Message board erected in remembrance of the family of three who died in the tragic murder-suicide

The local residents and neighbours at Evergreen Tower, Western Garden, Sai Ying Pun are traumatised by the death of the family of three in a horrific suspected murder-suicide two days ago. A message board was erected by this morning to enable caring people to leave their sympathy notes. At noon just now, there were already more than 10 condolence messages left on the board.

Wong, a friend of the husband who passed away in the tragic incident happened to be in the neighbourhood and he told Apple Daily reporters that he knew the family for many years. He revealed that they used to live at Manhattan Hill in Mei Fu before moving to Sai Ying Pun a year ago.
The deceased messaged him via WhatsApp 1-2 months ago to borrow around HK$500,000 to solve his financial woes but Wong didn’t loan him the money eventually. During the recent Chinese New year, both parties did exchange wishes on WhatsApp again but Wong didn’t sense anything was amiss.