Story of a Lagos hustler turn big boy

Story of a lagos hustler turn big boy

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Clock in, clock out… clock in, and clock out… clock in, clock out. Day after day it was an unending routine of clocking in and out.
I had a good job, I was fortunate, it paid the bills. Enough to keep a roof over my head and food on the table but, just enough. There was always another target to aim at, another bonus to get, and another contract to win. Until one day I came home and found that my little boy was three and he could talk, I rarely saw him. I had to escape the traffic and be at work on time, I was out before he was up and back after he had fallen asleep. Everything I was doing was for him but ironically, I didn’t even know him, he didn’t know me.
Long before now, I had dreams. I had plans of doing other things I was passionate like; going on vacations, living in my own house, having time for
my son and my wife, taking care of my parents, contributing to my community. I have always wanted to build a school in my village to make a difference. But I couldn’t do anything on my meagre salary. It was one paycheck to another, my whole life revolved around the ‘9 to 5’, long hours commuting to and from work. There’s got to be more to life than just paying bills, I thought. I work hard and I am smart, there’s got to be a way out. I stayed up all night that day researching and guess what I found, REAL ESTATE!
Real estate would be my way out. Do you know that Nigeria’s current population is 194million based on the latest United Nations estimates? Our population is equivalent to 2.57% of the total world population. But check this out, the total land area is 910,770 Km2 (351,650 sq. miles) and 51.0 % of the population live in urban areas (99,967,871 people in 2018). More and more people are migrating to the Urban cities causing the exponential need for housing. According to the Lagos State government, “about 187,500 new homes are needed over the next five years to reduce housing deficit in the state”, you see what I mean?
Well if you don’t understand what these figures mean, keep one thing in mind, land and housing values increase when demand exceeds the supply. Think about that!
It was an exciting realization, then it hit me, simply because real estate is financially viable, doesn’t mean I could simply jump into the business, I needed training.
That’s how I found REPRO Agency.
Obviously, it’s natural to be skeptical about anything you find on the internet. I personally have lost count on the number of links clicked that landed on clueless pages. But I really felt like Repro Agency was different, they seemed to know my desire for a better life, they understood what I was talking about and they knew how to fix it. I took a leap of faith and decided to sign up for the training. I read the details and attended the training. I can honestly say I regret only a few things in my life and taking that first step wasn’t one of them. My life changed, plain and simple. I was loaded with mind-blowing information from the training that energized me with fresh new insights about how the global real estate market actually works. Picture this, I walked out of that training, a walking real estate expert with property to sell and huge sale deals and unbelievable commission potentials after stepping in with zero naira.
You know that last line that asks you to click? Well, I did and my life has never been the same. Who knows it could do the same for you. Click here to how I did it.

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