List of all the men basirat atinuke alejo slept with in her shop..ladies

List of all the men basirat atinuke alejo slept within her shop..ladies please don’t be offended if you find your husband name here....some women believe sleeping around with men is way better than marriage, they say why to buy a whole cow, when you only want a glass of milk:; because of sex is love then no one has more love than a prostitute ...basirat atinuke alejo believe having a good client is not enough intuition that is why she chooses to sleep with so many.
bashiru leyton, short frank,Rotomi ogedengbe,biodun barking,segun atiroko,dipo asa,amode,,suki finbury park,akeem ekunsunmi,alhaji Bashy,jp south east,abbey napase,chicken,laolu peckham,forsure ,soji former eleran chartworth road,segun baba sandra(her last daughter father),laolu peckham,bestman amode friend,waidi kosoko( the man he fucked in her shop and fainted rush to homerton hosp),kenny baba ibeji tailor,king gold (lola atiba friend),ganiyu adabo,baba ibadan square,Rotimi ogedengbe,Saka orobo,koboko,banji olumo friend,bola gbabijo,adeolu east london,olashehun,ojo (osho boy),temi cabman city,chairman kosofe local government,Osho nigeria,Waheed kosoko that collapse in her shop..Basirat atinuke alejo you’re a disgrace to women....
Please note everyone their pictures will be blog soon..loading please stay turned guys and glue to my page....Advice to women who find their men name here please stay away from people who make.You feel you’re hard to love..if you let him know that he’s your priority please remind him time to time how much you care, you will be amazed at how many problems disappear in your relationship.A truly happy wife is a woman who believes in her husband respect and adores him please don’t let him go searching for what he has at home outside my two cents ireeoo...signs 
Source: honorableloly_lawal

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