Sunday the 10th of June 2018 will remain a sad day for the Abike Jagaban team. It is day where decorum is thrown away and shame was embraced by some hoodlums that call themselves Aj team.
A 54 years old woman by name Helen Gbemi Ogundimu alias madokoku was at the centre of this shameful act. She claimed to be a professional nurse and she is also the Yeyeluwa of a bully organisation headed by a 40yrs old public nuisance called Abike Tolulope Hamidu popularly known as Abike jagaban.

Helen story is pathetic but briefly, I will summarise it. Although she is a mother but a very irresponsible one. She has four kids by four different men. That shows how reckless and unstable she was. She has been in the UK for over 25years but nothing to show for it. She has no house of her own i.e. she still lives in a council flat, no car and nothing to be proud of. Even her kids are said to be living a reckless lifestyle. We are aware of one of them called Lase Brown who is a stripper in clubs. Madam Madokoku as they use to call her loves to drink a lot but she always drinks out of control and gets drunk afterwards not minding her age. She is also known to be a shoplifter; she was apprehended some years back when she stole perfumes at Debenhams. The story was in the newspaper and you can also google it to verify if you are interested. It is on record that she stole Esabod’s wristwatch that cost £3000 when the going was good between them.
 She was also known to be a street fighter as in she loves to fight a lot with people meanwhile violating the codes of conduct of the nursing profession.  Many of her friends i mean her age mates had deserted her because of her reckless lifestyle and uncared attitude. She once confesses to Esabod that even her blood siblings are not in good terms with her due to her irresponsible ways of life. Now fast forward to when she met Abike but before that, she was friends with Esabod. She had problems with Mama Ewe when she cannot account for the money giving to her to plan Esabod party. She was alleged to have stolen a sum of £2000 meant for the party and they parted ways. Abike was already on Facebook bullying. In fact, she was the one that gave Helen the name MADOKOKU. They became friends and since then, she has been serving under Abike a younger person with no ambition in life other than defaming people’s character. They practically does everything like defaming, bullying, attacking people in their offices , houses and even hotels under the umbrella of Aj team together. This is a woman that claims to be a celestial prophetess wearing four corners white garment.
What legacy will this woman leave for her kids? She followed her Boss Abike to disrupt yeye oge’s party just because Esabod was invited and honoured. Helen was among the people that threw eggs on Esabod out of envy, she wanted to fight her for reasons best known to you.
Abike a younger person practically controls the affairs of Helen to the extent of sending her on errands. She had reduced Madam Helen to a wandering cow with no Shepard.  Many people had questioned her sanity for bringing herself so low before a Facebook nuisance called Abike. She is indeed a disgrace to the nursing profession says one of her colleague in UK.
So fast forward to Sunday 10th of June, a day when Helen was disgraced publicly in the presence of so many people ranging from different demographics. She had come on the instruction of her boss Abike to come and fight Esabod at Stratford tube station. Madokoku came along with Abike and Bisi Wellington with some others to fight. They came with the intentions of bringing Esabod to shame by stripping her naked publicly but in an irony of fate, Helen was beaten by a younger lady called iya laje and was stripped naked instead while her falling breast was visible for everyone. it was a pity that Abike that she was fighting for was just looking away while Helen was been beating and stripped naked. She couldn’t offer any help, she was just moving from one place to the other for fear of been beaten herself.
The shame was monumental; everyone both white, blacks and Asians took pictures and recordings. The incident went viral so quick. Media houses such as Sahara reporters with over 4million followers, Linda ikeji with over 200k followers, instablog with over 1.2million followers and a host of other bloggers carried it. Dorcas Adeyinka confirmed to Esabod in the early hours of today that CNN and BBC also carried it. Even Abike that she followed smartly stayed away from confrontations. The white community that recorded the incidence had already shared it on YouTube.Helen you are finished already, your shame is worldwide now and I wonder how you will manage your life henceforth. You allowed Abike a younger person to you and a nobody to dictate and push you until she finished you. How will your children take this shame bearing in mind that the video is everywhere and there friends might use it to mock them in future. We got a report that one of your kid cried bitterly when they send the video of your shameless act to him.
Helen, instead of you to be proud of your nursing profession, you pride yourself in becoming the yeyeluwa of a bully team. What a pity. To make matters worse, when Abike that you came to fight for was asked by the police whether she got fans, your boss denied you and every other which means she was only using you, people, to fight her battles.Esabod was also asked the same question and she gladly told the police that yes she got fans. can you see the difference, Helen? You are a noting but a disgrace. Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you the before and after pictures of the Shamed woman called Helen Gbemi Ogundimu and as you can see from the pictures below, she was beaten blue black in the full glare of people and her cloth was tore to shreds while her breast was visible for everyone out there. As a result of the beaten she received, she lost her phone and was heard crying while also begging someone to borrow her a jacket to cover her nakedness. Helen is a disgraced to the entire womanhood and to the nursing profession in general.