Tobi Becomes The First 2018 #BBNaija Housemate To Be Verified On Instagram

Former BBNaija housemate and 2nd runner up, Tobi as been verified on instagram.
The ex- housemate took to his Instagram to share a photo of himself with caption saying…
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#tobination #verified ✊🏻🌟LESSON 1: THE RICH DON'T 

The poor and the middle class work for money.
The rich have money work for them.
“Dad, can you tell me how to get rich?”
My dad put down the evening paper. “Why do you want to get 
rich, Son?”
“Because today Jimmy’s mom drove up in their new Cadillac, and 
they were going to their beach house for the weekend. He took three 
of his friends, but Mike and I weren’t invited. They told us we weren’t 
invited because we were poor kids.”
“They did?” my dad asked incredulously.
“Yeah, they did,” I replied in a hurt tone.
My dad silently shook his head, pushed his glasses up the bridge of his 
nose, and went back to reading the paper. I stood waiting for an answer.
The year was 1956. I was nine years old. By some twist of fate, 
I attended the same public school where the rich people sent their 
kids. We were primarily a sugar-plantation town. The managers of 
the plantation and the other affluent people, such as doctors, business 
owners, and bankers, sent their children to this elementary school. 
After grade six, their children were generally sent off to private 
schools. Because my family lived on one side of the street, I went 
to this school. Had I lived on the other side of the street, 

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