Sex Tape of Ghanaian singer, Mzvee leaked (WATCH VIDEO) reported about a sex tape going viral and allegedly the lady in the video being bang by an obvious drunk guy in a doggy style is Lynx Entertainment artist, MzVee.
Looking at the video, it’s hard to tell if it’s really MzVee because the face of the lady is pinned to the floor. But I admit there is a striking resemblance between MzVee and the lady in the video.

Well, the Daavi herself as MzVee is affectionately called has finally spoken about the trending video.
According to MzVee, she is not the lady in the video. Again her brand is against everything nu-dity and p*rn*graphy so people should stop spreading rumors about her.


Let’s get serious here. Not only are nu-dity and p*rn*graphy against everything my brand stands for, but it’s also a crime and shouldn’t be joked with. Please don’t spread any rumors linking me to any s£x tape or nu-de pictures when it’s clearly not true.
Sex Tape of Ghanaian singer, Mzvee leaked (WATCH VIDEO)

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