‘Good Samaritan’ Who Couldn’t Swim Saves Drowning Boy And Dies

Victor MozquedaA kind man who couldn’t swim has died after sacrificing his life to save a young boy from drowning.
Even though he couldn’t swim, Victor Mozqueda jumped into a raging river to save a 5-year-old boy from drowning. He rescued the boy, but died in the process.

His family says the selfless act was no surprise.
“He would always do things for others. That’s just the way he was raised,” Ivan Gonzalez, Victor’s brother-in-law and also the boy’s uncle told CNN.
Mozqueda, 22, left his Santa Clarita, California, home Saturday morning for a family trip to Sequoia National Park. When the family arrived around 7 a.m, they were eager to walk alongside the river.
It was slippery. That’s when the boy, Vincent Gonzalez, fell in, the boy’s uncle said. And even though Mozqueda couldn’t swim, “he was the first one to jump in” to save the little boy, Vincent’s mom and dad jumped in right after.