyalty and support? Well... That's a "Million Dollar Question" only you can answer yourself truthfully. Why is it at the first sign of trouble we begin to have doubts.? We don't know what to do for the best.
Common Guys.... Do we give up on our children when they let us down? Do our parents give up on us when we disappoint them or let them down? I'd rather we have just 💯 loyal Ewenation than 20,000 followers. Do our parents get it right all the time or do we as parents and adult get it right all the time?
Talk is cheap. Anybody can say "I love Alashabi ".. How many people hands 🤚on heart can say no matter what... Through thick or thin i will be by her side.
Also let's be careful how we relay things to Sisimi. Sometimes she doesn't really know 50% of what's going on and am sure she has loyal members and inner circle of trusted Ewenation who discuss issues with her. Let's get our facts right and weigh it carefully or better still discuss it with one or two loyal and trusted friends or even people who are not Ewenation.
Before you decide to reveal or divulge details to Sisimi Esther Iya Ewe Aboderin JP. The issue on ground is just lack of communication, transparency and getting the right details or information to the appropriate person/People.
Eje ki a fi su'ru si. Suru se oku'ta jinna. The other group are irrelevant. Awon bi ti ba'wo. Se talatolo ti o ni ise lo'wo ni af'e ma fu ni esi. Please if anyone wants to leave Ewenation.... Because of what's happening they are free to. Loyal, Unwavering, trustworthy and committed members,new members and dedicated silent watchers will support and stay firmly by Sisimi's side.
Mr Ola Temidayo.... God bless you as you are going along with wisdom and patience. Gbogbo ma ni iya'ju sir. Ewenation thanks 🙏 everyone for your support,undiluted love ❤️, patience and prayers. One Love Keep us together. United We Stand Ewenation 🌿🌿🌿
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