Senator Paul Kimani Njoroge’s Househelp Turned Baby Mama Sues Him For Child Support

A househelp identified as Winfred Wangui, has dragged her former boss and Kenyan Senator Paul Kimani Njoroge, popularly known as Kimani Wamatangi to court in a child maintenance lawsuit.
According to househelp, the Jubilee politician defiled her in his residence about 10 years ago, after which she got pregnant and gave birth to their daughter, Lisa Wanjiku, on April 23rd, 2007.

“When I ask for child support, he erratically sends a sum of Sh3,000, which he sends after a long time and when he is pushed. I am jobless,” she said in court papers obtained by Standard Digital.
According to the lady, the Senator has only seen their daughter twice; when she was two months old and towards the end of 2007, and has sent a total of Sh70,000 for her maintenance, refusing to consistently pay Sh75,000 monthly upkeep.
“He came home to see my mother with Sh.20,000 and promised to pay for his daughter’s upkeep,” Winfred further states.
“The plaintiff said that the defendant has a legal obligation to maintain his daughter in the following manners: Sh.20,000 for school fees, an equal amount for house rent, Sh.15,000 in medical care fee and Sh.20,000 in clothing and miscellaneous expenses. The total expenses comes to Sh.75,000,” Winfred says in another sworn affidavit.
Winfred disclosed that on May 28th the court ordered Wamatangi to take a DNA test to confirm paternity, but the senator refused to avail himself.
“This is to confirm that Ms Winfred Wangui Kimani presented herself to the Government Chemist on 28th day of May at 9:30am for DNA sampling. However the sampling could not proceed as the other party, Paul Kimani Njoroge alias Wamatangi, had not availed himself by 3pm,” a letter from the Ministry of Health to the Children’s Court signed by government chemist AW Nderitu reads.
The 32-year-old former househelp added that she is tired of fighting a losing battle, after several of her cases were dropped. She approached Kenya Human Rights Commission for help and was referred to Fida, who filed the new case at Kiambu Children’s Court on June 19th.
However the Senator who spoke to newsmen, said;
“I am not the biological father to the minor herein, I have never seen the minor and I do not know of her existence.”
“I have never employed the plaintiff. Her allegations are malicious and unwarranted and only meant to embarrass and cause me injury and damage,” Wamatangi said in a sworn affidavit.