Custom officials found 415 iPhones worth HK$2m on tourist disguised as handicapped man at Shenzhen border

A tourist who disguised as a handicapped man attempted to smuggle 415 iPhones from Futian Port to Shenzhen on 25th of February recently. Custom officers suspected something was amiss when the man was behaving strangely while passing through custom checkpoint. The custom officials then stopped and searched him.
The man hid in his back pack, waist pouch and the compartment below his wheelchair seat more than 100 iPhones. Custom officials also found another 317 iPhones concealed inside the wheelchair battery pack.
Total market value of the iPhones is estimated at HK$2 million. Apparently, it’s the largest number of iPhones that Shenzhen customs officials have found on a smuggler’s body in the last 3 years.