Satanic Blindded Fake Prophet Moses Muyideen Kasili caught in his evil deeds

The alleged Babalawo and end of the world Prophet Moses Kasali was caught during his service on Facebook conjuring satan incantation to put his gullible followers in bondage by using a slang EDIDI means tied down by voodoo. Alfa Ustaz leaked his evil power during an explosive chat on Youtube. The family of Awoshika that reached to a blogger/spiritualist Esabod laments on to Kasali to free their daughter and ex-wife of John Fashanu.
Ex Footballer John Fashanu bought a big house for her and his children at Banana Island in Lagos to release their Lawyer British born daughter that went to Kasali Edidi bush for deliverance and ended living and having an illicit affair with Kasali. Kasali sold Dolapo's Banana Island house and drained her bank's accounts. Watch the videos below

Pt 2 news coming soon about A musician Wasiu Ayinla Solato
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