3 Sep 2018

Homosexuality: ''I have lost the little respect I had for you'' - Presidential aspirant Eunice Atuejide tells Donald Duke

Female Presidential aspirant, Eunice Atuejide, says she has lost respect for former Cross Rivers state governor, Donald Duke, who yesterday, clarified his recent comment on homosexuality.

In recent interview Donald Duke said
“I don’t understand the emotional feelings a gay person would have toward someone of their sexuality. I don’t understand it. But I would not criminalise them. I would ensure that they have the protection of the law. But if they want to exhibit their sexuality, then that’s an affront on the current norms of society.”

After many Nigerians took his comment to mean he might rescind the law if elected into office, Duke released a statement yesterday saying 'Homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria and ought to remain so'.

In a piece she shared on her Facebook page, Eunice expressed her disappointment against Duke for not taking a firm stand against the anti-gay law. Read what she wrote below

You see ehn, when I watched Donald Duke with Folarin 'Falz' Falana and Laila Johnson-Salami on @onthecouchnaija I was so proud of him. Today, I feel awfully ashamed of him.
In fact, the only area he actually made sense while on the couch was when he discussed criminalising homosexuality in Nigeria. I drew strength from his views, and felt more confident about my approach to the topic.
Today, when I saw his retraction, I lost the little respect I had started to develop for the man - Donald Duke.
Dear Donald Duke we must state our opinions clearly, and when we have done so, we must stand by them no matter whose oxes are gored!
How else do you Mr. Donald Duke hope to assure the electorates that your word is your bond?! ????
Homosexuality may be immoral, unacceptable, embarrassing etc, but it is not a crime!
Nobody gets hurt when two or more fully consenting adults indulge in same sex activities. We can criminalise public displays, but certainly not whatever fully consenting adults are doing in the privacy of their homes, offices, hotels etc.
They are HUMANS. And EVERY human being has a fundamental right to the protection of their privacy.
Let's please read or re-read the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are ALL equal under the laws of this land because we are HUMANS!
And all laws in Nigeria which contravene the Constitution are null and void to the extent of that contradiction.
Prison because one is homosexual runs foul of our Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act and our Constitution. Shikena!

In her own interview on The Couch, Eunice said Homosexuality is not normal but it is not a crime. She said if one of her children come to her to say he/she is gay, she would cry. Watch the clip below

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