Pastor Who 'Raised A Dead Man' Lands In More Trouble As Bishop Reports Him To Police

The pastor who claimed to have raised the dead has gotten himself into more trouble after a bishop reported him to the police. 

The scene of the 'miracle'
Controversial South African pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International who is making headlines across the world after he claimed to have raised a Zimbabwean man from the dead, has been reported to the police for his alleged role in organised crime and fraud.
The allegations were made by Bishop Elly Mogodiri of St Oaks Global Church of Christ also criticised Lukau of commercialising church proceedings to make money and engaging in crime all for the sake of riches.
Speaking to the Sowetan, Bishop Mogodori said: "I have seen too much pulpit greed and commercialisation going on in the church‚ among other disturbing practices.

"Right now we are witnessing the staged‚ fraudulent and unfaithful act of resurrecting a deceased person in the church of Alleluia Ministries International (AMI) under the leadership of prophet Alph Lukau.

"I am aware and have been duly advised that this case falls within the ambit of organised crime‚ fraud and misrepresentation‚ among other misdemeanours. As a result‚ I have since approached my local police station‚ being Hartbeespoort SAPS in the North West province‚ and opened an organised crime case.

"…God should be the one and only priority. All tithing and contributions to the church should be used to further and support poor communities and not an amassment of wealth by the church leaders‚ as is the case prevailing in our country right now."